Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

Do I live in some sort of self-contradicting universe where what is, simultaneously isn’t?

This fucking ignorant picture is making the rounds on the interwebs:

1. Nofuckingbody in the #Occupy movement thinks anybody owes them anything. At what fucking point did they EVER say this? They didn’t.

The corporate-backed right-wing invented this lie and you just believe it without bothering to check its validity. This movement is about stopping big corporations from buying politicians for favored legislation, big banks doing whatever the fuck they want with our money and the working class being abused by both. It’s about the 99% not being forced to bail out the 1% when they gamble with and lose our money – causing us to pay for their bullshit twice. It’s about making the playing field fair. And that does not mean redistributing wealth. Another right-wing lie. Wealth is already redistributed to the 1%. Remember the part where they used our money to gamble with, lost it, then took more of our money to bail themselves out – and never used their own money? Then they wouldn't lend any of our own money back to us to refinance our houses but reported massive profits, which was really just our money that we were forced to give them because they are too big to fail but we're allowed to fail? Yeah, that’s Reaganomics in full effect. Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor. It’s about everyone having the same chance when starting out. It’s about creating jobs, affordable healthcare and education. This is currently not so. Currently, jobs are cut and sent overseas or salaries are cut to the point of poverty levels, while at the same time, CEO’s give themselves $10 million bonuses or severance pay after destroying their company. Healthcare is unaffordable and has to do with corporate profits and very little to do with actual healthcare. And education is all but completely de-funded. Turn off FOX and catch the fuck on.

2. What is meant by calling them “spoiled brats?” How are they “spoiled brats?” This apparent insult has no significant meaning. It seems to mean they’re rich. As in ‘rich and spoiled.’ Or does it mean ‘poor and spoiled?’ ‘Middle class and spoiled?’ Spoiled in what fucking way? Please clarify this stupidity.

3. Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? This was repeated ad nauseam by Republicans before the 2010 mid-term elections since there’s nearly a ten fucking percent unemployment rate in America right goddamn now. Some cities significantly higher. Occupiers are partly protesting to stop corporations from laying people off to keep more profits and suddenly you think they’re lazy and don’t want to work? How does that incredible fucking leap in logic work? Where are the fucking jobs you think they should occupy? Republicans have filibustered EVERY SINGLE fucking jobs bill since Teabaggers bullied and threatened their way into office. And remember John Boehner’s "so be it?"

You can’t have both fucking sides of the motherfucking argument at the same goddamn time. You sound like fucking morons.

4. FUCK.

Good day.

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