Monday, January 20, 2014

"Government is the Problem"

This was going to be an addition to one of my "Facebook Case Files" entries, but I started writing and didn't stop until it became a full post unto itself.


You know what? I totally gave up on that rant. I was prepared to give an example of “government being a problem” (like explosions and poisoned water supplies and economic crashes) every time someone expressed joy for that fucking ignorant Reagan quote, but fuck it. They want to stay stupid, they can stay stupid.

For the record, the guy who’s not a fan of Reagan considers himself a Libertarian. I know this because of this test result Mary posted a few hours earlier. Please contain your surprise at Mary’s result…

Update: He posted this the next day...

I hope he’s saving a whole bunch of buckets of water in case his house catches on fire. I wouldn’t want him to rely on the socialism that is the fire department. Unless he lives in one of those Republican counties that have corporate fire departments…


If you were wondering where you fall on the political scale…


I am often called a Liberal (and derogatory derivatives thereof) because I point out when a right-winger is regurgitating an extreme right-wing lie. Pointing out someone is wrong and giving the facts does not make one liberal, nor does it mean one supports Liberals – unless you believe the truth has a liberal bias. Here is one of my favorite examples from about two years ago:

I have taken about a half dozen of these political affiliation tests and I always fall dead center or a notch or two toward either side. I am not interested in which Party is correct. I am interested in which proposal is the most beneficial for all. I can’t help it if Democrats by a large margin introduce that kind of legislation most often. If one thing has become clear in all the years in my political hobby, it’s that Republicans unswervingly propose legislation that ultimately protects corporate profits. That’s it. Everything they do can be traced back to protecting corporations over people. And they have been drifting further and further to the extreme right as of late (It’s almost as if they were a largely white supremacist Party and we have a black president or something. Weird, right? Or as if the world was becoming more accepting of the LGBTQ community and women were gaining more prominent and equal roles in society and the Republican Party was stuck in their Conservative views from 1850 and still wish to dominate and control them because they are small-minded, weak-willed and afraid of the “other.” [Tangent within a rant.]). There are corrupt Democrats of course, but their main platform seems to be aimed at helping people, not corporate profits. Let’s take gun control for an example. Democrats want to protect people. Republicans play on the fears of stupid people that “big government” is coming to take away your Second Amendment right to own a gun. That has not ever happened and never will happen. (The NRA’s lobbyist, Wayne LaPierre has been saying for five years that Obama’s coming for our guns, but no laws have been put forward to that end. To them, that just proves his sinister plan of lulling us into complacency just before springing into action and taking all the guns. No matter what does or doesn’t happen regarding guns, it’s a plan to take your guns – and those ignoramuses that fall for that fear-mongering bullshit run out and create more corporate profits for gun manufacturers. Wayne LaPierre and the gun industry LOVE Obama. They have been using him as the bogeyman to bolster their profits for five years. [Second tangent within a rant.]) Republicans don’t give a shit about the Second Amendment. It’s not at all about protecting your Constitutional rights. They are only protecting your ability to purchase guns and make a corporation more money. What reason could there possibly be to prevent background checks? They will only affect criminals, terrorists and the mentally unstable. But – if they were prevented from buying guns, that would be less corporate profits.

But I rant.


Whatever happened to Freedom Industries, the unregulated corporation that polluted West Virginia?

Declaring bankruptcy: The Conservative/Libertarian dream of the free market solution - forcing taxpayers into cleaning up your mess.

By the way, Freedom Industries is owned by the multi-bajillionaire Koch brothers.  

::Side note: The reason 300,000 residents were poisoned with one spill is because for years there has been no oversight in WV (they keep voting against their best interests and electing "small-government deregulation" Republicans). There have been many spills due to no oversight during the past few decades. Every time a spill occured, they just diverted an area's water supply into an untainted channel. This kept happening until 300,000 people were on one source.::

Oh, and here’s a great example of the government getting out of the way to let corporate job-creating freedom ring…

Please click that link. Just look at the picture. Bathe in the freedom.


People who advocate for smaller government are really advocating for Fascism. It’s that simple.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”― Benito Mussolini

Of course there are times when government bureaucracy gets in the way. That doesn’t mean we need to make the entire government smaller. You don’t can the whole project because one part got fucked up. What it comes down to is this: it’s not about the size of government, it’s about who it works for and whether it’s done efficiently.

That’s what she said.


Since today is Martin Luther King, Jr Day, I would like to point out that he was not a Republican and fought for the opposite of their (and Libertarian) ideals. I’ll let economist, Robert Reich explain…

For the record, I apparently side with the Green Party. But I did have 6% in common with the beliefs of the Republican Party. And I did agree with Libertarians that cannabis should be legalized.

Good day.

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