Thursday, September 22, 2011

Disputing Death-Desirous 'Baggers

Explaining something plainly. Laying out the facts. Having video proof to back it up.

Only a Republican can, with complete confidence, say it’s not true. And fight over it.

And my buddy Richard is a fucking Republican ninja master at blatant truth denying.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty – and all the shady characters in between.


¡Vete a la Chingada, los Republicanos! #24 in a series: Teabaggers. Doncha just think they're the cutest EVER?

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In case you missed the Teabag Republican debate on Monday, 9/12/11, I believe the highlight was when Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul if an uninsured man should be left to die if he got sick. The moronic Teabag crowd unanimously and emphatically shouted YEAH! WOOO! YES! and with great applause.

Yes. Let a fellow American die because he can't afford or made the poor choice to not have health insurance. That would be the patriotic thing to do. The moral thing. And wasn't it Jesus who said, "Fuck 'em."? Teabaggers are a very religious bunch, right?

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't a couple years ago these fucking uneducated nimrods storm town halls and protest Barack Obama's non-existent DEATH PANELS? You know, the ones that never existed but were made up as a fear-mongering tactic by Republicans to make people vote against their best wishes unless they had taken the time to find out what that was really about instead of blindly following Republican lies? Yeah, those Death Panels. Well, it kind of seems like these stupid dick holes are all for Death Panels now. Why? Because it's OK for Republicans to randomly decide who gets to be put to death but not Democrats?

These Teabaggers are the dumbest fuckers on the planet.

Oh, and before I forget, I'd like to bury these hypocritical fucktards under a little more love. In the previous debate on Wednesday, 9/7/11, Brian Williams only got as far as mentioning the fact that Rick Perry executed more people than any other Governor before the Republican crowd burst into enthusiastic applause.

What the fuck is wrong with these uncivilized, violence-loving assholes?

Yeah! Murder! Yes! Execution! DIE! Woo-Hoo!

To be fair, anarchist Ron Paul said he doesn't think people without insurance should be left to die and when asked about the crowd's response, Rick Perry said he was taken aback and that that response didn't represent the Republican Party because the Republican Party is the party of life (we can debate that last statement from the 'most executions ever' Governor at a later date.).

Alan Grayson was right.

"Let's remember that we should care about people even after they're born."

Hey, I just found this. It dovetails quite nicely with the points I brought up...

Teabaggers are the dumbest fuckers on the planet.

Why do you hate America, Bill?

Yes Billy why?

I have very sarcastic friends. Wouldn’t want any other.

Bill Mancuso
I'm only following the words of Jesus, just like the Teabaggers.

Ron Paul made me puke while I watched that debate. Rick Perry is an arrogant asshole. This bunch doesn't give Republicans much hope for 2012. Mitt Romney would be a good nomination. Unfortunately I think he is too meek to get the votes. I am sitting back and watching for the time being to see who else the Republicans will throw in the ring later.

Bill, you obviously didn't watch the actual video. Wolf went on about how a young healthy man who made good money, simply chose not to have healthcare, because he didn't want it and didn't feel that he needed it.

And so when he does get sick, who should pay for it? Paul's answer was essentially, "he is an adult, he chose no to have insurance, now he has to accept responsibility for it"...

The tea party people applauded that, that people should make their own decisions and live with them. I know that you Libs don't believe in personal responsibility, and that passing the buck for your poor decisions to someone else is every American's god given right, but a lot of America disagrees.

Nobody applauded someone dying, they applauded the notion that people need to take charge of their own lives.

I would love it if people were actually made to accept responsibility for themselves, Richard.

Bill Mancuso
Yes, Richard. I did watch the whole debate.

No, Richard. The Teabaggers did not applaud people making their own decisions and living with them. The question had moved on from there. Wolf Blitzer asked, "Congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die?" People screamed YEAH! and whistled and applauded.

They specifically applauded letting people die.

Even Ron Paul said he didn't think people without insurance should be left to die. But I guess you didn't pay attention to that part.

You obviously only paid attention to the parts you wanted to and ignored everything you didn't like or agree with.

The only thing Brian Williams was able to say to Gov. Perry was, "Your state executed 234 death row inmates, more than any other governor in modern times..." before hoots and whistles and cheers and applause broke out. What's your excuse for them? They were applauding the execution of criminals, I suppose. Well, you'd be wrong in that assumption, as well.

Even Rick Perry said he was taken aback by the audience's response. But I guess you didn't pay attention to that, either.

