Monday, October 22, 2012


Obamacare is forcing doctors to no longer accept any new Medicare patients.

Or is it?

I’m seeing a lot of people blaming Obamacare for a growing number of doctors no longer accepting Medicare or Medicaid. That would be a valid argument if this phenomenon hadn’t started well before President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law on March 23, 2010. Even well before he even became President. 

Here’s an article describing this very subject a whole year before Obama care was signed:

And here’s one from 2002. Two thousand TWO, motherfuckers. Eight years before Obamacare:

Here’s one from 1992. How many years before Obamacare is that? Republicans hate math, so they’ll never figure it out. Just blame Obama. Fucking OBAMA!!! Math is socialist!

People who want to vilify Obama for cutting $716 billion out of Medicare – as Romney & Ryan keep doing – and falsely claim that’s the reason doctors are opting out of accepting Medicare are ignoring the indisputable facts that 1.) It doesn’t cut, it SAVES by eliminating wasteful spending and going after fraud and abuse and 2.) the Romney/Ryan Plan has the exact same plan. The difference is, Obama takes the savings from Medicare waste and uses it to fund healthcare for more people, whereas Romney takes the savings and keeps it out of healthcare to use on other, unspecified things. Probably tax breaks for millionaires if the standard Republican ideals are kept. (I’m not going to get into the incredibly high costing voucher program Romney/Ryan has for those 55 and younger. What I like to call the ‘We Want Old People Who Can Vote For Us Now But Votes From People Turning 65 In Ten Years Don’t Matter Shit To Us' plan.)

At best, people can claim the Obamacare and Romney/Ryancare plans just don’t address this issue. But they certainly don’t cause it.

Cut the fucking right-wing fear-mongering bullshit, assholes.

And if Obama was really a centrist and not a conservative-leaning politician, he wouldn’t have ixnayed single payer and public option before he even got to the bargaining table.

I know Republicans like to say the Democrats jammed through (They jammed it through!!) the Affordable Care Act, but the year it was debated (wholeheartedly blocked by Republicans) after Obama took office, plus the previous 50 or so years both Parties of the government had been promising a health care revamp can hardly be considered jamming through. More like an excruciatingly slow massage. With a mediocre ending. “Thanks.” “You’re welcome. Come again soon.” "I hope so. We'll see." "Good day, sir." "Good day to you."

Here's an article that gets the opinions from a wide variety of health care providers on the implementation of Obamacare:
"The surgeons and cardiologists tend to be against Obamacare but the primary care and family doctors tend to be for it. They're really made up along political ideologies and not related to substance. If they make a lot of money they want to keep on making a lot of money, and if they don't they'd like to give better patient care."
Is there anything else Obama has done to improve Medicare, you ask? Well, there's this...
NYTimes: Settlement Eases Rules for Some Medicare Patients

Good day.

This is a video outlining and debunking many (but not all) of the lies Romney told during the first presidential debate. I’m including it here because it contains several of Romney’s lies about Obamacare. And because I did not do my own breakdown of that debate. That’s because I cried myself to sleep after the President’s impression of a dormouse as Romney buried him with his feces.

In any case, I like very much to take any and all opportunities to expose the lying sack of lies that Willard Romney truthfully is. I hope his son Taggart doesn’t find out. I hate being punched by really tough manly men (when they aren’t being stopped by law enforcement personnel). Well, at least he wouldn’t want to pin me to the ground and cut my hair cut my hair.

Enjoyable side note: the maker of this video supported McCain/Palin.

Oh. Hi. Yeah. I know – I know I was supposed to be done with this rant, but I couldn’t – I just couldn’t let this one go.

You know how up there I mentioned Tagg punching me? Yeah, yeah. Then I linked to the story about how during the second debate he wanted to hit Obama for calling his dad a liar but for the secret service? Yeah.

Well, during that same debate, Mitt said violent children were the result of bad parenting.

Had to say it.


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