Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun, Fun, Fun!

More random bits of fun.  New levels of insanity, folks. Republicans are really working hard at making America the land of the mindless and the home of the stupid. Go ahead, sing it. I know you want to.


This just in:

THE LORAX movie is a hit piece on the oil industry put together by environmentalist Obama and his elitist Hollywood cronies. (Please ignore that it was written when Obama was 10 years old.)


The Disney-released Japanese cartoon, "The Secret World of Arrietty," a story about tiny people living under the floorboards who "borrow" things that won't be missed from the big humans, is another Obama attack against the 1%, otherwise known as "job creators." And teaches that everyone shouldn't work but get free hand-outs. (Please ignore that it was based on Mary Norton's children's book series, "The Borrowers," written 9 years before Obama was born. And that it's a Japanese movie.)


And let's not forget that the recent Muppets movie was also a liberal elite Hollywood attack on the oil industry, which was indoctrinating our children to socialist views.


The Girl Scouts of America, a "radicalized organization," is the militant, pro-abortion wing of Planned Parenthood.


Oh, man. Republicans are fucking awesome in their insanity.

No. I did NOT make any of that up. All hilariously true. Seriously.

SERIOUSLY. I am not joking.

Yes, I KNOW it sounds really, really fucking stupid. But I can't make this shit up. Why would I when Republicans do it for me?


5 people have spent 25% of all the millions of dollars pumped into the political advertising this election season. You get that? FIVE individual people have 25% of the country's influence. Democracy? Not anymore. Thanks, Citizens United!


For three years, the Republicans have been blasting Obama for being anti-energy/anti-oil here in the U.S., claiming that he's giving billion$ to other countries like Brazil for oil production to sell back to America. I would like to take this opportunity to point out this is all 100% bullshit lies. But, I expect no less from Republicans. The truth: During the Obama administration, the number of U.S. oil rigs has QUADRUPLED. The United States currently has MORE oil rigs in operation than THE REST OF THE ENTIRE WORLD. The U.S. has produced MORE oil per year under Obama than each year of Bush's second term. The U.S. has exported more oil than it imported under Obama for the first time SINCE WORLD WAR II. Also, Obama has NOT given money to Brazil - Karl Rove is a canned ham headed liar. The Export-Import Bank of the United States gave a Brazilian oil company, Petrobas, a loan. Not President Obama. He had NOTHING to do with it. The way this works is, the Ex-Im Bank of the U.S. makes loans to foreign companies and in return, they commit to buying American-made equipment and services. AND, according to the Export-Import Bank itself about its decision to lend Brazil the $2 Billion, "In fact, at the time the Bank’s Board consisted of three Republicans and two Democrats, all of whom were appointed by George W. Bush." Ham-head also claims the U.S. has "absolutely no gain" from this loan. Lie. In fact, the loan was made to specifically finance the purchase of American made oil equipment and services by Petrobas. AND, the Ex-Im Bank is self-sustaining - NO TAXPAYER DOLLARS ARE INVOLVED. And canned Rove also likes to claim that perennial Liberal boogeyman, George Soros benefits most from this loan. Flat out fucking lie.

Good day.

Sincere apologies to Germany. But a certain party in America seems to be attempting to mimic the insanity of this period in your history.

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