Monday, December 12, 2011

Filibuster Me? Filibuster You!

These subjects were originally going to be the next two entries in my “¡Vete a la Chingada, los Republicanos!” series, but more and more words kept coming out of the tips of my fingers. And since they have the ‘filibuster’ commonality, my brain then decided on doing some research. And my fingers typed some more.

Then a little bit more.

Here is the result. Enjoy…

Last week, Republicans blocked the Democrats' plan to extend payroll tax cuts – which did get a majority vote.

Thanks for raising my taxes, Republicans. Sorry I wasn't rich enough to qualify for tax relief.

Fuck you, Republicans.

Republicans enjoy their government-halting filibuster ability so much that they also blocked the appointment of Richard Cordray from becoming director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – who also got a majority vote. They had no problems with Cordray. They just don't like the idea of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Republicans refuse to protect consumers from the giant corporations' manipulative ability to fuck them out of every penny without consequence. Sorry consumers aren't rich enough for protection from unscrupulous corporate practices by banks, credit card companies, payday lenders and Wall Street, etcetera, etcetera.

The deceptive loans that the banks used which helped drive us into this economic wonderfuck are still being used right at this very moment. Why would anyone need protection from that? Or 400% interest on payday loans. Or active duty soldiers having their houses illegally foreclosed on. Or having your credit card interest rate increase to 65% if you’re one day late with a payment.

(I was one day late with my credit card payment two years ago. My interest rate did not go up, but they dropped my limit by $3,000 and sent the bill to a collection agency. ONE day late, ONE time in almost TWENTY years equals a limit reduction and a collection agency because I’m suddenly a credit risk? For a $120 payment? What the motherfuck?)

And this is exactly the sort of thing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would protect you from.


Here’s the thing. The creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was passed by the House and the Senate – both with filibuster-proof “super-majorities.” The President then signed it into law. That’s how the Constitution says our government works. So now, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a Constitutionally protected law in the United States of America. But since the Fascist Party in America does not want consumers to have an ability to protect themselves from the shady practices used by corporations to steal as much of our money as possible without recourse, they blocked the nomination of the bureau’s director. Without the head of the bureau in place, the bureau cannot be properly funded – effectively stopping the bureau from doing its job without violating the Constitutionally protected law, since the bureau still exists.

Oh. Sorry. Did I say ‘Fascist Party’? I meant to say ‘Fascist Party.’ N-no. No. I mean ‘Fa-Republican Party.’ Christ, that’s getting harder and harder to say.

This is also virtually the same tactic the FRepublicans use to stop the Constitutionally protected Roe v. Wade law. They try to get the funding removed. Also, they try to create new state laws that try to redefine life. Abortion is still legal and Constitutionally protected, but I’m pretty sure that in some states life now begins when you think about sex. The law is still in effect, but without an effective means to pay for operating costs, or since a thought is now considered a fully formed human being, abortion rights go out the window.

They also try this de-funding tactic with the FDA, CDC, EPA and any other agency that interferes with corporate profits.

I won’t go into it here because I have extensively covered the Republican false claims of voter-fraud in order to perpetrate their own voter-suppression of statistically Democratic-leaning voters on my “¡Vete a la Chingada, los Republicanos!” page over there on the right. Specifically, entry numbers 5, 6, 13, 25 and 29 if you’re interested. And there will be more in future blogposts. Suffice it to say Republicans are, by definition and not rhetoric, fascist. How else do you get what you want if you can’t get it fairly through a majority vote?

There was something else, too. What was it... what was...

Oh yeah: Fuck you, Republicans.


Today, the Filibuster is used to destroy democracy. In a democracy, 51 out of 100 is majority. To prevent a filibuster, you need a 60-vote super-majority. Otherwise, a 59-vote majority can be beat by a 41-vote minority if the filibuster is implemented. And even if only 60 Senators vote, 59 of them can be beat if the 1 Senator filibusters.

In the past, filibustering was used sparingly by both parties only in extreme cases. As the Constitution planned. This was so even the little guy had a say. And it worked.

In 2005, when Republicans were in control of the Senate, Democrats filibustered a few of George W. Bush’s judicial nominees. No more than the usual amount. Republicans became outraged because they weren’t getting their way and threatened to get rid of the filibuster option, renaming it the “nuclear option.” (For the Republicans’ joy of renaming things to trick you to their side, see December 2nd blogpost: "Spin Cycle")

In order to prevent the removal of the filibuster (nuclear option), seven “moderate” Republicans and seven “moderate” Democrats in an emergency formed the “Gang of Fourteen” and came to an agreement not to get rid of the filibuster. Instead, they would only use it in extreme cases.

And President Bush got his nominees confirmed.

Now, follow me on this: Filibusters were only used in extreme cases. Democrats used it a few, normal amount of times on Republican judicial nominations. Republicans went ballistic like a three-year-old before feeding time. The two parties got together and made a deal only to use them the way they are always used. In extreme cases.

Um. OK.

So, to put it in another way, Republicans got Democrats to be the pussies that they are and back down from yet another issue so Republicans get everything they want and Democrats get nothing in what is now normally considered “bipartisan cooperation.”

Anyway, the good thing is that the parties agreed to only use the filibuster in extreme cases.

When Republicans were in charge of the Senate.

Today, however, Democrats are in charge of the Senate and Republicans filibuster everything presented by Democrats. Everything. Everyfuckingthing. No, no. Not a ‘lot’ of things. Not ‘most’ things. Every single goddamn motherfucking thing.

Effectively halting any chance of governing. Which, to be honest, is their goal. They feel that stupid voters will believe the Democratic majority is incapable of passing any bills and become annoyed and vote in all Republican politicians and a Republican President. I only say this because several major Republicans have stated this on numerous occasions. Check out this not-at-all quote, but more of an encapsulated Republican ideal: “If we grind government to a screeching halt, prolong the unemployment rates, block the creation of jobs, prevent Democrats from voting, prevent civil rights, prevent workers’ rights, raise taxes on the middle class and lower them for the rich, prevent women’s Constitutional right to health care, prevent lower cost health care and prevent consumer protection, the dumbass voters will think it’s the Democrats’ fault. Heh heh. We’re so smart.”

And what happened to that agreement about not using the filibuster except in extreme cases?

Oh, right. That only worked when Democrats could block Republican nominations. “Waaaahh! Waaaahhh! Hey, you’re not playing fair!” But now, Republicans, the fascist playground bullies that they are, ignore the agreement. “We’re allowed to filibuster. It’s in the Constitution.”

Here’s a handy graph that shows the filibusters from the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. Guess when the Muslim, atheist, terrorist, Marxist, Kenyan, Anti-Christ, socialist, black guy took office:

The biggest filibusters have been against civil rights, voting rights and school busing.

Jimmy Stewart is rolling in his grave.

In closing: Fuck you, Fascists.

Damn. I mean Republicans.

Good day.

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