No, Richard. Liberals do not believe in passing the buck and not taking personal responsibility. That is a simple-minded, moronic, right-wing straw man statement.

Yes, Richard. You're talking complete shit again.

Bill Mancuso
Brian, I agree with almost everything you said. I don't care for Romney, though. I might be able to form an opinion about him if he didn't keep changing what he says. I will admit that he and Jon Huntsman are the least offensive and probably the smartest of the bunch. But that's not exactly that difficult of an accomplishment.

This next, seemingly unprovoked, attack was indeed provoked. I’ll explain at the end.

Bill Mancuso
And another thing, Richard. One time, a year ago, I accused you of getting your information from FOX "News" and you told me you didn't watch FOX "News" so I never mentioned it again. But for months afterward, you kept saying I was accusing you of getting your information from FOX, even though I only said it the ONE time and NEVER again. It's like you fixated on that one-time claim and never let go even though new information was introduced into the equation.

I mention that only because I was wondering how many times I have to explain to you that I'm not a Liberal before you'll accept this information and stop calling me a Liberal? I realize you are only able to understand the world in black and white, Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal terms, but the world is many shades of gray. So simply calling everyone a Liberal or Democrat that doesn't agree with you may be convenient to your bumper sticker mentality, but it would also be inaccurate. Unlike you, who is mentally hampered by blind obedience to the Republican political agenda, I follow no party, therefore I'm free to think for myself and make my own decisions. So the next time you feel the urge to say, "Libs like you bla bla bla," try saying instead, "Freethinkers like you bla bla bla." I know it's a new concept to you, but try really hard. I know you can do it.

And the only reason I thought you got your information from FOX "News" was because everything you say (even now) is exactly the same as what they say on FOX "News." But then, I don't listen to Limbaugh, so they just might be using the same ignorant right-wing talking points that you dutifully repeat.

Check out how the ninja master uses his skills to parry that attack.

Bill, that is lie. Nobody applauded anyone dying. If you believe that, you are blinded by your hatred and ideology. You are everything that you claim the opposition to be.

They applauded Paul's response, which I agreed with. Go watch the video again.

See that? Ignored like a fucking master.

Bill Mancuso
You're right. They did also applaud Paul's "freedom means taking your own risk" comment.

Now, continue watching the video. Not just up to the part where you think you've made your indisputable point. Which, I will grant you, it is indisputable. It just has nothing to do with the topic I presented. You could also pick out anything else from the video and say that they did or didn't applaud it, but again, it wouldn't be the topic.

The applause dies down. Then Wolf Blitzer asked the new question, "Congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die?" To which people then began screaming YEAH! and whistled and applauded.

They specifically applauded letting people die. That is the topic.

After watching the WHOLE video, if it seems to you like I'm lying, then the video has been altered. And the only way to prove the video was altered is for Spock to play a game of tri-dimensional chess against the computer to see if its programming has been altered. Then Dr. McCoy can isolate all of our heartbeats and the only one left will be from your argument hiding behind the bulkhead down in engineering, waiting to pounce on the truth and kill it in revenge for being truthful.

That was fun. I like Star Trek.

Bill Mancuso
And you still didn't explain the cheers to Rick Perry's death record.

Sorry Bill, I am on a race track and will have to go watch the video again and comment later.


Guess who’s apparently still at the track 6 days later as of this posting?

You decide what the Teabaggers are applauding. Here are the two video clips in question:

Now, as for my “unprovoked” attack: When things are posted to my Facebook threads, I get an e-mail notification. I don’t read them, I just go to Facebook. When I was going through and deleting them, I noticed there were two notifications where Richard had only posted once. So that time, I read them. The first time he posted, he originally ended at the ellipsis (…) after the second paragraph. The second one contained his entire posted response including the third and fourth paragraphs. Now, those last two paragraphs do not contain any new information. But what they do contain, are snarky insults. Which means after he made his point (or what he thought was a point), he felt the need to go back and add an insult directed at me just for the fun of it. And some right-wing talking point lies to boot. So, I suddenly felt the need to point out his ignorance – which you may have noticed, I did not point out to him for a year until I was provoked.

Was I being a dick? Maybe. But I didn’t start it.

I kind of live life by an abridged version of Dalton’s three simple rules:
1. Never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected.
2. Never start anything unless it’s absolutely necessary.
3. Be nice. Until it’s time to not be nice.

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