Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Brainpan

In response to my previous post about Occupy Wall Street, I feel like giving you a taste of the uneducated lemming mentality. My buddy Richard posted this. His original post and the entire thread that followed was so unmitigatingly ignorant of reality (with a few exceptions toward the end), I couldn’t bring myself to post on it. If I did, there would only have been a string of curse words following “You.” I thought it best to abstain.

You’ll be able to distinguish between the ones blindly repeating the right-wing narrative and the ones at least using common sense. I'll be adding my little obnoxious zingers throughout the thread because it's fun.

If you get mad at the stupidity, remember – do not break your computer. It is not your computer’s fault.

Stick around until the end. I will post my response to this ignorance in the form of a few excellent videos.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty – and all the shady characters in between.


To the "Occupy Wall Street" clowns... Maybe the reason there is such a gap between you and them, is that they are there actually working while you are sitting around in the street all day whining and showing how little you understand basic economics... Just sayin...


LOL. The issue is that people don't want to work for anything. (no, it’s not) They want it handed to them. (no, they don’t) The protestors in NY were out calling for bigger government (no, they weren’t), to take from the people making the money and giving it to the people that didn't. (wrong again) That isn't America, although it's what America seems to be becoming. (no, it’s not)

The real irony is that half of Wall Street is in bed with the current Administration... LOL (true, but not ironic, since the movement is not a liberal one)

I often wonder just how far Richard can actually shove his head up his ass.


I have heard like 3 coherent people from the various reports, they make good points, but the rest is kind of embarrassing as a liberal to watch.

Yeah, I am sure there are valid points here and there, but for the most part, they are idiots who don't have a clue, (wrong) which is why they are not successful (wrong) and obviously resent those that are. (and wrong again)

The biggest injury problem the EMTs have been reporting is blisters from too much bongo playing. That pretty much says it all...

What kind of injuries does she expect from a peaceful, non-violent protest? Well, except for the incidents of unprovoked police brutality.

LOL. Yeah, there is a reason why the hippies all went away. The funny thing is that probably half of the original hippies, now work on Wall St. :-)

This is what happens when you coddle children and give them a trophy for participation--when the corporate world doesn't give them what they want they whine about it. (uh, no.)

Remember: it’s not your computer’s fault…

Couldn't agree more Fran. Not to say that there are not scumbags on Wall Street. There are. But simply being more successful than most doesn't make you a scumbag. You can be dirt poor and be a scumbag too.

But we keep bringing kids up, telling them that intentions matter more than results, that winning is not important, that even if you lose you are a "winner" and should have equal status and all that...

And then they go into the real world, which wants results, not intentions and feelings. They want you to perform, and are willing to reward you for it, but they don't hand out paychecks or trophies to losers. And a lot of people cannot deal with that.

They see someone with so much money, and they don't have a clue how to get it themselves, so they automatically assume that the other person must have gotten it in some sinister way, or that they don't deserve it.

We live in a country where people make lots of money and are "successful" for doing everything from being on Jackass, to starting a landscaping company, to being a Wall Street tycoon. Life has its ups and downs for everyone, but if you cannot find some niche where you are "successful" in your own right, then YOU are doing something wrong.

And whining about it and asking Obama for a check isn't gonna fix the fact that you can't get your shit together. Asking him to punish the people that are successful, because you are too busy whining to become successful yourself, would be funny if it wasn't so tragically wide-spread.

Richard has a talent for droning on and on and never actually saying anything that is true. He would make a great politician.

I contemplated removing this next statement because it is a bit weird, but I changed my mind. I decided it’s fun, not weird. I did not correct the spelling…

Theres a scene in the Big Lebowski where Jeffery LeBowski is in bed with Maude, and hes recounting his accomplishments in kind of a meaningless contextless way. I imagine many years from now, a bearded homeless man will find a bankers wallet in the street. He will recount his acomplishments at the "Occupation of Walstreet" over a doobie in the bed of a hooker.

A little bit of common sense… mostly...

Richard, there are lots of folks who want to work, lost their jobs, are looking for work, myself included.... I don't want a hand out.... I could get government assistance but choose not to as I don't want a hand out..... I have applied and applied and don't even get a response! I have friends that lost their jobs and haven't been able to even get an interview....

