Monday, January 23, 2012

True Lies

OK. I know I’m a little late to this topic, seeing as how the war in Iraq is over (until next time), but I recently found myself falling down the YouTube rabbit hole. This topic was not the subject of my research. I went searching for 80’s techno-pop music – and somehow ended up on Bill O’Reilly videos. The last one being of Billo the Clown berating a 9-year war veteran because he didn’t agree with Bill’s loaded question.

As is proven time and time again, Bill O’Reilly is a stupid fucking asshole.

Anyway, O’Reilly kept bringing up that America went to Iraq to bring freedom and democracy to its people. That American soldiers were dying over there to protect us from all the damn terrorists that would otherwise roam the streets of America at night and slit our throats while we sleep. Then he added the typical declaration of someone who is knowingly wrong and has no real proof of what they claim: “You know that.” 

Bill O’Reilly is a stupid douchebag. 

Of course, to viewers of FOX “News” and nothing else, this is the truth. And they do “know it.” Because in the airtight FOX-O-Sphere, reality has no toehold. However, if you watch or read any other non-Rupert Murdoch-owned sources of information – or if you have even a mild semblance of memory capacity – you remember this to be the lie the Bush administration later switched to after finding no Weapons Of Mass Destruction. At all. 

Bill O’Reilly is a stupid shitburger. 

That’s right. If you remember correctly, Bush and Cheney went on TV every goddamned day saying (flat-out fucking lying) that Saddam had nuclear (nukyuler) weapons and was going to attack America – that it was only a matter of time. And that Saddam was harboring terrorists. 

O’Reilly is a stupid dick. 

Bush illegally invaded a sovereign nation, overthrew its government and occupied its land (Sound familiar?) for the sole purpose of assassinating its leader. Nobody found either nuclear weapons or the materiel for making nuclear weapons. Or any terrorists. That outcome just happened to coincide with what dozens of American and international agencies reported to Bush long beforehand. That’s right. Iraq was not developing nuclear weapons and was not a threat to the U.S.A. And had nothing to do with 9/11. Bush knew this and started a war anyway. Because he wanted to. The man who had a Vietnam-length dental appointment wanted to send other peoples’ children to fight and die in an unnecessary war.

Eat shit, O’Reilly.

Which brings us to my point. Bush originally said we needed to invade Iraq to protect ourselves from Iraq’s impending nuclear attack. After this lie was exposed as the fraud it was, Bush then began the new claim (lie) that he sent American soldiers to bring freedom and democracy to Iraq (after he destroyed its government). Because one country forcing another country to govern in their way always works out. Does anyone remember a little thing called The American Revolution?

Fuck you, O’Reilly.

This analogy sprang into my mind. And I know how Republicans love their little analogies, so this may clear this story up. Or not. After all, Republicans also love to call the truth lies if they don’t agree with them. Then call me brainwashed by the elite left-wing media – whatever the hell that means.

There is an antique store. The owner, a bit of a dick himself, calls the police chief a jerkwad. Years later, the police chief’s idiot son, who is now the new police chief, says the antique store is selling counterfeit antiques and they must stop it even though all reports indicate it is a legitimate business. The police drive a riot vehicle through the front windows of the antique store anyway, destroying much of the merchandise. The owner comes out from behind the counter and they shoot him dead. No counterfeit merchandise was found. People begin to question why the police went there in the first place. The idiot son police chief now says they went there simply to prevent looters from stealing all the merchandise since there’s no front window to stop looters and that the police have to stay there until the store rebuilds the damage and gets a new owner. The idiot son police chief receives a bigger budget for all the police needed to guard the store and hires his brother-in-law, Hal Burton, who is a carpenter, to do the remodeling.

And fuck you, George W. Bush. You fucking war criminal.

In conclusion, Bill O’Reilly is right because he’s louder than you and doesn’t let you answer his ignorant questions.

The actual YouTube titles are silly, but here are some links that inspired this rant: 

To be completely honest, this rant is not fair to the insufferable, egotistical, scumbag, Bill O’Reilly. All things being balanced, I could very well just as easily fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole regarding any of the other lying sacks of shit over at FOX “News.” 

It just so happened that I fell into O’Reilly’s hole.

Good day.

Oh. And the video that started it all… 
Art of Noise: Peter Gunn

Regardless of facts to the contrary, Billo the Clown just demands to be right. Is that so wrong?

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