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Obamacare Opt-Out

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka, “Obamacare” is not a health insurance plan. It’s a fucking law. The “Patient Protection” part does things like end lifetime caps, so the insurance company can’t cut off your care while you’re in the middle of a cancer treatment program. It got rid of pre-existing conditions, so an insurance company can’t refuse to cover you if you’re shopping for insurance but you have diabetes. The “Affordable Care” part created a marketplace for health insurance corporations to compete for your patronage, naturally lowering costs. New taxes on individuals making over $200,000 (families & corporations making over $250,000) will also help to cover the cost of insuring more people. Plus other taxes. And 85% of Americans won’t see a tax increase at all. Also, the health insurance you purchased through the ACA has a tax that goes to help fund the ACA. My platinum plan that I purchased through the federal exchange (because Georgia Republicans hate people and refused to implement a state exchange), which includes that tax, is still only $300 per month – and that’s without any subsidies. Not remotely possible to afford as a self-employed individual before the ACA. I’m happy to help others afford health care. It may not be mentioned it in the Constitution, but neither were cars or cell phones. And a million other things. If you don’t view health care (& welfare) as a human right, then you’re just a selfish prick.

More ranting after the jump, then on to the fun part.


The ACA didn’t raise your rates, your insurance company was providing you with a cheap-ass plan that covered nothing. Now, you have a real plan that actually covers you. Of course it will cost more, it’s a real plan. The ACA didn’t kick you off your plan, your insurance company was forced to cancel that fake plan that didn’t cover anything, but was just stealing your money in return for nothing. The ACA didn’t force your employer to cut your hours or stop providing you with a health plan – your employer is an asshole.

The Republican-devised ACA isn’t the greatest idea for health care, by far, but at least it’s a start. Single-payer or a public option would have been infinitely better. As it stands, there are two options moving forward:

Work to improve it.
Work to sabotage it. And in the process, fuck the citizens it’s supposed to help in order to take political credit away from Obama. To you I say: Fuck you, Republicans. Why don’t you waste another $50 million taxpayer dollars, as fiscally responsible as you claim to be, by holding another 40 fake symbolic base-pandering repeal votes that you know won’t have any affect. Except to raise money for yourselves. Selfish, self-centered assholes. 

 Okay, now that I've gotten all that out...

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They should all refuse.

Bravo!!!!! I hope it's true [because I’m a hateful, ignorant asshole.]

Jingleheimer Schmidt
I would like to see more of these signs at all healthcare locations [because I’m a hateful, ignorant asshole, too!]

Bill Mancuso
Hm. I had 34 insurance plans to choose from. 4 different insurance corporations were competing for my money in true capitalist fashion. No health, financial (unless also applying for a subsidy) or private information needed.

I can, for a verifiable, undeniable, irrefutable fact, call "bullshit" on this meme.

Plus, Obamacare is a law, not an insurance plan. The doctor can't say, "I'm going to break the law." And, how would the doctor know if you bought your Blue Cross plan by going to the Blue Cross website directly or went to the health care exchange website and then clicked a link to the Blue Cross website?

And, everyone's health care insurance in America is protected under Obamacare, whether or not you purchased it through an exchange.

This whole meme is mentally deficient.

It's a law which one can opt out of. Many top notch hospitals are opting out. Many people as well, once they're realizing that opting out and paying the penalty is still much cheaper for them. [True. Not having any insurance is cheaper than having insurance. However, only people listening to Republican politicians are opting out. Those people are stupid. They are refusing health care and choosing to die penniless because Republicans don't want to let Obama have a political win. Yes, dying to prevent a politician's political win is stupid. With a capital 'fucking.'] I have 26 plans available to me, all of which have astronomical costs, copays, deductibles and out of pocket expenses.

....and they DID ask for my gross income. [Because you applied for a subsidy, as I said.]

[Actually, I went back to If you explore your plan options, you must give an estimate of how much you think you’ll make in the coming year and the site automatically checks to see if you’re eligible for a subsidy. You still don’t need to provide any specific personal or financial information. Well, your Social Security #, but…]
Bill Mancuso
So, you're saying the 30 million people who couldn't get health insurance before will only be able to have it now, but not be able to go to ALL hospitals, so NO insurance coverage is better than A LOT BUT NOT ALL insurance coverage? And the 270 million people who are NOT purchasing through Obamacare exchanges NOT being affected at all is a problem how?

I didn't need to give my income. Regardless, how is telling the government your income in order to get health care different than telling the government your income every year anyway for tax purposes?

Will you next tell me you don't want to give the government the Social Security number the government issued you for the specific purpose of proving you are who you say you are to the government because the SS# the government issued you is private?

