Friday, October 12, 2012

The Reign of Obama and His Super-Majority

Turtle-American and Republican House Leader Mitch McConnell gave an interview to his hometown newspaper. In the interview, he said, “Our view is, [Obama] has done a very poor job. Virtually everything he did that was wrong was when he had overwhelming (Democratic) support in Congress during the first two years of his presidency.”

Did you get that? Republicans love to incessantly repeat that Obama had a Democratic majority in Congress and complete control of the government, which enabled him to do whatever he wanted before the 2010 mid-term elections when Republicans won a whole bunch of seats. They love to claim that this was when he was destroying America all willy-nilly – before the Republicans were elected and could valiantly stop him.

This is a lie. I know you are shocked, but yes, Republicans are lying. Let me explain.

President Obama NEVER had total government control and NEVER could get anything he wanted passed as Republicans love to say. That Republican lie is used to cover their tactic of 100% obstructionism. Which they then use to blame Obama for not getting anything done. Then they demand Americans to vote for a Republican for President - after they tried to destroy the economy for the purpose of blaming Obama. Republicans are putting Party before Country. This is anti-American. And unpatriotic.

Obama needed a super-majority - which is 60 seats or more - in the senate in order to be filibuster-proof. Technically, he had that for a total of six months, but in practice, it never happened. Be patient, I'm getting to the explanation.

Obama was inaugurated on 1/20/09. There were 58 Democratic Senators at the time. Arlen Specter switched to Democratic on 4/29/09, bringing the total to 59. Still one short of a super-majority. On 5/18/09, Robert Byrd was hospitalized, so he was out of commission - back down to 58 (still 59 on paper). Al Franken was sworn in on 7/7/09, bringing the total back up to 59 (technically 60 in theory, but not in practice - the fact-twisting point Republicans like to use to spread their bullshit). A month and a half later, on 8/25/09, Ted Kennedy died, bringing it back down to 58 in practice (59 on paper). On 9/24/09, Paul Kirk was sworn in to fill Kennedy's seat - back up to 59 in practice (60 on paper). Then, on 2/4/10, Republican Scott Brown was sworn in to replace Paul Kirk - down to 58 in practice (59 on paper).

So, for actual voting purposes, Democrats NEVER had a filibuster-proof senate. Even if we go with what was on paper (even though hospitalized Robert Byrd never voted), that 60-seat filibuster-proof Senate only lasted a total of 6 months.

No matter how many times "Obama had a super-majority for two years" is repeated by Republicans, it will never magically make it come true. Even if they're wearing ruby slippers. (And I don’t want to guess how many are.)

I guess Republicans forgot the meeting they had on President Obama’s inauguration day about how to obstruct everything he does in order to turn America against him just so a Republican is voted back into the Presidency.

Yes. Their plan is to fuck America, blame it on Obama, and hope Americans are stupid enough to think Obama did it. *coughfascismcough*

I fear they may not be too far off in their belief that Americans are stupid.

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Good day.

I used it again. I fucking LOVE this video.

Republicans are crybabies and Fascists. Who'da thought it was possible?

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