Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh, FOX. You Lying Liars Who Lie.

Yeah, they’re at it (I was going to say ‘again,’ but that would imply they stop every now and then.) still.

I’ve blogged about this sort of nonsense before. Many others report about this as well, but I can’t help it. The FOX “News” technique of lying and distorting every single thing they ever report about is just getting sad now. And when an alleged news organization tries to bribe its reporters to lie and failing that, appeals and wins a court case allowing them to lie to their viewers, that’s when I start feeling sorry for the people who continue to believe them. I mean, they tell you they are lying and viewers still believe them. At what point does one become aware of one’s own willful gullibility and ignorance?

So, President Obama wants to let the Bush tax cuts expire for income over $250,000. It is a proven fact that trickle-down economics does not work, since it never ever ever has, so why should we continue to let rich people have tax loopholes that the middle-class do not? We shouldn’t. After 11 years of the Bush tax cuts, it quite clearly has not created any jobs, so why continue to add to the deficit in the process?

Because Republicans think that we just haven’t given ENOUGH tax cuts to the rich. Right. I guess I’m the gullible one. Especially since they want to raise middle-class taxes to cover the extra cuts for the rich. Sure, go ahead!

And by the way, the rich still get the tax cuts on the money they make up to $250,000 as well. It’s money earned above that when the tax cuts are no longer in effect.

Enter: Republican propaganda and fund-raising machine, FOX “News.” This one is actually from FOX “Business” – I guess they don’t care about the truth, either. Here’s a chart they used in order to explain just what would happen to the poor rich people when the Bush Tax Cuts expire for them:

OH, NOOOO!! When their taxes go up a whole 4.6% to where they were during the devastating(ly prosperous) Clinton years, their taxes will go up 75%!!!

Wait. What?

Look at that graph. The numbers on the right side go from 34% to 42%. They cut the top of a chart off to visually manipulate the information it represents. Instead of the actual 4.6% increase, only showing the top 8 points (5.6 points actually, since it shows only from 34 raising to 39.6 - what it shows above that is irrelevant) of the chart makes it visually seem to be about a 75% increase.

I guess we should be thankful they didn’t make it seem like a 99% increase…

It’s incredibly easy to manipulate information. Especially when you don’t leave the chart on screen long enough so viewers can see it’s bogus.

Here’s what it would look like if 100% of the chart had been presented, with the numbers going from zero to forty percent. You know, the truth…

If you still watch FOX, you are clearly only watching it since they back all of your uninformed, prejudiced opinions – not to learn any real news and information.

And the same goes for right-wing talk radio.

Drug addict Limbaugh: ‘Liberal Hollywood elites named Batman’s villain “Bane” in the new movie just to make Romney look bad for working at Bain Capital.’

Immediately, the obese drug addict becomes a pathetic laughing stock for his incredibly stupid and completely ignorant conspiracy theory. (Bane was created in 1993 – almost 20 years ago.)

Drug addict Limbaugh, the very next day: ‘Yesterday, I made some comments about the Batman movie – it doesn’t matter what I said. But I never said Liberal Hollywood elites named Batman’s villain “Bane” in the new movie just to make Romney look bad for working at Bain Capital. Liberal Hollywood elites just made up that that’s what I said just to attack me.’

You sad, fat, drug addicted bastard. Your radio show is recorded. You record it. That means people can play it back. 

Friends don’t let friends take right-wing media seriously.

Good day.

 FOX telling reporters to lie then suing to be able to lie.

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