Like I've said in the past - this health care plan that the Republicans came up with in 1989 and pushed for 20 years and Romney implemented in Massachusetts in 2006 and Obama implemented in the whole country and has been in effect for three years now and has already saved countless lives and savings accounts is not perfect, but it's a start. Personally, I'd rather have had socialized health care, single-payer or a public option. But hey, when Democrats thought the Republicans would accept their own plan, who knew just how much they hated Obama to begin with?
And the reason Hospitals are opting out is not because of a political dig at Obama. They're opting out because the hospitals that have only one company in their network are "unwilling to negotiate sustainable contract terms," as New Hampshire's Concord Hospital CEO and president Michael B. Green explained. So, again, it's insurance companies trying to screw people. Not Obamacare.

[I couldn’t really comment on her “astronomical costs, copays, deductibles and out of pocket expenses.” My own experience would indicate that that is a lie, (“costs” being a redundant term added to fill out the list so it seems worse) but based on the Concord Hospital situation, the insurance company may be screwing her.

UPDATE: I went to and checked her options for her age, state & county. There were 26 plans ranging from $286/mo up to $600/mo. Same basic choices as me. Most of her choices were around the $400 mark (mine were around $300). Deductibles ranged from $1,300 - $2,500 for those plans. Out-of-Pocket maximums ranged from $4,500 - $6,300. Co-pays were all 20%, just like most insurance plans. I guess “astronomical” is a subjective term. I believe $4,800/year for a Silver plan is decent - “affordable” even - especially compared to Premiums, Deductibles & Out of Pocket maximums BEFORE Obamacare. But I expected the right-wing viewpoint to be skewed toward the negative anyway. I forgot to ask why her employer isn’t covering her. She shouldn’t need to use Obamacare anyway. Unless her employer is screwing her with shitty insurance costs & coverage and is investigating the ACA on her own.]

Of course I would gladly give up my ss # to the government.....duh. I'm not a fucking idiot, Mancuso. YOU stated "No private information required"......... I was only rebutting what came out of your mouth. I never said I had any issue providing them with my income....... stop putting words in my mouth like usual. I rebut one thing you state and you argue 8 more things. I DO, however have an issue with the cost. I'm considered middle class.......I make too much money to be eligible for medicaid or any tax credit if I were to sign up, yet I simply cannot afford ANY of the plans offered to me. Tell me how that's fair. Come on, Mancuso!

.....the whole program caters to low income people. More government hand outs that the middle and upper class will suffer for. What ever happened to working for what you get out of life??

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Mrs. Kolchak
Mancuso....take a moment to breath...and accept responsibility for the koolaid that you drink.

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The Partisans : VICTIMS of OBAMACARE

**  **

Bill Mancuso
Mrs. Kolchak…. Ad Hominem: Attacking the speaker and not what he is saying. When someone resorts to this method, they most likely cannot defend their position. This only half-applies to you, since you never actually took an original position that you are not able to defend. You just waltzed in and directly attacked me personally.

Mary - Did you not read the meme you posted? I was responding to your post. I guess I should not have assumed you agreed with what you posted, so that's on me. Sorry. And you may have been rebutting what I said, but I rebutted your butt first. Wait, what?

[Seriously. Do Conservatives ever read anything past the shiny part? I’m guessing she didn’t notice anything beyond the Obama logo and “WILL NOT ACCEPT OBAMACARE.”]

I, too, am considered middle class and do not qualify for Medicaid or subsidies. I was offered plans ranging from $200/mo up to $600/mo. Copays at 20%, deductibles ranging from $0 - $6,000, out-of-pocket from $1,000 - $6,500. Are you looking on the correct website, or one of the fake ones Republicans are setting up to intentionally screw people?

By the way, both high deductibles and the mandate were part of the original Republican plan that the Democrats incorporated into the ACA in 2010. In 1989, the Conservative think-tank, The Heritage Foundation, adapted Richard Nixon’s plan from 1974. To repeat facts, as opposed to Kool-Aid mutterings - in 1993, Republicans offered it as the free-market solution to Hillarycare. In 2006, Republican Governor Romney actually implemented it in Massachusetts to still high praise. In 2010, Obama signed their plan into law thinking there wouldn’t be too much opposition to it since it’s their plan. Democrats would have preferred single-payer or public option, but like Democrats usually do, they pussied out of proposing their own plan. Who ever thought Republicans would reject their own plan? It would be considered “drinking the Kool-Aid” to deny these facts.

The whole point of the program is to cater to low-income people. The upper class is not suffering, the lower class is. Yes, the middle class is increasingly suffering as well, but not because of poor people. Million and billion dollar profit corporations (and people) not only have made 95% of the income since the economy crashed in 2007, but they pay little or no taxes and are also subsidized fantastically more than the poor. All while the middle class is shrinking. Rich people are telling middle-class people to blame poor people to distract from the fact the rich are stealing from everyone.

What ever happened to being fairly compensated for your work?

