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Women Are Stupid

Did that title grab your attention?

My other buddy who defriended me on Facebook makes another appearance this go around. Yeah, Gomer is pale in comparison to Richard, but he holds his own here. It’s not logical and it’s quite ignorant, but he sure is holding it.

OxyContin addict, Rush Limbaugh, in his ever-loving misogynistic way, attacked some women the other day – you may have heard about it, and Gomer, the ever-loving right-wing lemming decided to follow suit.

A friend posted a link to an article, and a Facebook dialogue ensued.

Already pissed off at this unending attack on women by Republicans, I was not particularly kind or patient with my responses to Gomer. In fact, I was spreading my sarcasm as thick (and delicious) as peanut butter.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty – and all the shady characters in between. I did not correct spelling. It lends to the production value.


Holy CRAP!

They really are trying to take away women's rights. We need to pay attention it's not a joke.

Ok, normally I don't get sucked into this BS made up "Womans Rights" crap, which is a smoke screen phrase for irresponsible sex and legalized baby murder, but THIS AZ thing is over the top. Granted the source is "Useful Idiot" propaganda site, but the basic info seems accurate, once you seperate it from the sheeple material. [“Useful Idiot” is a derogatory term used to describe people seen as propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand, who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause. The term is attributed to Lenin. Gomer is referring to “liberals.” I’m sure the only reason Gomer knows about it is because George Soros recently admitted facetiously to being one of Lenin’s useful idiots in an interview and FOX “News” probably picked it up and ran with it. Naturally taking it wildly out of context, I’m sure. Or not. Maybe FOX has been using this term for years. Anyway, Gomer accuses me of being one later. Sort of. But we’ll get to that soon enough.]

The only answer, once again, is to get Govt OUT OF HEALTH CARE completely. Here is what happens when both sides are backed into a corner, you get deceitful attempts to control the issue. This , RoevWade, schools and minors, etc....... [Is he saying Roe v Wade is bad? And schools? And kids… or did he spell ‘miners’ wrong? If so, what’s wrong with miners? It’s sometimes hard to follow the thoughts of people who have no original thoughts of their own.]

"Pro-choice" (Govt funded Outpatient Abortion on demand) is nothing more then legalized baby murder and avoidance of responsibility for ones actions.

"Pro-Life" (Total ban and criminal charges for any abortion activity) is nothing more then religious sheeple imposing their values on everyone else.

Why can't people get their heads out of their asses and reach the common sense answer that MEDICALLY needed abortions, on an inpatient basis, as a MEDICAL decision following all usual medical protocals (including the statistically irrelevent rape and incest cases) should be fine.

I wonder how many Pro-Baby murder people would still be for it if they knew that the main driving forces behind it were people pushing for Eugenics in order to get rid of Blacks in America. How does it feel to be a rascist tool?

I guess you can call me a pro-baby murder, racist tool then. I wouldn't call myself that, but it is a free country and you are free to call me whatever you want.

Fortunately Shirley, you are one of very few people I have found that can have an strong opinion and feelings on this issue and still have an intelligent discussion on it without getting emotionally spastic. Kudos to you. [Calling people ‘Useful Idiots,’ saying Women’s Rights are ‘crap’, calling people ‘sheeple,’ saying pro-choice means ‘legalized baby murder and avoidance of responsibility,’ telling people to get their heads out of their asses and calling rape ‘irrelevant.’ This is what he considers ‘intelligent discussion’ and NOT AT ALL emotionally spastic. I soon will respond in kind.]

This is only "made up women's rights crap" when you don't believe women are entitled to the same freedoms provided to men.

Gomer, all due respect, your views are incredibly short sighted. We have to see the issues through many sets of eyes, not just our own.

Anne - Men have the freedom to be absolved of responsibility for irresponsible or recreational sex? Visit any family court and I think you will see otherwise. Identity politics is identity politics regardless of the identity. When you enforce the law equally across the board then all that self-pity oppressed crap goes out the window. And when identity politics is being used to advance a larger agenda, one needs to be wary of jumping on the good intentions bandwagon and becoming a tool for someone else.

