Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Suppressing For Freedom

There’s a Teabagger group called the Voter Integrity Project. They’re going state-to-state, county-to-county and handing in lists of hundreds of thousands of names that they demand need to be purged from voter rolls to prevent fraudulent voting due to various reasons including voters are deceased or have changed address.

The county Boards of Elections always find virtually no instances of fraudulent names on voter rolls. The closest they ever come is to find absentee ballots of dead people – that is, people mailed in an absentee ballot, later died, then had their vote counted afterward on election day. That is not fraudulent. Election boards are already taking care of these things. It is their job. That’s what they do.

Although the Teabaggers claim they are non-partisan and just trying to make sure voting is fair, anyone with the basest of brain functions know the Teabaggers are fucking lying scum-eating sacks of infected puss. Whether or not the names get purged is almost irrelevant. They know the names do not need to be purged; that would just be ass-gravy on their mashed shit sandwiches that they enjoy eating every night off of a TV tray emblazoned with a picture of an American Bald Eagle with the American flag and the Twin Towers faded in the background as they sit in their recliners wearing their tighty-whiteys and stained wife-beaters while watching FOX “News” after they cash their pension checks that they consider to be ‘socialism’ for everybody but themselves. The main goal is to needlessly preoccupy the election boards that otherwise have an already tremendous job of making voting run smoothly.

Funny thing about their “non-partisan” purge lists. For an example, let’s go to Cincinnati. The Ohio Voter Integrity Project claims to have found 730,000 (Yes. Seven hundred thirty thousand.) names that are dubious and immediately need to be removed from the rolls. The LA Times found that the listed names are of college students, trailer park residents, homeless people and black people in counties that Obama won in 2008. And they are focusing on the college students in particular. It is legal for college students to use the college as their address if they live at the college. The student uses the dorm address to register to vote. What is the reason the Teabaggers are giving as the reason to purge college students? “Failure to specify dorm room numbers.”

So, the targeted names are not only of statistically Democrat-leaning voters, but of voters who actually voted for Obama four years ago. You can’t get more focused voter suppression than that, can you?

No ass-gravy in that particular case for the Teabaggers, though. The LA Times reports: “So far, every county election board that has reviewed the dorm challenges found them invalid.”

They do get a couple bites of their dry shit sandwiches, though. The elections boards are being preoccupied with this voter suppression shit in an extremely busy voting season after all.

This blatant voter suppression appears to be legal, since absolutely nothing is done about it (Don’t even get me fucking started on Republican Teabaggers going state-by-state and ending Constitutionally protected abortion rights.). But sitting down in protest of high college tuition or outrageous CEO bonuses or union rights gets you maced, beaten and jailed. 

What the fuck.

Good day.


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