Monday, November 26, 2012

Disagreeing to Agree

This one is fucked up. In other words, an average encounter with a Republican.

Richard, my good (ex)buddy, instinctively disagreed with my post. When I re-explained my point, he understood - and agreed.

However, like a dutiful member of the GOP, he continued his search for something that we must disagree over. Somehow, booing gay soldiers and climate change are related topics.

It’s like when you first saw “From Dusk Till Dawn.You were happily enjoying your bank-robbers-escaping-the-law flick, when half way through, it turned into a vampire movie.

Yeah. This is just like that. Only four times as exciting. Trust me. Maybe.

The climate change aspects covered in my last post are largely different from the ones coming up next, so don’t worry about repetition. This is a whole new gravy boat full of dunce-tastic blabber-speak.

I suppose I’m on a climate change kick because we just had a presidential election season and I’m a little pissed that neither candidate mentioned the subject – even as one walked through the aftermath of the most devastating storm to hit the Northeast in memory, which was fuelled by climate change and the other pretended to care about its victims. That’s right, fuck you, Shitt Smarmy, or whatever your name was.