Jennifer - I disagree, and our own eyes (and our close loved ones) are the ONLY set of eyes that we need to see anything through. While everyone has the right to their opinion, each person is also has the right to judge those opinions for themselves and the impact they have on their life. [Wasn’t it Spock who taught us, “The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.”]

Gomer I am very concerned about what is happening right now in regards to women. I feel like every election year a new issue is brought up to distract people from the real problems happening in the world. Last time I believe it was gay marriage. With the state of the economy and our country in the middle of war why is everyone so focused on this issue? Why the push to limit women's access to low cost birth control? Why force women to have ultrasounds before they can make a personal decision? Why are doctors allowed to lie to women about prenatal issues to prevent an abortion? I just read about a bill being proposed in Wisconsin that would formally state that single motherhood contributes to child abuse. Women being able to control their reproduction allows them to become more educated and get higher paying jobs so they can better care for the children they eventually have. I don't want to get into an abortion discussion with you because I have a sneaking suspicion we won't change each other's minds, and we are both hard-headed so we could probably talk about it for hours and never agree. I just wish people would focus less on this distraction that politicians are dangling in front of us and focus on ending the war and fixing the economy. [Shirley was so much kinder than I would have been (will be.).]

Supporting laws that only suit ourselves and our close loved ones is not short sighted???

Jennifer - Sorry, hit the wrong button. The big difference is when opinion and LAW mix. Hence why we had set up a simple yet time consuming system of checks and balances in order to prevent temporary groups from gaining long term influence over our society. But certain groups (both big political parties and other special interests) have dismantled and undermined that system in order to maintain their power at the expense of ALL OTHERS. Hence why we get the AZ law above, RoevWade, Obamacare, the Fed, Fannie and Freddy, nauseum. [Yes. Lying to a pregnant woman to push a religious agenda is totally equivalent to Roe v Wade, ‘Obamacare,’ the Fed, Fannie and Freddy. Again, you should have your own thoughts – and they should be based on facts. Don’t just repeat baseless ones you heard on an ignorance-confirming radio show that make no sense.]

Back to my point - Abortion (NOT morning after pills) is the killing of a baby, usually due to financial reasons. The rape and incest arguement, once again, consitutes such a small percentage it is statistically irrelevent. And by the way, a drunken mistake one regrets in the morning is NOT rape, it is stupidity. Based on the financial reason, it can be summed up with "I want to Play but not Pay". That is a abrogation of responsibility for ones own actions. It is the same as making everyone else pay for your food, your healthcare, your material wants or needs, etc.......

Politicians take advantage of that in order to get votes and stay in cushy positions of power while keeping the sheeple docile and compliant. They then muddy the waters and the arguement in order to keep everyone bitching at each other so that they can sit back, above the fray, and keep robbing us blind while we devolve in to petty "me, me, me" bickering about made up "rights".

I’m about to be a dick…

Bill Mancuso
Yes. Women's Rights are bullshit. This is just some fake thing made up by liberals and has nothing to do with Republicans legislating away every women's right. Since all women want to do is have irresponsible sex and murder babies at the local government-sponsored pro-choice Planned Parenthood abortion factory, you shouldn't have any rights. And please, don't even talk to me about irrelevant rape and incest cases. Abortion is only about getting rid of black people in America, not health care rights. Laws should only be written according to our own personal beliefs, not for the betterment of society. And the government should stop trying to make health care affordable to everyone and continue to let corporations' profit margins decide what is best for you.


Gomer's head is planted firmly up his ass. Hey, Gomer, do you still advocate murdering President Obama to stop his socialist Muslim agenda?

And here is the Kool-aid drinking useful idiot of which I cotrasted Shirley too, who blathers off MSNBC talkingpoints and is incapable of having any intelligent discorse that strays from the approved party line. But feel free to put words in my mouth and have a tantrum like a little child til you get your way. It's what whiney little spoiled children who don't get their way are best at.

