Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Beautiful Gift of God Rape

Did that title get your attention?

Sorry if this rant is a little choppy. This is off the top of my head and I kind of blurted it all out in just under two hours.

You won’t enjoy…

Hey, Republicans. Just so I get this straight, God doesn't stop rapists, instead he, sorry, He allows it just so He can take advantage of the situation to gift the woman with pregnancy. Then, it’s up to Republicans to protect God’s rape-gift baby? Is that it? Or is it that women don't get pregnant from being raped because their Wonder Woman bracelet-protected uteruses can shut that shit down with Amazon Princess Themyscira magic, so that means they're just lying bitch whores who want to casually pop in the doc's office and selfishly have an abortion after a night of irresponsible raucous pre-marital sex?

Seriously, what the fuck fucking century are you from? The fucking 14th? Or am I being too generous with the modernity of my estimate?

Go fuck yourselves. You dickbrained fuckwits.

And before you fuckers say it's just a few fringe Republicans saying this bullshit and it's not the Republican platform - that's a lie. It fucking IS the Republican platform. And it’s not being taking out of fucking context. Not when you Republican shitbags keep saying this dumb-ass fucking shit over and over and over and over and over. And actually make it part of your fucking god damn platform. Paul “The Numberless Guy” Ryan, the Republican VP nominee fucking co-sponsored a “Go to Hell, Useless Dirty Barefoot Whores” bill with that sweaty-ass-cheese-for-brains Todd Akin. Not to mention the over 1000 anti-abortion/health care bills that tri-corner hat-wearing Republicans have proposed in the past 2 years kind of is your platform. For fuck’s sake, the hollow-skulled Republican presidential candidate who will literally fucking say anyfuckingthing to anyfuckingbody to pretend he’s just like you for your vote, Mitt Romney proclaimed putting an end to Planned Parenthood on day one. That is your platform - not to mention it's what Republicans have been saying for decades. Republicans killing abortion doctors for years is what you kill-anything-that-disagrees-with-you yee-ha’s do. Why have a debate when you can murder your opposition instead? Also not to mention Mitt “Magic Underwear” Romney FUCKING REAFFIRMED HIS SUPPORT FOR RICHARD “GIFT OF GOD-INTENDED RAPE” MOURDOCK.

As this endorsement from Romney proves, the backward Republican agenda is to prevent affordable healthcare for at least 30 million people. Because socialism. And Harry Reid. And Nancy Pelosi. Democrats.

32,000 God’s rape-gift endorsed pregnancies per year. Again, go fuck yourselves.

You fucking uneducated mouth-breathing, shit-eating, misogynistic, Bible-thumping, Republican, Teabilly Fucktards.

If you’re female and you support this woman-hating, God-rapist fantasy party that protects rapists over your rights and allows rapists to have custody of their rape babies that Republicans want to force you to have and thinks you shouldn’t be paid the same as manly men and thinks you don’t have a right to health care and want to cut all social programs that help single mothers and their children (because let’s fucking face the fact that Republicans think you and your child are a drain on society immediately after they’ve forced you to have that baby) and feels it’s the government’s job to re-rape you with ultrasound wands against a doctor’s trained medical knowledge, then you must really really hate that Kenyan Indonesian Muslim atheist anti-Christ.

You have my sympathies. You poor ignorant fools.

And NOT ONE female Republican senator has come out against this bullshit.


Then there’s this dick:

Hey, you really want to get nauseous learning about how much contempt for women the Republicans have?  Read this:

And they’re just two Republicans (One was chosen by Romney to be his Vice Presidential candidate and the other is supported by Romney.). What about Republican legislature in the rest of the country?

And a new one:

Or maybe these thousands of anti-women bills are just being taken out of context.

Good day.           


Here’s something I was working on but “God’s rape-gift” happened and overshadowed it. It’s a video put together by fuck it just read and watch:

The Republicans are NOT waging a war on women. And here is a very diverse group of men and Stepford Wives offering unrelated and contradictory anecdotal statements – sorry, I mean, offering “proof” to that “fact.”

Please get a box of tissues. The snot and tears of laughter (and sadness at this flagrant display of ignorance - or perhaps denial) will flow.

No, I did not check out the rest of the videos in the series. I only have one box of tissues.

Hey, what’s the difference between being forcibly raped by the government with a trans-vaginal ultrasound wand and being forcibly raped by a rapist’s penis? Nothing. The right-wing of the government protects the rapist in both cases.

Or is all of this not because you hate, but because you are afraid of vaginas? 
You keep this misogyny up, you should be.

Just another scumbag that Republicans gladly accept as one of their own. Imagine FOX "News" if Obama wouldn't disavow a serial rapist. Or even if he did. Check out the list at the end after the photographs.

Mitt Romney’s BFF, Alleged Serial Rapist Greg Peterson, Commits Suicide While Out On Bail


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