Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catholic Condom-nation

Apparently, Obama is waging another war. This time against religious freedom. If I believed the deliriously extreme over-reactions of the political right, Obama wages war on average of three times a week. He’s been in office approximately 156 weeks. Wow. President Obama has waged nearly 468 wars on the American people. I guess I should start building a secret bunker under my house before he gets me.

What the hell am I talking about? Read on, fellow information-seekers…

Long before Obama was President, 28 states already required Catholic organizations not to prevent women from getting birth control as required by law. The Catholic Bishops challenged these laws and lost. The court held that these laws do not in any way prevent the free exercise of any religion. The court said that in order for a law to violate the free exercise of religion, it has to substantially burden the religious practice.

Providing insurance coverage for birth control to non-religious women does not in any way burden the free exercise of someone else's religion.

No one is forcing Catholics to take birth control who do not want it.

Obama’s health care mandate requiring Catholic organizations to provide birth control is not a First Amendment issue. Republicans and the Catholic church are lying to you and trying to make it a political issue against Obama especially, but also manage to work women and the LGBT community into their false outrage. They certainly weren't this loud about these state policies during the Bush administration.

Yet again, something done during the Bush administration wasn’t a problem to Republicans, but the same exact fucking thing under the Obama administration is a “war” to them. 
WAR, I say!!


I’m getting tired of hearing that Obama is waging “war” on everything from freedom to corporations to religion. You know who actually waged war? Two of them? For still unclear reasons? No, the reasons invented after the invasion don’t count. Yeah. You know who.

Obama’s “war” against religion is to provide health care for women. How many American lives did Bush send to Iraq to save? Let’s have some perspective on what war actually is, ay?

55% of all Americans think employer health care plans should be required to cover contraception and birth control at no cost. Only 40% do not. 5% don't know or care.

58% of Catholics think employer health care plans should be required to cover contraception and birth control at no cost. Only 37% do not. 5% don't know or care.

If my math is correct, that’s a majority of Americans who support Obama on this issue.

Seems the Catholic Bishops are going against the majority of their parishioners.

And let’s not forget Speaker Boehner, who couldn’t possibly pass up a fake reason to attack Obama even if it’s against the majority of the country’s wishes. He hasn’t yet.


What does this tell me? It tells me rich, old, white men are stupid assholes and know nothing of what the common American citizen wants or needs.

Also, 98% of Catholic women use or have used contraception and birth control. It would appear that even most Catholics have entered the 21st Century in their thinking on this matter. It’s the leadership who are still in the 17th.

Here are a couple of fun statistics about what America wants that politicians and the Church ignores: 

God damn Obama for stopping the Catholic church from discriminating against women!

Next thing you know, we'll be forced by big guvmint to provide no cost birth control to ducks and rabbits!

Good day.

HERE is a very informative segment regarding Republican hypocrisy and bullshittery from the Rachel Maddow Show. I saw it after I wrote this post.

And HERE is an eloquent description of the Constitutionality of this birth control mandate on The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell. I also saw this after posting my rant.

Hey, check out this screen shot from the Colbert Report on 2/14 - five days after I posted this rant:

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