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2nd Amendment Ludicrocity*

I originally wrote this one a little over a year ago when NRA lobbyist, Wayne LaPierre was at yet another CPAC convention claiming that Government policies kill people, not guns. And the Teabagger Party was eating it up like it was a deep fried stick of butter covered in powdered sugar and chocolate sprinkles. It was shortly after U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen others were shot at a public meeting, resulting in six deaths.

In light of the most recent mass shootings by American-born and bred terrorists at the Batman movie premiere in Colorado and the Sikh Temple a week later in Wisconsin and the gun people continually proclaiming, “Now is not the time to discuss gun control,” after every mass shooting, I felt the need to post it now. I’ve also added some new info. This may seem choppy in thought at times, but I’m aggravated and I’m trying not to curse so much. So give me a fucking break.


If the second amendment was written to give the citizens of the USA the right and ability to overthrow the tyrannical government as the Republicans and their Teabagger extremist wing claims, then can anyone tell me where I may purchase a Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk, a B-2 Spirit, a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, a supercarrier (preferably the USS Enterprise…‘cause, well, yeah, I’m a Trekkie) with all the trimmings and an atom bomb? You know, so I can be ready to overthrow the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard when the time comes.

Ignorant douchebag at a Teabagger rally. I like to think his nickname is Skippy. Because he skipped the second grade. And all that follow.
The fact is that the Second Amendment (The entire Constitution, for that matter.) was written during a vastly different era than our own. There were no real military branches to speak of. The militias were local and had to defend their towns and farmlands as a community. And the threat of England trying to recapture their seceded colonies was a real possibility in the 18th century. Who would be called upon to help? Adolescent America was at that time just a ragtag (always wanted to work that corny word into a sentence) group of farmers and blacksmiths. They were a town’s first, and often last, line of defense.

Yes, the Army, Navy and Marines were all formed in 1775 and the Second Amendment was adopted 16 years later in 1791, that’s true. But again, the military branches were not what they are today; everything back then was still developing. So, yes, regular citizens needed a gun in case they were called upon. There wasn’t an organized, funded military to provide them with one. BYOG.

Not to mention regular police work. Often, people would be put on guard duty at night in a town to detain suspicious persons. So, yes, regular citizens needed a gun in case they were selected for guard duty. We have a police force for that now.

Also, let’s not forget what originally influenced the addition of the Second Amendment to the constitution – The English Bill of Rights of 1689. It protected Protestants from being disarmed by Catholic King James II who was trying to rule without consent from Parliament. Religion. Is there no conflict you can’t start?

You know what? Pointing out how utterly god damned stupid it is for Teabaggers to claim they need guns in case they need to overthrow the Federal Government is twisting my brain into a pretzel covered in sea salt and mustard. Mmm.

The development of things like the Constitution is so lengthy and involved, you can’t sum it up in a rant. Yes, the fear of Federal Government having too much power and overthrowing states’ rights was a concern. A really, really long time ago (I guess that’s when they want to take America back to). But what these ignorant Teabaggers, and people of the like, do, is hand pick specific things out of context from a larger body of work to either defend or battle against. Take Planned Parenthood for example: in their pea-sized lizard minds, PP’s only function is to force women into having abortions. Ignoring that it’s a choice, a difficult one, and that no organization forces anybody to have abortions. So they say Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory. Ignoring everything else they do. Not the 3% of what they do.

And the Federal Government is not trying to take away guns. It never has tried, it never will try. As supported by the fact that Obama hasn’t said a thing about guns (except when he relaxed gun control laws, earning him straight F’s from the Brady Campaign). The only thing government ever did was try to limit the amount of bullets that can come out of it at one time. Or ban certain ridiculously overpowered guns that NOBODY needs for protection – but never all guns. How many bullets in one magazine do you need to protect your home from an invader? Unless you’re protecting your family from an Alien invasion, 10 or 15 is probably enough.

Statistics show that countries with stricter gun control laws have far fewer gun deaths. Even if you break the statistics down within America alone, states with stricter gun control laws like banning assault weapons, mandatory trigger locks and safe storage laws, also have far fewer gun deaths. It's not so much about taking away anyone's guns, as the militant, profit-driven at the expense of limitless innocent lives NRA lobbyists would falsely have you believe. It's mostly about limiting magazine capacity, getting weapons off the market that no one outside the military or SWAT would need, getting rid of the massive 'no background check' loophole and enacting stricter safety and storage laws.

I know I’ve posted this before. It bears repeating.

I'm also getting tired of the Constitution being used as a bludgeon to support the ludicrous 'Bruce Willis action hero' fantasies that people have. How many rocket launchers did the Founding Fathers believe one person should be allowed to own? Times have changed. 200 year-old living documents must change to reflect modernity.

To need a stockpile of guns to protect yourself from the government is a ridiculously silly argument. To own a gun or two - or even three - to protect your family from an intruder is completely valid - and I stand firmly behind that Constitutional right. But no one needs a 100-round magazine to do it. No one. Not to protect your family. Not to go deer hunting. Not to go skeet shooting. Not to defend yourself from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

[The last three paragraphs are from a Facebook discussion I was having with someone after the Colorado and Wisconsin mass murders. I will post that discussion at a later date. Possibly after the next mass murder occurs and gun people again proclaim, “Now is not the time to discuss gun control.”]

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia Second Amendment to the United States Constitution page. Check it out. You might learn something.

George W. Bush ignored the United States Constitution on an hourly basis. His administration removed more rights than we even knew we had. Exponentially expanded the size of government. Plunged the country into massive debt through wasteful spending and by giving tax cuts to the rich (Reaganomics). Brought us to a 10% jobless rate. Illegally invaded other countries for reasons that are still, 10 years later, unclear. Ushered in a recession second only to the Great Depression. Enacted the Patriot Act (although cleverly named to make you believe it is something good), which rapes the crap out of every civil or moral right American citizens ever had. It is the most anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-Constitutional piece of legislation ever enacted. George W. Bush is an ignorant, childish tyrant of the utmost possibility who failed at every job his father handed him. Where were the Tea Baggers then?

Barack Obama is black. Oh, there they are.

Good day.

*ludicrocity (loo di crah’ sit ee) n. 1. the state of causing laughter due to ridiculousness 2. a word William Mancuso purposefully invented that has an actual meaning just like William Shakespeare used to do.**

**Ludicrocity and its definition which I invented are in reference to Sara Palin’s moronic unintended invention of the word, ‘refudiate’ (which she spoke because she’s a moron with a loose grasp on the English language, including grammar, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation). After much ridicule, she later claimed she just hit the wrong key while Tweeting ‘repudiate,’ ignoring that ‘p’ and ‘f’ are nowhere near each other and the fact that she also previously said ‘refudiate’ on TV during Sean Hannity’s disinformation dissemination program. Later, in a Tweet, she compared herself to William Shakespeare, who intentionally created words; an intelligent man who had an incredible grasp on the English language.

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