Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Papiere, Bitte.

Or, in this case, "Documentos, por favor."

The Supreme Court knocked down three of the four provisions before them regarding the Arizona “Papers, Please” SB 1070 bill. The one they left in place was the provision that police could ask to see the identification of anyone AFTER THEY ARE ARRESTED. The racial profiling, pre-arrested, show-me-your-papers part of SB1070 was struck down. No matter what nut-job Republican Governor Jan Brewer and FOX “News” says.

The Left seems to think they scored a big victory, seeing as how 75% of the provisions were struck down. The Right seems to think that they scored a big victory, seeing as how the Supreme Court upheld the provision that police are able to arrest “illegals,” which they already could anyway.

What’s the reality of the situation?