Monday, June 18, 2012


Florida is illegally purging voter rolls before a Presidential election in order to allegedly weed out non-citizens (why does this sound familiar?). Republican Governor Rick Scott is suing the Department of Homeland Security so he can gain access to a database to help the state continue with its illegal purge. Florida is violating the National Voter Registration Act and the Voting Rights Act with this illegal purge. The Department of Justice is suing Florida to stop this unlawful conduct. Governor Scott is not stopping. However, the 67 Florida Election Supervisors in charge of purging the rolls have unanimously told Governor Scott to go fuck himself since massive amounts of people on the faulty purge lists have been confirmed US citizens. The Supervisors are no longer continuing the illegal purge; many have reinstated previously purged names. The Supervisors, thirty of whom are Republicans themselves, believe Governor Scott is in violation of Federal law, or at least wish to wait until the court cases between the state of Florida and the Federal Government are resolved.

Not so strangely, as with the fraudulent purge in 2000, the lists overwhelmingly contain registered Democrats and minorities, who statistically vote Democratic.

In honor of this current, blatant (and ever-continuing) voter-suppression of Democrats by Republicans, here is the 'PolitiFiction' post I promised you in my “Fruits of "Illegal" Labor” post.