Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grey Poupon

Pardon me, but have you seen this lovely, humanizing photo of Mittington R. Moneyfucker?

This picture was taken in 1968. On a beach in France. While Mitt was pedaling a bicycle around pedaling alcohol-free Mormonism to wino Frenchmen. After he protested FOR the Vietnam War (Did you know people protested for that war? I didn’t until I heard about Mitt doing it.). Then he got four, FOUR “religious deferments” so he didn’t have to go to Vietnam.

The difference between people like Mittens and Bill Clinton, who also dodged Vietnam, is that Clinton was against the war and thought no one should go. He had a belief and stood behind it. Mittens hypocritically protested to send other, less privileged people to go to war while dodging it himself.

Every time you look at that lovely humanizing picture of Mittens proclaiming his love to his wife on a sunny, French beach, I want you to think of this picture instead, which was taken at about the same time:

This is what he wanted others to do. But not himself. Wealthy people born into a privileged life do not do such horrid things. That’s what the middle class and poor people are for: to fight wars started by wealthy people born into the privileged life.

Fuck you, Mitt Moneyfucker, you fucking sociopath.

And no. It’s not jealousy of the rich. It’s disgust of their behavior. Get that fucking straight.

Good day.

P.S. -  Two things regarding the first Presidential debate last night:

1.) Why the fuck did President Obama sleep through it?
2.) Romney won the debate. If you discount the fact that virtually every word out of his mouth was an unmitigated fucking LIE.


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