Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I wrote the bulk of this one year ago. It is a comparison between Fascism as proposed by Mussolini in his Doctrine of Fascism written in 1932 and the Republican Party in America as it currently stands in 2012. I was reminded of this rant since the topic of Fascism came up (albeit by me) during the conversation I had in a recent post titled, “Manufactured Outrage,” on 28 February. Please give it a perusal if you haven’t already. Personally, I find the conversation posts to be more interesting than my mono-perspective rants.

I’ve been calling Republican ideals Fascist for a while now. But I’m not doing it in the ignorant, baseless, moronic, fear-mongering way that Republicans proclaim anything not right-wing extreme to be Marxist, communist, Muslim, anti-Constitutional, anti-Christ, Kenyan, no birth certificate, illegals. I base what I say on actual, researchable facts.

But tell me, is my ‘Republican Fascism’ hypothesis wrong?

The problem with not speaking in bumper sticker-length phrases for small minds to comprehend is that this one’s quite lengthy, so make a pot of coffee first.