Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thought Bomb

Again, a bunch of things quickly piled up in my brain. To dole them out one-by-one would take too much time. So, I'm opening the bay doors and releasing them all at once.


Just mentioning the founding fathers or the constitution or citing an amendment does not magically give credence to the ignorant bullshit you just vomited. Especially when those things are diametrically opposite of the ignorant bullshit you just vomited.



Are you telling me I am incapable of having decent morals unless I'm guided by fear of retribution from a vengeful magic sky fairy?


You might be a redneck when you're wearing a polo shirt with "Concealed Carry" embroidered on the left breast. Not only do you have a small penis and lack adequate communication skills because you feel you need a gun to solve your disputes instead of using your words, but you want everyone to know - which kind of makes the "concealed" part moot.



Herman Cain thinks you're as fucking dumb as he is. I stopped counting the lies after the first 60 seconds. Ran out of fingers and toes.

And yes, the Herman Cain Campaign put this out. 



I find it astounding that the people practicing fascism in America are attacking the people who want true democracy, calling them socialists. Well, that's not the astounding part. The astounding part is that people are supporting the fascists. It has become clear to me that nobody knows either the meaning of words or the slightest bit of history.

Red Scare, anyone? Anyone? HUAC witch hunts? How about the actual Salem witch hunts? Does any-fucking-one remember our nation's history? Why do you wish to wholeheartedly repeat it?


For those who believe #Occupy has no coherent message. For those who believe #Occupy is anti-capitalism. For those who believe #Occupy just wants stuff rich people have. For those who believe #Occupy are just lazy free-loaders.

You are wrong.

They're fighting for you.

Wake up.

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