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Hodge-Podge of Thoughts

Not all of this stuff is political. Hey, I warned you that might happen from time to time.


Over 40,113 heat records have been broken this year so far. 799 of them in the first 5 days of January. 1,584 counties in the U.S. have been declared natural disaster areas by the Department of Agriculture due to drought caused by the heat records. That's approximately 55% of the entire USA. August 2011 - August 2012 has been the hottest year on record since they started tracking that in the late 1800's. July 2012 was the hottest recorded month in history. Before you get your panties all in a bunch, I'm not saying this is all proof of man-influenced climate change as a direct result of burning fossil fuels, clear-cutting forests and using all our water to feed our meat fetish. Just kidding. That's exactly what I'm saying. You can go ahead and shove your panties up your ass, now. Morons.

From NASA:

 Temperature Data: 1880-2011

- Global temperatures have warmed significantly since 1880, the beginning of what scientists call the "modern record." At this time, the coverage provided by weather stations allowed for essentially global temperature data. As greenhouse gas emissions from energy production, industry and vehicles have increased, temperatures have climbed, most notably since the late 1970s. In this animation of temperature data from 1880-2011, reds indicate temperatures higher than the average during a baseline period of 1951-1980, while blues indicate lower temperatures than the baseline average. (Data source: NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Visualization credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio) -

(Nine out of the ten warmest years have been after the year 2000.)

Dr. James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the father of climate change science just completed his study of peer-reviewed research. His analysis concluded that “…for the extreme hot weather of the recent past, there is virtually no explanation other than climate change.”

Richard Muller, a University of California physics professor, Macarthur Fellow and former climate change skeptic whose research was funded by the Koch brothers has concluded that
“…global warming was real and that the prior estimates of the rate of warming were correct. I’m now going a step further: Humans are almost entirely the cause.”

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How is PREVENTING criminals from easily obtaining guns considered LIBERAL and ALLOWING criminals to easily obtain guns considered CONSERVATIVE?

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Who participated in Mike Huckabee's "Chic-fil-A Kill the Gays Appreciation Day?"

Go ahead, ask me what that means.

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How come when really ugly men, like Nicholas Cage and that hideous, obviously generationally inbred sparkly vampire guy, become famous actors, woman believe they are hot and don't care about their acting skills? But when really ugly women, who shall remain nameless, become famous actors, men appreciate their acting talents, but still acknowledge that they are ugly?

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August 8, 2012: Disney CEO, Bob Iger popped his glans up on FOX “Business” to complain that the U.S. corporate tax rate is “among the highest in the world, if not the highest,” creating “a loss of jobs and a loss of revenue.” Do you know what happened earlier on that same day? Well then, I’ll tell you. The Walt Disney Corporation announced its HIGHEST QUARTERLY EARNINGS EVER.

The FACT of the matter is, contrary to all the corporations continually lying about what Obama’s doing to destroy America, marginal CORPORATE TAXES are at their LOWEST POINT in 40 years. Second lowest in the developed world. At the same exact time, CORPORATE PROFITS hit an all-time HIGH ($824 Billion) in June.

How can Republican douches proclaim ‘Obama is anti-business’ without expecting to be laughed at by people with brains?

Think Progress
Also at the same exact time, WAGE-RATES are at an all-time LOW. Maybe all these corporations should pay their employees living wages comparable to 2012 inflation rates. It’s difficult living on 1967 wages (adjusted for inflation). You know, let some of that wealth ‘trickle down’ for the FIRST TIME EVER. It might lift a family or two out of poverty.

Corporate profits as a % of GDP


(I've written of CEO's lying about Obama's policies before. Check out my ¡Vete a la Chingada, los Republicanos! page. Scroll down to the 8/18/11 post: ¡Vete a la Chingada, Steve Wynn & Andy Puzder!)

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So let me get this straight: right-wing nut-jobs for the past 4 years never stop claiming Obama is a Kenyan, Muslim, atheist, anti-Christ, Nazi contrary to facts and reality, and it’s Obama who has to release his papers to prove himself (even though he did, but right-wing nut-jobs ignore that and keep on insisting), but Harry Reid claims Romney hasn't paid any taxes in 10 years, BECAUSE ROMNEY WON'T RELEASE HIS TAX RETURNS LIKE EVERYONE WHO RUNS FOR PRESIDENT DOES, and Harry Reid is the douche who has to prove what he says. Did I get that right?

Perennial victim Republicans are hypocritical whiney bitches who want everything their way. Grow up.

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Romney met with Lemar Koethe in order to show his concern for the how the drought is affecting an average struggling American farmer. I’m sure you saw the pictures:

Lemar Koeth is on the left, Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey is on the right, an awkward humanoid robot unable to emotionally connect with humans is in the middle

Lemar Koethe wants the government to keep its hands off of farming (except for the farm bill to subsidize farmers), claiming that the government is making farming difficult. Oh, yeah, and maybe the drought, a little bit, too. Lemar Koethe never explains just how the government makes farming difficult. Lemar Koethe owns 54 soy and corn farms, all subsidized by the government, having received $133,000 over a 16 year period. Lemar Koethe is also a real estate mogul, the president of Marko Properties, with an annual revenue of approximately $500,000 split between 1 – 4 employees. Lemar Koethe is also a concert promoter who has booked Slipknot as his 24,000 square foot venue, the 7 Flags Event Center, which started its life in 1988 as a $5 million health club, the 7 Flags Fitness and Racquet Club. Lemar Koethe also owns an average Iowa farmhouse spaceship with an underground garage, car wash and recreation center. 

