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Violent Dems

There are not always equal sides to every issue. The very nature of Conservatives and Liberals is a perfect example. The extreme versions are of violent, militant absolutism vs. wishy-washy peaceniks.

Which is why I find it amusing when Conservatives try to proclaim Liberals to be just as violent whenever defending against some act of right-wing violence. Somehow, I don’t view dousing yourself in patchouli oil and breaking into labs at night to free animals quite as violent as attempting to assassinate people.

My friend Mark posted this link on Facebook regarding the attempted assassination of Representative Kathy Giffords. A short thread of responses follow. I’m also going to include my two fairly short Facebook rants about the same subject in this blogpost because I don’t feel it necessary to spread this topic out any further.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty – and all the shady characters in between.


I usually don't care for Olbermann much... too melodramatic for me... but his spiel here is spot on.

Olbermann pretty much nailed it

He should've stopped about two minutes in, as he still got "melodramatic". I would've believed his sincerity a bit more had he offered specific examples of Dems who've made poor choices in words, as he did with Beck et al.

Movies, music, tv shows or books are targeted for this exact same criticism. However, everyone jumps up with responses about first amendment rights and how each person ultimately has the choice to enact or react to what they've seen, read, etc. Perhaps this loon took someone's words far out of context, but are we really going to blame that other person for this tragedy? And unfortunately, like the movie industry, the news industry thrives on melodrama and conflict. What better way to cultivate it than to make everyone think we're at war with one another?

My prayers go out to the families of the dead and wounded. And I don't care what party they belong to.

Specific examples of Dems making veiled threats and saying shit like what comes from the right are so few and far between in comparison, it would be impossible find an equal number. His repudiation of his own comment was enough to overstate the ratio.

Did I really just read someone comparing a fictional entertainment industry to an all too real political climate??

Bill Mancuso
Please feel free to list all the specific examples that Olbermann left out about liberals putting cross-hairs on a conservative's picture and said they needed to be "taken out". And that we should look toward "second amendment remedies" if we don't win an election. And show up at speeches carrying an AR-15. And claim it's not time to retreat but to reload. And threw bricks through a candidate's headquarters. And shot bullets through a candidate's headquarters. And cut the gas line of a candidate's house (brother's by mistake). And carry signs about refreshing the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants. And say insurrection of the government is an option. And shoot holocaust museum guards. And carry protest signs saying 'we came unarmed this time.' And post online the addresses of candidates to be ‘dealt with.’

Please. I look forward to my email notification when that list of those specific things liberals did is posted here.

Bill, I would just like to say, on a completely unrelated note, that I appreciate your proper use of the words "threw" and "through." That's a rare ability these days.

Bill Mancuso
Thanks! And I would also like to add that there is no way that their response can be as thorough as they're hoping it will be.

Still waiting... That retort has to be coming soon, doesn't it?

There will never be a retort, ever!

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For the past 2 years, Conservatives and Teabaggers have been telling people to shoot Liberals. On websites they put cross-hairs on Liberals and say they need to be 'taken out'. They say we have to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants. They post liberal politician's addresses online and say they need to be taken care of. They say we need second amendment remedies if we don't get our way. They encourage people to show up at public functions carrying automatic rifles. Liberals have been telling you to stop saying these things because mentally unbalanced people will eventually listen to you and shoot someone.

A mentally unbalanced person shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, (D-Arizona) last week in Tucson, and murdered 6 bystanders: US District Judge John M. Roll, 63; Christina-Taylor Green, 9: Dorwin Stoddard, 76; Dorothy Morris, 76; Gabe Zimmerman, 30; Phyllis Schneck, 79 and wounded 13 more. Rep. Giffords was one of the people targeted to be 'taken out' under one of quit-after-serving-only-a-half-term-to-devote-full-time-to-making-money-for-herself Governor Sarah Palin's cross-hairs on her website. Conservatives are claiming, "I don't see the connection - he was just mentally unstable. Liberals are only trying to take political advantage of the situation." Since what liberals for the past two years have been saying was going to happen has literally happened, I would like to take this opportunity to say - You are lying. We know you are lying. You know you are lying. Words have meaning. Your actions have consequences. Your seeds of ignorance are now bearing fruit. You know this, you lying, cowardly bullies. Take responsibility for what YOU have wrought for ONCE in your life. Not yet again blame other people for what YOU did.

