Thursday, October 11, 2012

Voter Fraud Is Real!

Republicans finally get their wish. Actual proof of voter fraud!

Now, if only they would fucking stop doing it.

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NBC News has also learned:
"Florida state officials have directed a statewide criminal investigation into a Republican consulting firm whose employees have been linked to "hundreds" of suspect voter registration forms in eight counties throughout the state. Chris Cate, a spokesman for the Florida secretary of state's office, said that state election officials are turning reports of registration irregularities over to the Florida State Department of Law Enforcement for a statewide inquiry to determine if there was a pattern of misconduct by the firm, Strategic Allied Consulting. He described it as a potential case of "election fraud" probe. Cate confirmed that the secretary of state's office, which oversees the division of elections, has received a complaint against Strategic Allied Consulting from the Florida Republican Party. Nathan Sproul, the managing partner of the firm, denied that his firm committed any fraud, saying he was the victim of "a few bad apples" who had been hired to register Mitt Romney supporters for $12 an hour."

Rachel Maddow goes into detail of past election fraud by Nathan Sproul and his organization. Pay attention to what E.J. Dionne says about ACORN and the Republican reaction to that fake scandal...

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Ted Shaw, Columbia University School of Law professor and former attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Kevin Powell, political activist and author of “Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and the Ghost of Dr. King,” join “Viewpoint” host Eliot Spitzer to react to news that GOP operative Nathan Sproul has been implicated in a voter registration scandal.


Then, there’s this:

"Affidavits from 133 Democratic voters... said they had been re-registered as Republicans without their consent after they encountered petition circulators outside welfare offices and stores. One voter complained that his registration was changed to Republican after he signed what he thought was a petition to legalize marijuana. Another said he was told he was signing a petition to lower the price of gasoline, according to the affidavits. Others said they were offered free cigarettes or a “job at the polls” if they signed some paperwork."


And let’s not forget these older stories of Republican voter suppression/fraud:

(The dates are when I wrote about the incidents, which were generally within a week of when they were first reported.)

State Representative Robert Mecklenborg (R-Ohio) was arrested on a DUI charge with a .097 blood-alcohol level in Indiana (.08 is over the limit).

Also found in his system were traces of Viagra. The 26-year-old stripper that was in the car with him was not his wife, the mother of his three children. One more hypocritical family-values conservative in an endless sea of hypocritical family-values conservatives who feel they are above their own preachings. Believing "Do as I say, not as I do" in that truly hypocritical fashion.

Mecklenborg is one of the many Republican Governors sponsoring voter-restriction bills targeted to inhibit young, elderly and poorer voters, who statistically lean heavily Democrat. The excuse Republicans use that it's to prevent voter-fraud is bullshit, as there are almost no cases of voter-fraud reported anywhere in the United States - except on FOX "News." FOX "News" is lying. The four year period from 2002 - 2006 turned up a whopping 86 people convicted of voter fraud. Not nearly enough to sway any election. (Unless you're 5 out of 9 people on the Supreme Court.) And almost all of those 86 convictions were for errors in filling out forms or confusion over eligibility - not intentional vote-outcome manipulation.

(Let's just for the sake of argument pretend that there is voter-fraud going on somewhere. NONE of the measures that all the Republican-controlled states are implementing actually prevent the type of voter-fraud they lyingly claim is happening. Their strategy is that if they can't win an election fairly because the country is against their fascist agenda, then they will suppress votes in an anti-Constitutional, fascist way.)

If Mecklenborg's driver's license is revoked as a result of the DUI, he could fall victim to his own voter-suppression photo ID bill. And boom goes the dynamite.

Watch how many times he lies to the arresting officer (who I picture as David Morse - yes, Treme is a great show) -


Wisconsin… The Republican recall elections are in response to Governor Scott Walker's jihad on the middle class - sponsored by the multi-billionaire Koch brothers.

Walker attacked the middle class under the guise of fiscal responsibility - yet, at the same time gave tax cuts to corporations. Taking money directly out of the pockets of the middle class and stuffing it into the pockets of the rich is not in the slightest way fiscally responsible. Even using the (false) claim that tax cuts for the rich magically creates jobs - no jobs were created.

Republicans then ran 'Fake Democrats' against the real Democrats in the recall elections in order to confuse voters.

Three things:
Just exactly how patriotic/American/honorable/Constitutional is it to intentionally take away someone's right in a democracy for a fair and honest vote? It's not. It's fascist.

And since the estimate of how much it cost the state to run the 'Fake Democrats' in this fascist scheme is between $300,000 & $500,000, how exactly is this whole saga about fiscal responsibility? It's not. It's about the Republicans' ever-vigilant war against the dwindling middle class, protecting the ever-increasing wealth of the already wealthy.

