Friday, November 9, 2012

A Win For Progress

As you know, the Conservatives, backed by the Teabaggers, swept the 2010 mid-term elections. The reason on which they ran was “job creation.” And that’s why they won.

Aside from completely obstructing the creation of any jobs whatsoever as well as every other piece of legislation after they were elected, the rest of their governing was based on attempting a fascist regime. They were against Hispanics, blacks, women, students, the LGBT community, the elderly and the poor. Going so far as trying to suppress their ability to vote. Like I said, fascism.

Turns out, the citizens of the United States of America do not like fascism. Turns out, Republicans need more than wealthy white men as their sole base. Turns out, the 21st Century is looking quite differently than the 19th.

Republicans haven’t figured this out. The consequence of living in a self-contained, fact-free environment. 

An overwhelming majority of Democrats were elected in the 2012 election cycle, including the incumbent President – proving that the first time he was elected was not just a fluke.

Rachel is on fire here. Please watch all of the clips from the whole episode. At the very least, the first segment. This is information you need to hear.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

And please enjoy the genius that is Mr. Stewart and his Daily Show staff and their thorough reporting of the happenings on Bullshit Mountain.

No. Obama wasn’t re-elected because poor people want free stuff.

A bit on right-wing fact-denying and blame-passing...

And this is just a brilliant article about catching the train to Realityville.

And here is an article about how Republicans refuse to go to Realityville. Boehner's claims are, I'm sure, in response to the topic of my post from yesterday.

Oh, and Republicans think all the polls that said Obama was going to win were liberally skewed because they included blacks, Hispanics and students.

1.) Why would you not count certain voter blocks in your polls just because you don’t like them?
2.) Obama won, so how were the polls liberally skewed?
3.) Obama won, so clearly the Conservative polls that intentionally excluded entire voter demographics in order to skew the results in favor of the Republican candidate so Republican base thought he would win were the actual skewed polls. Conservatively.
4.) This is the problem with living in a universe sealed off from reality. Time to grow up and leave the Bubble, Republicans. Then, we can begin to have adult conversations based on math, science, statistics and other realities.

And move this country forward. Progress, not regress.

And speaking about the self-contained, fact-free Republ-O-Sphere, check out what this canned ham in a business suit claims was the method Obama used to win (I think he may be a little upset because of all the millions of dollars he convinced billionaires to give him in the promise that he could deliver the emotionless robot was a failure.):

The states that voted for the emotionless robot are also the states with the highest percentage of people on food stamps and welfare and have the lowest educational levels, which also happen to be the ex "Confederate States of America:"

How education affects your vote:


Do you wonder why Republicans want to cut spending on education and get rid of the Board of Education? They win if the electorate is ignorant. (Don't get me started on religion.)

Advice to the GOP: You’re going to have to adapt to the quickly changing reality of the 21st century. It’s very different than the mid 20th and back. White male landowners are not the only ones you need to pander to anymore. Blacks are now considered to be 5/5 of a person and can vote. Women can vote (rape victims, too). Hispanics are not all “illegal,” so they can vote. The LGBT community can vote. Students can vote. Medicare recipients can vote. The working class can vote. And just about the only power over you that poor people have is the vote. If you add all these together, it seems math has a natural liberal bias. Adapt. Evolve. Your alternative is to perish. I fear for you since you do not believe in evolution.

President Obama: "I'm Really Proud of All of You."

Congratulations, Mr. President, on your well-earned second term.

Good day.

And this 24 minute video just… just… is. Hilarious? Sad? An indication of mental instability at the very least.

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Let's not forget about the Asian-American community...
AlterNet: The GOP Hasn't Made Itself Toxic Only Among Latinos -- Just Look at the Asian-American Vote

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And to sum up the effect women had on the election...
Mother Jones: Ladyparts Strike Back - Check out all the record-breaking wins by the women of our next Congress.

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Then there's this...

This is what’s wrong with much of America today. I guess always, really. Apathy. The people who don’t care about having a say in their future, and the people who don’t care to know the truth because they are so consumed with partisan misinformation.

Care. Learn. Vote.

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