Bill Mancuso
What are you talking about, Gomer? I did not put any words in your mouth. I listed all the things you said. I didn't repeat anything from any TV network. I just listed the things YOU said. Then YOU threw a tantrum. You know people can read what was written here, right?

In listing all the things you said, I clearly pointed out how irrelevant your thought process is, since it seems you don't actually have one. It seems that since you're only repeating Rush Limbaugh's words, it's you who is drinking Kool-Aid. And as Anne has pointed out in the past, Kool-Aid is bad for you. So, you should stop.

Then to top off how absurd the things you say are, I threw back to when you said you supported people murdering President Obama. [In a previous post.]

Who supports murdering Obama? Please provide an exact quote.

Who decided to reduce a discussion to ad absurdium instead of counterpointing issues?

Who decided to go personal attack?

And where do you find that anyone has a RIGHT to healthcare? Please show me exactly where that is set out ANYWHERE.

Instead of having discorse you just want to stereotype me into your irrational hatred lump of Conserveatives, Republicans, Religious folks (of which I am definitly NOT), [I’ll give him that. He doesn’t seem to be for religious agendas.] and anyone else you see as a threat to your agenda. I don't waste my breath on people like you anymore. You spew nonsensical garbage and then shout down any who disent from your babble.

I gotta stick my nose in one more time. Calling people pro-murder racist tools is a bit of a personal attack in my humble opinion.

Bill Mancuso
Your exact quote is, "...ironically it's the Red state desperate clinger to guns and religion that is most likely to stand in his way and shoot him dead."

You reduced the discussion to 'ad absurdium' when you joined it and began to speak complete nonsense. I do not stereotype anyone. You are judged by what you say and do. I repeat: people can read what you wrote. (See above thread.)

Where do I find the RIGHT to healthcare? Are you saying it's not in the Constitution, so it doesn't count? First, the Constitution is a living document, not a Bible. It can be changed - as it has 27 times. They're called Amendments. Second, should I go through a list of all the things America does that are NOT covered in the Constitution? Is Facebook in the Constitution? Cell phones? Television? Oil companies? Interstate highway system? Fair housing?

You don't waste breath on people like me (except for now, apparently) because it hurts your brain fighting facts with your nonsense. So people like you and Richard defriend me just so you can be surrounded by other people like you who only reaffirm your ill-informed, uneducated prejudices.

I, however would love to debate people like you and Richard all the time.

What nonsensical babble did I spew? I simply repeated what you said in list form.

And again, in typical Republican fashion, you call facts lies because you don't like them, ignore my questions because you don't like the answers, incorrectly proclaim me to be a blind left-wing follower because you're a blind right-wing follower, and finally, you offer absolutely nothing in counterpoint.

You two are the reason I drink.

Did someone say drink?

Your exact quote is, "...ironically it's the Red state desperate clinger to guns and religion that is most likely to stand in his way and shoot him dead."" When and where was that? And based on the context you have presented that is not endorsement, that is an analysis of something.

Shirley, I concede your point but that is a generalization not a specific accusation towards you or any individual. Technically, murder is incorrect since that is a legal charge, not an action, but most can't get around infanticide, which is accurate. [Just deeming something ‘accurate’ does not magically make it so.] And no where did I call you a rascist, I pointed out the FACT that the abortion movement in the USA was championed by rascist socialists who publically empathized with the NAZI, facsist, and communist movementsBill, your fake "facts" from previous posts and your rants and tantrums have over and over shown your agenda defending stance. Argueing that point by point is waste of time since we cna't even come to terms on parameters of a debate let alone individuals points. I am truly sorry for you that you grew up in a country that gave you so much chance and you decided to use that freedom to try to tear it down and take away anyone elses chance at the same thing. [That certainly is my exact agenda. I wonder how he figured it out? And he seems to clearly remember what I said in the past, but can’t remember his own advocacy of Presidential assassination. Odd.]

