Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jesus Constitution

Talkin- debati- arguing with religious people is always an odd little adventure. It has absolutely no effect to present verifiable facts to them. They simply act as if you never did. But you know they know you did, because they change the topic or goal post in direct response to the facts so they still appear to be correct in their (un)reasoning. They aren't.

Here we have a case where Tony, an evangelical Christian agnostic who insists that America was founded on Christianity has more practicing Christians than any other religion, so it is a Christian nation.

After someone explained to Tony, even providing evidence, that America was not founded on Christianity is not a Christian nation, he derped his way through explaining that it still is no matter what forever and ever infinity plus one because reasons and such and everyone else is stupid and unreasonable.

I reiterated the evidence proving Tony wrong. And in a manner too clever to comprehend, he said if America wasn't founded on Christianity isn't a Christian nation, then I should provide evidence.

So, I did.

I admit, most of the information I provided in that lengthy, fact-filled supply of evidences was taken from an article I found on the internet many years ago. I don't remember the source, but I have kept the info in my notes since then. It has come in handy the dozen or so times I have pleasantly spoken with Christians (or, in this case, agnostics) who insist that America was founded on Christianity is a Christian nation.

Afterward, I have included an account of what happens to secular nations when overcome by religion. And it doesn't matter what religion. We're now potentially headed this way in America due to right wing extremists - you may know them as The Republican Party.

You can click on the images if you need to embiggen them on your computer. I don't know how it works on mobile devices. You'll figure it out.


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  1. Jesus. Man. Words matter. Hahaha. See what i did there. Jeebus. Always thrilled to read your dismantling of toss offs.