Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Sundries

Just some more random observations and such.


"The most frustrating aspect of covering politics is watching progressives use facts and data to prove a point only to have conservatives rebut that with yelling and fear." 
- David Schuster


In the 1960' and 70's, researchers administered IQ tests to children and periodically checked the subjects as they grew into adulthood. In a recent study published in Psychological Science, results of this testing shows that subjects with lower IQ's as children were more likely to develop prejudiced beliefs and be socially conservative.

This research doesn't bother these lower IQ conservatives because they don't believe in science anyway.


And HERE is the link to the scene from The West Wing that Lawrence O'Donnell wrote - superbly played by Alan Alda and Jimmy Smitts.


Aasif Mondvi of The Daily Show points out the hypocritical bullshit in drug testing the poor:


As of Friday, February 3rd: Unemployment is down, almost 100,000 more jobs created than the expected 150,000 last month. This last 7-month period is the quickest drop in unemployment since 1984. Job creation began its rocky upward climb approximately 6 months after the stimulus took effect in the beginning of 2010. Now holding steady, this is the seventh consecutive month of over 100,000 jobs created. DOW closed highest in over 3 years; Nasdaq in 11 years.

Republicans are angry at the economic recovery gaining momentum without all the corporate tax cuts they want since this fact completely negates their argument that "corporate tax cuts = jobs." Again putting Party before Country, Republicans sincerely hope the economy gets worse so they can blame it on Obama just to beat him in November.

Also, health care regulated by "Obamacare" has added over 30,000 jobs in January. Republicans are ignoring this fact and continue to repeat their well-practiced lie, "Obamacare kills jobs."

But then again, what do you expect from a bunch of morons who work directly for the government and simultaneously proclaim the government doesn’t create any jobs?

In other news, Mitt Romney said, "Fuck the poor. Hahahaha! Fuck 'em." Newt Gingrich said, "Spics talk dumbly. I am the awesomest." Rick Santorum is very, VERY infatuated with gay sex and can't stop talking about it. And Ron Paul actually believes everything he says.

Monthly Change in Private Sector Job Totals
Red bars = Last 13 months of Bush administration
Blue bars = First 36 months of Obama administration

During one administration, job loss got increasingly worse by a fuck-ton. In the other, it progressively got better. And it could have been even better if not for total Republican obstructionism.

The only major obstacle to continued and strengthening economic recovery is Republican policy.

Good day.

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