Thursday, July 25, 2013

Penis-Brain vs. Vagina-Brain

I fully understand that women defending women isn’t a situation into which a male should insert himself. And no matter what, I look like a dick here.

That was my mistake: forgetting the “vast difference in perspective.”

When people blindly, militantly and uncompromisingly draw a line in the sand, there is no use in debating. It’s like when saying we should have background checks to prevent convicted criminals from obtaining guns and the gun nuts insist you just want to take their guns. It’s irrational. And untrue. And useless to continue talking. 

I agreed with the sentiments of this person’s blog post. It is thoughtful. I just also happened to think it was kind of extreme in saying that if a boy continues knocking over a girl’s wooden block castle and no parent ever stops him, he will become a rapist. Of course, that translated into me not understanding rape culture in America. Because I have a penis.