Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Latest Romney Bullshit

Since my last post was all about the truths surrounding Obama, I will counter it with a post about all the lies surrounding Romney. It’s only fair that I try to be bi-partisan. 

'Fair and Balanced' is my motto, after all.

I know it’s difficult to keep up with all the bullshit that flows out of the Mittster’s ass. That’s why I try to keep track for you. You have no idea how many shovels I’ve gone through.

This is just the shit that has been piling up over the past three or four weeks, so some of the kernels you may have seen already. There are several posts going back months if you’re so inclined to sift through all the rest of Romney’s shit.

Oh, DO enjoy…

Just how much of a pile of shit is Mitt Romney? Bigger than you could understand.

Mitt Romney Made MILLIONS from Auto Bailout & Outsourcing Auto Workers to China!

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Rachel sure is pissed that Romney is a vacuous-headed puppet with absolutely no thoughts on foreign policy just ready to be controlled by militant neo-cons intent on starting as many wars as possible. I’ve never seen Rachel so angry. 

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Top 5 Donors to Obama
No. 1: Jeffrey Katzenberg, 61, film producer and CEO of DreamWorks Animation.
Total: $2.6 million

No. 2: Irwin Jacobs, 78, the founder and former chairman of Qualcomm.
Total: $2.1 million

No. 3 (tie): Fred Eychaner, founder of Chicago-based Newsweb Corp.
Total: $2.066 million

No. 3 (tie): Jon Stryker, 54, a Michigan philanthropist.
Total: $2.066 million

No. 5: Steve Mostyn, 41, a Houston-based personal injury attorney.
Total: $2.003 million

TOTAL: $10.835 million         

Top 5 Donors to Romney
No. 1: Sheldon Adelson, 79, owner of the Las Vegas Sands casino empire.
Total: $34.2 million

No. 2: Harold Simmons, 81, owner of Contran Corp., a Dallas-based conglomerate
Total: $16 million

No. 3: Bob J. Perry, 80, head of a Houston real estate empire
Total: $15.3 million

No. 4: Robert Rowling, 58, head of Dallas-based TRT Holdings.
Total: $4.1 million

No. 5: William Koch, 72, industrialist, South Florida energy and mining conglomerate
Total: $3 million

TOTAL: $72.6 million

That’s right, to Romney, Shelly alone donated triple the total of all 5 Obama donors. So sad all that money could have been used for things money is needed for instead of wasted on a failed bid at the presidency.

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Incredible coincidence. Romney’s “blind trust” managed to invest $10 million in his macho son, Tagg’s company. And other friends’ businesses as well.

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Attention, military personnel and families! Ann Romney says knocking on doors serving in Mormon missions is the same as risking your life serving your country in the military.

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The Romney Presidency: A (Plausible) Look Back

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Fuck you, Mitt Romney.

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I'm not the only one compiling lists of Romney's lies, you know. In fact, they're all over the internet.

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The public became more aware of Romney’s lies during the second debate. Here are some charts acknowledging that fact.

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Does Mitt Romney lie? Does the Pope shit in his hat?

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I don’t say this enough.

Fuck you, Mitt.

Don't forget - Shelly's donated over $34 million now. That circle should be over 3 times larger.
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I'm not going to say that this late October super hurricane is being caused by climate change due to human influence. Enough scientists already are. But whether or not you believe in science, Mitt Romney thinks you should go fuck yourself if you need Federal Disaster Relief.

Of course, he said this about a year and a half ago, so who knows how many positions he's taken on this since.

Oop. I knew it. Just in time for Hurricane Sandy victims to vote for him, he’s pretending to care about them.

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As all semi-intelligent people know, Mitt Romney was never a job creator. Bain Capital was about using tax-payer money to buy already existing businesses (not creating new ones with new jobs), loading them up with debt, draining them dry and selling them off.

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I seriously don't say this enough.

Fuck you, Mitt.

And yes, he said he thinks that his 14% tax rate on $21 million is fair compared to the 16% tax rate on people making under $93,000.

Fuck you, Mitt.

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Joss Whedon
(creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Firefly, director of the Avengers)
endorses Romney:

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Looks like Romney’s big fucking fear-mongering lie that Jeep is sending all their jobs to China (in an attempt to make it seem that Obama did not save the auto industry) pissed off Chrysler, its employees and swing voters in Ohio. At that very moment Romney was lying, Chrysler was announcing that it was expanding production in the U.S. and adding 1,100 jobs in Ohio with plans to add jobs at their Michigan and Illinois plants as well.

Lying douchebag liar who lies.

First, Romney was saying this lie on the campaign trail. Then he made a TV ad about it. Then he put billboards up. Then he made a second TV ad about it because tripling down on a lie isn’t enough. Will quadrupling down be? 

Oh, let's not forget about the radio ad lies as well.