Your arguement about the Constitution shows your willingness to twist anbd warp reality to fit your agenda. [Again with my ‘agenda.’ FOX and Rush claim all the time that anyone opposed to them has ‘an agenda.’ And their brainwashing works, because Gomer keeps repeating ‘agenda’.] The Consitution is not Living Document in the sense that it was meant to be twisted to any course of action one sees fit. [Yeah. Twisting it to include the right to affordable health care should definitely not be in there – because that would impact corporate profits. Twisting it to allow gun ownership, however, has been great for corporate profits.] The Ammendment process was put in place and made long and hard in order to precisely prevent the type of things we now do with it. [Like allowing the Patriot Act to exist? Or the Citizens United ruling?] Minor things don't need to be in it because it is a GENERALITY, [Who gets to decide when something is or isn’t a GENERALITY?] but limiting the power of the Feds and Congress is specified throught the 10th ammendment.

And lastly, I don't cut people like you off because I surround myself with like minds. I cut people like you off because you are close minded and refuse to accept any facts that disagree with your agenda. [My sinister agenda. Mwah Hahahahahah!!] I get more intelligent discourse with bricks.

Bill Mancuso
Yes, I'm the close-minded person. I'm the one refusing facts. You're totally right.

The Constitution is NOT a living document. No. Not at all. (Alcohol is still totally not legal. After it was. Before it was again.)

"Women's Rights" are just some made up crap. (...that Rush Limbaugh is using for his excuse to continue bashing women and you are happily, unthinkingly repeating it.)

There is something called an "abortion movement" in America and it was championed by racist socialists who publicly empathized with the NAZI, fascist, and communist movements. (Because Fascism and Communism are not at all opposing ideals. And I always suspected Margaret Sanger to be a racist, socialist, Fascist, Communist, Nazi. And those aren't just a bunch of seemingly evil words you strung together to sway my opinion without using any facts.)

"Pro-choice" means Government funded Outpatient Abortion on demand. And they're nothing but racist tools. (Because freedom of choice is not at all one of America's foundational ideals. We didn't break the bond with King George and have a Revolutionary War with England so we could choose our own way of life. And having a choice is totally a government-funded program.)

Rape and incest cases are statistically irrelevant. (You're right. It pretty much never happens.)

There's absolutely a such thing as "Pro-Baby Murder" people out there. (How could I have been so blind as to not to have seen it?)

The main driving forces behind pro-choice are people pushing for Eugenics in order to get rid of Blacks in America. (I'm so glad that right-wing extremists like Mark Crutcher and Lila Rose finally had the courage to completely make that up and you had the courage of a lemming to blindly repeat it without bothering to see if it was true.) [I wish I asked him how it felt to be the actual ‘tool’ in this conversation.]

Abortion is only done by stupid, irresponsible, drunk women who want to have sex all willy-nilly but not spend money raising their mistake child. And they want other people to pay for their abortion down at the Planned Parenthood Abort-o-rama. (Yeah! You nailed that one, brother!) [I should have also said, ‘And government-funded abortion hasn’t already been against the law for decades, so it’s a good thing Republicans are legislating double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, octuple, nonuple and denary as many of the same redundant laws to prevent that from still not being able to happen – not at all in any way just trying to ramp up their base for votes.]

And it is the same as making everyone else pay for your food, your healthcare, your material wants or needs, etc. (Because that's totally a really-real thing happening in America and not at all an extremely over-simplified, over-exaggerated, right-wing talking point.)

Your ideas are absolutely grounded in reality and not simply repeated right-wing extremist talking points whatsoever. These things you say are irrefutable facts. I see now that I just refused to accept facts that disagreed with my agenda. What's my agenda, again?

Wait. What's your definition of the word "fact?" That could be where we're having this misunderstanding.

It's a good thing you never waste your breath on close-minded people like me because you get more intelligent discourse with a brick.

And I never use sarcasm to make a point.

Oh, right…
When and where was your exact quote? The post seems to have been removed. And you seem to have a very short memory - or you're just going to deny your support of assassinating Barack Obama.