(“I don't want a hand out..... I have applied and applied” – Which is it?)

Calling these people lazy or spoiled is insulting!

So the 700 airline pilots want a handout?

I am sorry it is not so simple... now with Obama signing 3 new nafta agreements things are only gonna get worse.... I would like to see corporations out of our government , no I didn't vote for Obama!

People are fed up with corporations not being held accountable for their actions then having to bail them out when they mess up... people are sick of the on-going wars.... people are sick of jobs going over seas.... people are sick of the dems and republicans.... there is a lot going on and fox news or cnn is ignoring it as is the president...those "lazy kids" at least have the balls to stand up and say enough unlike so many of my peers who are content to continue getting the shaft and are thankful they at least have a job like my wife... oh and now her employer wants to take away her health care so they can increase their bottom line!!

…tempered with blind ignorance…

Everyone who is out of work is not lazy.

The people marching and protesting and complaining about Wall Street, are.

The reason that they don't have jobs, isn't because of some Wall Street Executive. I mean, perhaps one or two worked for that company and were laid off, I don't know, but on average, if you are down on your luck, going out and whining about someone else who isn't, doesn't get you a job any faster, does it?

I mean seriously, what do these protesters actually want? Has any of them actually come forth with a logical or realistic plan, or are they still whining about how it isn't fair that some people are still rich while they are poor? 

The tea party doesn't have one clear goal I said the majority like 99.9 % of people are getting sick of the way things are being run....and you do make very valid points (no, he didn’t)...I am just trying to point out the bigger picture at hand.

Oh, how simple everything is to Richard…

But Walter, part of the reason these corporations started going under was BECAUSE of government. The housing and lending markets, which formed a huge portion of the investment market, started down the path to ruin because the government mandated sub-prime lending. When they create Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and things, the other banks had to sorta follow suit in order to stay competitive.

The government getting involved in banking, telling us that everyone had a right to home ownership even if they couldn't afford it, forcing things on businesses, created the collapse that impacted almost every segment of the economy, both here and abroad.

For me, I have been "cold calling" local businesses trying to sell them on web sites or upgrades to their sites... I am happy to say today’s meeting went great and I got some work so I can live for the next month.

The government is beyond corrupt... this is a fact... but I didn't by a house cuz I can't afford to and what the banks and the government did is disgusting. 

Walter seems to be living in reality.

Richard- the housing market crash was because EVERYONE was greedy. Gov't, banks and PEOPLE. It's much more complex.

Walter- I was in your position in 2000. I went back for more education/certification. Not school, but certification. Join membership groups for free webinars and events.
I also took a huge paycut.... I'm on my third industry now... re-invent yourself. I know, easier said then done, but people do it. I have- 6 times now. Still in the same industry, just learning new things to be more valuable.

The American Dream… get downsized in order to ensure greater corporate profit, pay for more schooling or certifying to come back and start all over again at a lower salary to do the same job, just to get downsized again and start all over for even less pay – six times. Why would anyone protest that?

Fran....believe me I have reinvented myself plenty! Learning new technologies as we speak BUT that has nothing to do with the fact that I am sick of the spending on endless wars... no money for old people... no jobs for young people and corporations getting away without paying taxes (G.E. comes to mind)… while getting government contracts to build more weapons while people like you and me need to reinvent ourselves to take a huge pay cut yet be valuable... doesn't make to much sense.

I lived with a woman for years and her job was executive compensation... I got to witness first hand what these people will do for their bonuses and believe me if they need to fire a bunch of people so they can get a bigger bonus they will and do... they only care about the $$$$ and most don't do shit... as I have said I had the fortune or misfortune of watching this all day everyday for years and it made me sick... she eventually couldn't take it and quit


Like all Republicans, Richard believes everything the government does correctly, was done by Republicans. Everything incorrectly, Democrats. Rich people got that way only because they are smart and worked their way up – and are conservatives. Poor people are that way only because they are lazy and want everything for free – and are liberals.

Doing research while debating him, I often find large hunks of what he says just copied and pasted verbatim from a right-wing blog or news website. There’s a thinkin’ man fer ya.

I have many more debates to post that include Richard. I can’t wait for you to read them.

But for now, here’s my response to Richard’s ignorance:


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