Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twitter Fight!

So, I got into my first “conversation/argument” on Twitter.

I don’t like it. 

All you readers out there in the wasteland, you know me. You’ve been reading my rants for a little over a year and a half now. I give a lot of information all at once (sometimes too much), often to multiple people simultaneously. I can’t argue within 140 characters, one person at a time. Hell, I can’t keep up with all the tangential conversations leading off the original. 

No. I just can’t.

I'm not even sure if this is where the conversation started. 

Here’s my story as it unfolded.


Oh, how the FOX talking points are so easily repeated. My favorite is when ‘Bob Moore’ calls ‘Cuz Grandma Says’ an asshole and CGS knee-jerk replies with “True War On Women” just like FOX told her to do. Bob was clearly referring to her words, not her vagina. Priceless.

How does pointing out the simple fact that some white people can't comprehend the level of racism still being experienced by minorities in America mean that someone is "hung up" on skin color? Seems like something only a racist would say to deny their racism. But that's just me.

See how 'Cuz Grandma Says' doesn't understand what civil rights are? Van Jones obviously became bored with her dim-witted knowledge and understanding of the issue; he bowed out at this point.

However, her denial of her own general racist attitude piqued the shit-stirring section of my brain. Of course, I had no idea what she would say, I just knew it would entertain.

Yes, it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. I forgot racism was over in America. We did elect a black man for President, after all, didn't we? Sorry - half black, as right-wingers always like to point out as if that means something significant.

And just because you hate something (whether or not that hatred is based on facts or logic), that doesn't mean it equals something unrelated. In this case, 'CGS' hates Obamacare, therefore, it's socialism.

I hate Brussels sprouts, therefore, they are terrorism.

At this point, 'CGS' asks others to join her in repeating right-wing nonsense. Because a one-on-one debate is unfair. Those with fragile convictions must surround themselves with like-minded idiocy for reinforcement.

"Can't educate people who won't listen" "They are so brainwashed, they talk shit they don't even know about." "I learned no matter what you can't change their thinking" -- I just wanted to make sure you caught those statements. At least they spelled everything correctly, so, there's that.

I checked out 'CGS's' Twitter page. It's generally filled with small-minded hatred, intolerance and personal insults. I found it strange that she was holding it back in this thread. Some of it peeks through now.

I'm not sure what "the 2500" is she's referring to, since that is the first time that number ever appeared in this thread. I assume it's about the "$2,085/year" I posted. But since that number doesn't show up in any right-wing talking points, she ignored it and used the one she was told. Who knows? Anyway, here's the "NEW" CBO estimate (from 2009) she posted that "proves" Obama's estimated 2500 will actually be doubled: 

CBO: An Analysis of Health Insurance Premiums Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Not only did 'Cuz Grandma Says' NOT try again, she blocked her account from me or something. I'm not really sure because I don't really know how the fuck Twitter works. As you can see, I had been able to go back through our discussion to get all these screen grabs - from my page, her page and Van Jones' page. But, all of a sudden, when I clicked on "view conversation" on a 'Cuz Grandma Says' Tweet, this would pop up:

I didn't understand why, after several times going back and looking up the "related results for that Tweet" conversation that I was a part of, I was suddenly not authorized to to so. I thought it was a glitch or something. I clicked on other peoples' Tweets in our conversation and this would pop up:

I contacted @support on Twitter and asked them what was happening and they never responded. I figured 'CGS' just blocked my access or something and @support ignored me because it wasn't a problem. I don't know. Whatever. Fuck @support.

...Anyway, after I went back to Twitter (previous to the blocking) and searched for this conversation, I found a whole bunch of other peoples’ comments that I did not know were there originally, like 'PatriotMom.' What the hell? How the fuck does Twitter work if you can’t see all the parts of the conversation while it’s happening? I have to search around, clicking on all the “View Conversation” buttons until I find hidden tangential conversations? 

Oh, well. I tried something new. I think I’ll just stick to using Twitter to post new blog links, make individual comments and follow news items. No more conversations for me.

Yeah, right.

Still, I do always enjoy that view into Republican minds and their manufactured universe. That $20,000/year per family number came from a website, Cybercast News Service, run by the far right-wing Media Research Center. A casual glance at either of their very similar home pages and you will understand fully that they are extreme teabag whack-a-doodle nutjobs. After they made up that number, based on not at all what the IRS said, EVERY right-wing media outlet hammered it into their cult members’ heads. And, like a good cult member, they blindly repeat it. Who cares if it’s true? It said something bad about Obummer Nobama, the atheist Muslim socialist who forces people to purchase capitalist health insurance.

I also enjoy very much when, while in the midst of blindly repeating intra-bubble claptrap, Republicans call me the stupid one who isn’t listening to easily accessible common knowledge. Oh, how superior they are, with their superior intellect and superior grasp of completely manufactured factoids. 

Won’t I ever learn?

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