Let me refresh your memory.

A sign was posted on Facebook that said, "It doesn't matter if you're a peace-loving, gay, African-American, quadriplegic atheist from a blue state: ISLAMO-FASCISTS STILL WANT TO MURDER YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! (and that ain't Bush's fault)"

I said that was a silly statement.

You replied with, and I exactly quote, "Actually more like dead honest truth................and ironically it's the Red state desperate clinger to guns and religion that is most likely to stand in his way and shoot him dead"

With your reference to Obama's 'clinging to guns and religion' statement, it sounds like you support Obama's murder to me. No one brought up murdering him before. But you're right. Others can judge the context in which you said it.

You go Bill!!!!!!!

The useful thing about having e-mail alerts to Facebook posts is that even when someone deletes their post before anyone can see it, you still get it e-mailed to you. Gomer posted and deleted this little conniption fit…

Gomer wrote:
"And yet again you show your ignorance. If that is the EXACT QUOTE then re-read it again or give your statement EXACTLY. My statement refers to the Islamo-Fascist not the President. But you are so wrapped up in your hate filled stupidity that you read things how ever fits your angry little mind. Hence, waste of time to discuss things with you since you are incapable of having discussion.

But feel free to continue to live your angry pathetic little life in a country that prote34cts you from people you don't even acknowledge as threats. Keep being one of Stalins "Useful Idiots"."


I guess the part where he directly says that the people from Obama’s quote will shoot Obama dead was not actually in reference to shooting Obama, but “Islamo-Fascists” instead. Which, apparently, ARE an actual threat roaming America’s streets and NOT just some fear-mongering ploy. Boy, I sure am an idiot. And clearly one of Stalin’s useful idiots. From 80 years ago.

Did I say “Stalin’s” useful idiots? I meant “Lenin’s” useful idiots. Now how could I have said something so misinformed?

He expertly managed to skip everything else I said, though.

He must have read what he wrote after posting it and realized no one would buy the revisionist version of what he said since he obviously was not referring to shooting Islamo-Fascists. Hence the quick deletion. Unless he was speaking of one specific Islamo-Fascist when he said “shoot him dead.” That crazy ‘Larry the Islamo-Fascist’ is one dangerous dude.

For those interested, I have previously posted, in its entirety, the actual “Islamo-Fascist” Facebook thread being referenced. See: “Manufactured Outrage” 28 February 2012. I did not want to repeat the whole thread because posting a whole other conversation in the middle of another conversation would have bored the shit out of everyone – including myself. Also, it was posted by Mary and since she deleted it, I assumed she didn’t want me to bring it up again. But this is my blog and all the names have been changed, so feel free to read it.

This is one of my favorite Republican deflections: “I cut people like you off because you are close minded and refuse to accept any facts that disagree with your agenda.” That’s also known as “projection.” You’ll often catch the actual close-minded fact-refusers to project their personalities onto their opponent. I believe this is mostly subconscious. This was the same excuse Richard used when he defriended me. I think what they really mean is, “You refuse to unquestioningly follow everything I’m repeating from the right-wing media, so I’m defriending you.” It’s the same thing as Republican politicians believing that “compromise” means Democrats must to do every single thing Republicans want and when that doesn’t happen, they walk away from the bargaining table claiming Democrats won’t compromise. Then blame the fallout on the Democrats.

But here’s the funny thing: Gomer and I never had an argument until AFTER he defriended me. So why did he defriend me in the first place? I can think of two possible reasons: Either he followed my encounters with Richard and he is such a pussy that he didn’t want the possibility of me responding to one of his posts, or: He saw my random postings about Republicans and he is such a pussy that he couldn’t take an informed opinion showing up on his wall.

Conclusion: He is a pussy.

Ah. The joy of dealing with idiots and assholes.

No, seriously. I really do enjoy having my intelligence tested by idiots. When I don’t know something they’re talking about, I look it up. It’s called ‘learning.’ Thanks, Idiots! You make me smarter! Let me know if I can ever return the favor.


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