Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Open Letter to Victims

An open letter to all the victims and their families and friends of mass shootings:

Don’t blame guns just because their designed purpose is to kill. The complete ease in which anyone can obtain guns and ammo is not the problem. These crazy people would have just used something else if they couldn’t get guns. They didn’t and they almost never do because guns are so much more accurate, efficient and simple than, say, starting a fire and hoping the intended victim stays still long enough to be consumed by it, but that’s beside the point. The point is, they could have. That’s why now is not the time to address how effortless it is for anyone to purchase guns without so much as a simple background check. They could have used Molotov cocktails or acid or slingshots or knives or really heavy rocks, or drowned their victims in a shallow puddle of water, but they didn’t. But they could have. That’s why I must point out that guns are in no way responsible for slaughtering your loved ones with immediate and complete ease. Bricks. They could also have dragged over a burlap sack full of bricks and hurled them into a crowd, one by one, killing who knows how many untold amounts of innocent people. Are you suggesting we should start regulating bricks? Now you’re being absurd. Obviously, it's the burlap sacks that should be regulated. Just like when a crazy person shoots up a movie theater, it’s the facemasks that should be banned. Not guns. It’s common sense. I’m not making a false equivalency here to justify my own self-centered wants. Don’t try to politicize these mass killings just because your brother or mother or sister or uncle or best friend was killed with a gun purchased online or at a gun show without a background check that used a 30 or 100-round magazine. Guns save lives and I can prove it – no one ever attacks a gun range. Why do you think that is? Obviously, because everyone there has guns. Perfect, flawless logic. If more people were armed, there would be less violence. Don’t believe the so-called facts that plainly point out the opposite. Liberals just want you to believe that guns kill people. They’re wrong. Every single one of the many times a crazy person slaughters a room full of people using guns, people want to talk about regulating gun sales. Or reducing magazine capacity simply because it gives an opening for the shooter to be tackled before letting off another 20-90 rounds into the otherwise defenseless crowd. Just because one crazy person, dozens of times a year wipes out a bunch of people on the street or in a classroom or movie theater or in a lecture hall or an outdoor speech or department store or a mall or in a church or an office or a day care center or a school or a school or a school or a school or a school with guns and bullets instead of anything else – liberals want to take away my freedom. My freedom to purchase 30 to 100-round magazines that I need to defend myself from home invasions. Home invasions by groups of 15 people or more. It could happen and I want my family to be safe. And the government. I need to protect myself from the government that wants to take away my freedom and liberty. My freedom to hunt deer with 100-round magazines and the commonly-used-for-deer-hunting AR-15’s and AK-74’s. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with blood of tyrants. Jefferson. The Constitution. Second Amendment. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Other words and phrases the NRA told me to say. I don’t need to know the actual context in which those words were originally used. My freedom to purchase very much needed 100-round magazines shouldn’t be infringed upon just because crazy people and terrorists use them. My selfishness – I mean freedom – trumps prohibiting mass murderers and terrorists from purchasing without restriction or background check any gun ever and all the ammunition to go with them. Wayne LaPierre is a hero to the American people. As Executive Vice President and political strategist of the National Rifle Association, he has lobbied the hardest to get as many freedom guns into the hands of as many people, regardless of their mental stability or criminal history, as possible. And with the amount of politicians the NRA has purchased to safeguard the freedom from gun regulation, it’s totally worth the million dollar salary Mr. LaPierre draws from membership dues. Mr. LaPierre has pointed out that if he doesn’t fight for totally unregulated Second Amendment guns, then the Democrats - who have done virtually nothing federally since Reagan was shot except let restrictions expire and allow guns to be carried in National Parks - will take away all our guns. Just because Wayne LaPierre is the pointman whose actions directly enable mass murderers to purchase guns unfettered by any regulations, don’t blame him for the deaths of your loved ones. Murderers could have used unregulated boards with nails in them, swinging all willy-nilly. They didn’t, they chose the cold efficiency of easily obtainable guns instead, but they could have. And that’s the point. My freedom to get what I want supersedes the basics of public safety. Thank you, Wayne La Pierre and the NRA! USA #1!

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