Average Iowa farmhouse spaceship
Erin Seidler, President Obama’s Iowa campaign spokeswoman, said, “Romney has no references to agriculture or farming on his campaign website, has no mention of the farm bill in his 59-point plan for jobs and economic growth and is opposing the wind production tax credit. During the Iowa caucuses, he refused to take a position on the farm bill, and he said himself in Council Bluffs that he doesn’t know a lot about agriculture, specifically corn.”

Erin Seidler points out that President Obama, on the other hand, has done these things for farming just within the past month:

-       made credit more accessible to farmers impacted by drought
-       offered new land for emergency haying and grazing
-       worked with crop insurance companies to extend the time farmers have to pay their premiums
-       helped increase the availability of feed and water
-       called for Congress to pass the farm bill

Congratulations, Romney, on meeting with yet another one of us average multi-millionaire common folk to show your concern for our well-being. What’s Obama ever done to compare to that?

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Republicans. I say we stop calling them the "Do Nothing" Party and start calling them the "Dangerously Regressive" Party. The DRP. Pronounced 'derp.'

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Pledging blind allegiance to a nation's flag. When other countries do it, we call it "Fascism." When Americans do it, we call it "Patriotism."

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I’ve been saying this as well:

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When I pay taxes my whole working life into a system such as Medicare, Unemployment, Welfare or Social Security, it’s not an “entitlement” when I then collect on it, you fucking asshole Republicans. I know you want me to believe it is so you have an excuse to take it away from me so you can pay for more tax cuts for millionaires, you fucking asshole Republicans. Your asshole hero, Ayn Rand is sucking cocks in hell, to paraphrase a movie quote.

Addicting Info
Also did you know…
It was Ronald Reagan who first started borrowing from Social Security to pay off foreign debt because he reduced the tax rate from 70% down to 50%, which substantially dropped revenue? And since that precedent was set, every President thereafter has continued to borrow from Social Security, which is the real reason it is in trouble. If this highly efficient socialist government program was left alone to operate in the way it was designed, there would be no problem with it.

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For you comicbook geeks such as myself:
The Death and Return of Superman
 A somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film by Max Landis, Produced by Bryan Basham. Starring Elden Henson, Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Morgan Krantz and many more.

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In Ohio, there are 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans on the county election boards. In Republican counties, all four are voting for extended hours on nights and weekends. In Democratic counties, the Republican board members are objecting to expanding hours on nights and weekends. Due to that tie, the Republican Secretary of State, Jon Husted must cast his vote. Any guesses as to which way he’s voted?

How exactly is suppressing only Democrats from voting supposed to prevent voter-fraud, aside from the fact that preventing early voting in general doesn’t stop voter-fraud in any way?

If this wasn’t any more crystal clear of proof of Republicans suppressing Democratic votes, then I don’t know what could be. And since this Republican Fascism is getting virtually NO media coverage, the next time someone claims the media is liberally biased, I’m going to tell them to go eat a liberal amount of shit.

If you can’t get votes due to merit, then the Fascist suppression of opposition is the way to go. When Republicans don’t get their way, removing democracy is their solution. Fuck you, Republican Fascists.

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Saw a self-serving commercial for Clean Coal. It concluded by telling us to go to their website to “Get the facts.” Two things: First, there is no such thing as clean coal, no matter how cleverly you re-brand your dirty product. Second, even if there was a magical device that you could install in your factories to clean the coal, the Republicans, their uneducated Teabag wing and the coal industry itself would lobby against it because they would all claim it would be a ‘job-killer’ and that it takes away freedom. And that Obama is a foreigner that hates America.

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Morgan Stanley helped rig electricity prices in New York. The price fixing scheme cost approximately $300 million to consumers, $21.6 million went directly into Morgan Stanley’s coffers. Morgan Stanley was ordered to pay $4.8 million as punishment – less than a quarter of what they stole – and do not have to admit to any wrongdoing. And the $4.8 million is going to the U.S. Treasury instead of back to the people who the money was stolen from. This Justice Department ruling has given a license to giant corporations to steal from citizens. Not that they weren’t already. Giant corporations, if you plan on stealing money from the people, the government will charge you a 25% operator’s fee. Hey, the government has to get their cut, too, y’ know.


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And Republican windsock Mittens Moe Money was bullied by the Republican Party into picking Ayn Rand for his Vice Presidential running mate. Let the meme-ing begin.

How do the people who Ryan represents feel about him? And what does he do if they dare to question his Fascistic policy ideas?

Paul Ryan "Townhall" Arrests

And after the police got that last senior citizen to the ground, cuffed and arrested him for trespassing (which he wasn’t, he paid the $15 to attend) and resisting arrest (which he wasn’t, he was questioning Ryan’s plans to gut Medicare and Social Security), Ryan joked at his expense.

Dramatic video: 71-year-old taken to the ground for questioning Paul Ryan
Don’t know what the Republican hero, (atheist) Ayn Rand believes? Wonder no more.

The Truth About GOP Hero Ayn Rand

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I got more, but for now I’ll leave you with this. Because it is awesome.

Good day.

PS - Rest in Peace, Joe Kubert. Thanks for everything.

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