Mrs. Kolchak
It was a joke. Sorry if that offended you. It was not meant as a personal attack. It was merely a statement. An opinion. And I am not affiliated with a party. [Don’t know why she brought that up. I never accused her of being affiliated with a party. Speaking from experience, when someone needlessly volunteers that information, they support and defend Republican positions and are against Democratic positions 100% of the time. On the flip side, presenting facts about Obamacare does not mean I’m a Democrat. It just means I’m presenting the facts – without bias. But since I’m not bashing this Democratic President-signed policy, obviously it means I’m a Kool-Aid drinking, bleeding-heart Libral. Unlike my open-minded, nonpartisan friend, here.] But I don't agree with this healthcare and am tired of people trying to "convince" me that I should be okay with something that raised my insurance rates for no reason other than to cover people who can't afford insurance... [Obamacare didn’t raise your rates, insurance companies are screwing you. But you’d have to pay the fuck attention to know that.] yet when I didn't have it. They wouldn't help me at all because I had potential to make income..and yes...that is exactly what i was told.... [Again, your insurance company told you that, a legislative act didn’t tell you that. And when you didn't have insurance and no one would help you (you mean socialism?): how was that Obamacare's fault, since it hasn't started yet? (This discussion took place mid December 2013.)] it was a statement to say that while your opinion is valuable and represents your particular circumstance, one size does not fit all and I see your continual opinion on posts that seem to fit your circumstances and not necessarily the reality that others have

[My “continual opinion posts?” A.) Rarely do I ever argue my opinions in these posts. I correct lies with facts. Just like in this post. The only opinion I’ve offered is that Obamacare is not the best plan, but it’s a start. B.) I’ve never encountered you before. It’s nice to see you’ve been “continually” stalking me in silence.]

Bill Mancuso
Your personal attack on me was a joke. Ok. When you said ‘just accept being wrong because you’re brainwashed,’ you were simply saying ‘your opinion is valuable.’ My mistake. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

But you're right. My opinion doesn’t apply to everyone. Thing is, I didn’t state any opinions. I rarely do. I didn’t try to “convince” you of anything. All I did was present facts. I’m not going to repeat them a third time for you to ignore. You can scroll up and re-ignore them for yourself. Which one of the facts that I presented do you believe aren’t facts? I would be happy to discuss it with you. Although, it’s difficult to believe you’re open-minded when you join a conversation by stating I’ve been brainwashed. Oh, right – that was a joke. Ha ha.

I never said Mary now has affordable health care. I guess you and Mary fall into the 1.8% of people whose insurance rates are going up. It’s too bad you aren’t part of the 30 million+ other people whose rates are affordable. At least you’re not part of the 26 million that will still not be able to have any insurance. If only the Democrats put forward their own plan instead of this Republican one, maybe you’d be able to get affordable rates, too. Obamacare isn’t the greatest, but it’s a start. Instead of trying to sabotage it for political points (and screw millions of Americans in the process), Republicans should try to help make it better – like the Democrats did with the Republicans’ disastrous Medicare D roll-out in 2006.

When you didn’t have health insurance and no one would help you, was this before or after the implementation of Obamacare? Your statement is unclear.

Were you ok that your taxes had always covered uninsured people, or just now that Obamacare does it as well?

[I never expected an answer to those questions.]

And are you sure you're not just being scammed by the insurance corporations?

[Just trying to help.]

One last thing: If that were a real sign from a real hospital, it would have said WILL NOT ACCEPT PATIENT PROTECTION AND AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. Not the nickname, OBAMACARE. And it wouldn’t need the political Obama logo to make sure the point got across. (I’m surprised it didn’t have a line through it and said “Nobamacare.”) And if it were actually in a hospital, it probably wouldn’t need a picture of a surgeon just to make sure the reader knew where he was. And it certainly wouldn’t lie about the health, financial and private information requirements.

*****     *****     *****

Of course, Mary used the interruption by Mrs. Kolchak to bow out of the discussion. That happens a lot, using an interruption to get out of answering my questions.

The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare

Watch now as Li’l No-neck Sean uses these oppression tactics: Baseless sarcasm, over-talking, mob mentality – and the classic cut & run. That last guy rudely spewing facts is Alan Colms, his old token liberal partner. I don’t know who the black guy rudely spewing those other facts is.

Hannity Panel Obamacare Popular

Actually, I’m totally wrong. About everything. Luckily, the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is Rick Santorum has discovered the truth about the Affordable Care Act.

EclectaBlog: Republicans maintain a laser-like focus on Obamacare misinformation campaign

Here are some stories about what Obamacare has actually done for people.

And here’s a handy little chart explaining exactly the difference between politicians (mostly Democrats) who want to use government to help people and politicians (mostly Republicans) who set out to use government to hurt everyone except rich people…

I live in a state that falls in the “JUST SAY NO” category. I had to wait two months before the federal exchange site was working. And when it was, I was able to afford health insurance for the first time in my life.

Thanks, Obama.

I found this meme later on…

It supposes an actual doctor put it up. I contend that it’s completely fake, put up and posted on the internet by a hateful, ignorant asshole.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” - Socrates.

I wish I was friends with Henry Rollins.

Henry Rollins - Letter To Toby Keith

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