When Romney again repeated his stupid fucking lies even after Chrysler’s blog explained that no U.S. jobs were being moved to China and that for a fact more jobs were being added in the U.S., Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne got extremely pissed at the fuckhead lying sack of shit Romney and sent an email out to Chrysler employees re-reaffirming the truth.

Fuck off, Romney. Fucking seriously. Scumbag.

Do people really hate black people enough to vote for this sociopathic pond scum? Or are they just stupid enough to believe whichever one of the four opinions he has on every subject that they agree with? Or do they just appreciate the talent of someone who lies so effortlessly? Or is seeing him being unable to interact comfortably with humans some sort of mesmerizing curiosity?

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s the first one. Did you see the Republican primaries? Republicans really, really, really fucking hatey-hate-haaaaaate Mitt Romney. So they’re against the thing they hate more. A skin color.

This is not to say all Republicans are racist. Some of them are gullible enough to believe all the lies about how Obama is destroying America (even without being able to provide one example how their lives have been destroyed because of anything he’s done) simply because their team is the Republican Party and they always hate Democrats no matter what. I am sad for this blind, Pied Piper-following form of ignorance as well. But at least it’s not racism.

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Mitt Romney impedes hurricane Sandy relief measures for a photo-op.

Stay tuned to find out how his running mate prevents homeless people from getting food for a staged photo-op.

Romney/Ryan 2012
Teabagging America’s Needy

Also, Romney pretends to suspend campaign as promised during Hurricane Sandy. The President actually does.

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Remember in my last post when I showed that according to the people in other countries, Obama was very much liked? Well, what about Romney? He did have that foreign tour in July. Couldn’t make Afghanistan to visit the troops, though.

For fun, go ahead and put ‘Romney insult the world tour’ in Google. See what comes up.

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The Rude Pundit has something to say about Romney the Liar.

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Oh, yeah. Romney’s a genius. Totally credible as a potential leader. Who did he choose as his key military adviser? The man who lost bin Laden. The man who actively hid the Bush plan to invade Iraq for no reason. The man who lied about Iraq WMD. The man who ignored warnings about the difficulties in an Iraq occupation. The man who never developed a post-Saddam Iraq plan. General Tommy Franks. Yeah. Romney’s a man with a plan. A Bush plan, that is. Or, maybe hiring 16 other Bush people onto his campaign is the sign he's got a different plan?

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As a VP running mate bonus, here’s some Paul Ryan bullshit for the icing on your Romney bullshit cake. Mmmm tasty.

Jeopardize donations for the apolitical soup kitchen? Who cares, as long as uninvited and unauthorized Republican Paul Ryan gets to bully his way in and pretend to wash dishes for a golden staged photo oppportunity. Well, I’m convinced he understands the plight of the needy.

Fucking douchebag.

And here’s video of Douchey McDouche picking up clean pans & pots and “washing” them. After the soup kitchen was already closed and all the work was done and the smelly, homeless people were long gone.


UPDATE: The soup kitchen HAS, in fact, faced donor backlash.
Fuck you, Paul Ryan. You self-centered, Ayn Randian douchbag.

I wonder how Mr. McDouche is going to make up for his royal bollocking of the needy?

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Fuck you, bitch.

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In a speech he gave in August, Ayn Rand - no, I mean - Paul Ryan lied and tried to blame the closing of a General Motors plant in Janesville, Wisconsin on President Obama. I’ve had this argument and the Conservative always twists his neck just to the snapping point ignoring the FUCKING FACT that the plant closed BEFORE OBAMA BECAME PRESIDENT. If you ever find yourself in this argument, just show them this picture of the plant workers:

Oh, and you also might have to inform your Conservative sparring partner that Obama didn’t take office until Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Then I’m sure you’ll have to point out to them that that’s 27 days AFTER the plant closed (Republicans aren’t too keen on mathematics.)

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A nice little recap of some more Romney-lies by Robert Reich:

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For any of you who try to tell me that all politicians are the same, do me a favor, go fuck yourself. Seriously. Go fuck yourself.

And to the media that insists on portraying both Parties evenly, you go fuck yourselves as well. When politicians lie, IT’S YOUR FUCKING JOB TO FUCKING POINT IT OUT. You don’t sit there and swing your hollow, wooden bobble head up and down then move on to your next vapid, inconsequential question. You are negligent in your duty to report. Murrow is doing goddamn somersaults in his coffin.

And because I’ve been trying lately to leave off my posts with something a little more light-hearted, here is a frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter. Because I find the heights of stupidity that this sad little boy who never got any attention when he was little can reach to be profoundly entertaining. There are literally hours of Shit Santorum Says on YouTube, but this was short and, well, just short.

The anti-war, government what, now, little Ricky?

You know what? As funnily ignorant as Santorum's frothy utterings are, I don't feel that video was light-hearted enough. So, here. 

Good day.

“To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful.” – Edward R. Murrow

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