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Posted later that same day…


I thought I said all I had to say on this subject, but I was wrong.

A horrible mass murder by a crazy person in Tucson, AZ that targeted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, (D-Arizona) happened on January 8, 2011. In response, Republicans and Teabaggers (and their right-wing media outlets) claimed that perpetually repeating to their followers over a two year period to shoot, take out, arm yourselves, don’t retreat but reload, prepare for insurrection, use gun cross-hair graphics to target opponents and many other violent expressions had no effect whatsoever on the mentally unstable person who listened to them. Democrats (and their left-wing media outlets), in turn, claimed we have no idea why this crazy person did what he did; please just let’s not blame anyone.

Two things.

1.) Why do companies pay a LOT of money to advertising agencies to put together a 30 second commercial (or half hour infomercial) to tell you to buy their shampoo (or slap-chopper) if it has no effect on who’s listening?

2.) Why do politicians campaign, paying tens up to hundreds of millions of dollars if it has no effect on who’s listening?

This is, in my opinion, evident of what is wrong with American politics and the extremes in which it functions today.

On one side, you have militant bullies that never, under any circumstances, take responsibility for the destruction they have wrought. And on the other side, you have tree-hugging cowards that never, under any circumstances, want to upset anyone, so they back away from every single issue at hand.

Those two mindsets combined drive this country into an ever-decaying orbit on the world stage.

I didn’t say which party is the bully and which the coward because you already know.

To be clear, I’m not saying the crazy person wasn’t going to do something crazy anyway, just that the constant rhetoric of calling to violence against specific targets had focused the crazy. Imagine if for two years the crazy people had been hearing this: “Are you mad that things aren’t going your way? Then go to the polls and vote Republican! We’ll do what’s right for this country!” Instead of: “Are you mad that things aren’t going your way? Then shoot the Democrats you don’t agree with!”

And stop blaming the media for pointing out the fact that Sarah Palin on her website literally put gun cross-hairs on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and said she was targeted to be taken out. It’s amazing how Palin is so often in the news for doing something stupid. It’s not because the media is going after that poor, poor, innocent woman. It’s because that woman is incredibly stupid and does many incredibly stupid things (I don’t use the term ‘ignorant’ in describing her because that suggests the ability to learn). For example, she used the term ‘blood libel’ in describing the media attacks on her. A huge debate ensued about the origin of ‘blood libel’ and her usage of it. What no one seems to realize is that Palin didn’t think to use that term. Glenn Harlan Reynolds first used it in a nonsensical article he wrote in The Wall Street Journal blaming the liberal media. Palin read this article that defended her, thought ‘blood libel’ was a cool term, had someone write a self-centered fireside martyr-cross speech for her to nail herself upon and then she used that term. But in reality, she has absolutely no idea what it means. Because she is stupid. She has never had an original thought. She copies what other people say (sometimes on her hand) and just repeats it. No, wait. That’s not entirely true. She does sometimes have original thoughts. “Refudiate” was original. Comparing herself to Reagan, Shakespeare and god was original. And let’s not forget this classic word salad gem explaining the writing on her hand, “I didn’t really had a good answer, as so often - is me.” Classic Palin.

And no. I don’t blame the Blessed Lady of Perpetual Victimization for what happened. She was just one dumb cog in a giant dumb machine. It’s just that at a time when everyone else is mourning the true victims of this tragedy, she has yet again thrown herself into the spotlight playing the victim and trying to shift blame to everyone else for what she said. But really only just making a stupid asshole of herself for ramping up the very rhetoric she’s says she isn’t saying. It’s like thrusting your family onto a reality show about your family and then in the very first episode complaining that the liberal media won’t leave your family alone. Like I said, she’s a stupid asshole.

You know what? Forget EVERYTHING I just said. If the Republicans REALLY, TRULY think that all this talk of violence has absolutely no connection to the violence it spurs, then they’ll continue to tell their listeners to arm themselves, target, shoot, ‘take out’ and reload.

However, I know they’re full of shit.

And so do they.

My only fear is that the extremist monster the Republican party created will escalate the violence. Their idiocy seems to know no bounds. Yes, I refer to the Teabaggers.

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