Finally, the Republicans keep insisting they have to make stricter voting laws because of all the rampant voter-fraud that is happening across America by Democrats. Aside from the easily researchable fact that there is virtually no voter-fraud occurring, I'd like something clarified. The Republicans fraudulently running 'Fake Democrats' in order to rig an election - does that count as voter-fraud? Never mind. The answer is yes. Yes, it is voter-fraud.

Republicans falsely claim Democrats are committing voter-fraud, but it's OK for Republicans to blatantly commit voter-fraud. The state is in a budget crisis and the Republicans demand the middle class has to ante-up, but the Republicans can hand the ante over directly to big corporations - and waste $300,000+ on a fraudulent election.

Typical Republican hypocrites believing "Do as I say, not as I do" in their truly hypocritical fashion. Anything goes in the war on the middle class, I guess.


Update: Wisconsin. More voter-fraud by Republicans targeting Democrats.

The billionaire Koch brothers-backed Republican Teabag group, Americans For Prosperity, are distributing fraudulent absentee ballots to Democrats with the due date two days later than the real deadline. Yet another attempt to tamper with the recall elections by Republicans.

Also, the anti-gay group, Wisconsin Family Action is in on the fraud. These Republicans are helping them mail the fraudulent ballots.

Aside from Republicans yet again committing voter-fraud, using the United States Postal Service to mail these intentionally fraudulent ballots constitutes mail fraud - a Federal crime.

Have I said 'fraud' and 'Republican' enough for anyone to make the connection yet?

Maybe at some point, somewhere, sometime, someway, somehow, some Democrat will grow a pair of fucking balls and fight this systematic dismantling of democracy by the Republican Party.

But probably not. They are spineless fucking cowards after all.


And the unmitigated Republican voter-fraud continues.

With the 2010 mid-term elections, Republicans gained a significant amount of seats on their "We'll pretend to want to create jobs so you vote for us" platform. Since then, creating jobs is one of the things they not only have not tried to create, but have blocked all efforts to create. What they have tried to do, successfully in many cases, is to end-run abortion rights, go on vacation, block affordable health care, secure more tax cuts for the wealthy, raise taxes on the middle class, slash or end budgets for a plethora of social services, end social security, end Medicare, get rid of unions and workers' rights, cut salaries and benefits and pensions of the middle class, close the Environmental Protection Agency, cut the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's budget, slash the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's budget - you know, the organization that tracks hurricanes, tsunamis, tropical storms, etc, filibuster infrastructure spending, defund public broadcasting, make laws preventing non-existent (and already prevented) Sharia law from taking over America, prevent the LGBT community from having civil rights, block legislation making it harder for criminals to purchase guns illegally, deny science, manufacture a debt ceiling crisis - resulting in a rating downgrade, pretend the Bush presidency never happened because it was such a mega clusterfuck atrocity but hypocritically get mad when it's pointed out that he directly caused the situation America's in - you know what? I could go on forever pointing out all the Republican corporate profit-protecting/obstructionist policies bent on destroying America while simultaneously trying to make Obama look bad. I don't even have to prove that. They keep saying they don't want any policy to go through that may make Obama look good and that their goal is to make Obama a one term president. Putting party before country. Waging war on the middle class. Fuck you very much, Republicans.

Which brings me to Republican voter-fraud. Again. Since the majority of Americans do not agree with the fascist policies of the Republican party, the Republicans realize they cannot win an election fairly. So, since the 2010 mid-terms (well, since the 80's really, but psychotically amped up since a black guy became President), they have been systematically making it harder for Democrats to vote. They're rigging elections.

I know I've explained in the past a slew of tactics the Republicans are employing to specifically prevent Democrats from voting under the false proclamation that they're just trying to prevent voter-fraud (which is not happening), like requiring photo ID's, then closing Democrat area DMV's so they can't get ID's (and expanding hours in Republican districts), not accepting college ID's, lengthening residency laws, ending early voting, making it illegal to vote within one month of registering, having 24 hours to report registered voters collected or face a fine, running fake Democrats in the WI recall elections, and sending fraudulent absentee ballots with an incorrect due date to Democrats in WI (If you're unclear as to how these measures target Democrats but not Republicans, I will be happy to explain. Just ask.).

But this is a new one. It involves manipulating the out-of-date Electoral College system for the first time.

States divvy up their electoral votes differently. 48 states give all their votes to the candidate that receives the most votes in the state. Nebraska and Maine awards the electoral votes to the winner of each separate district.

Nebraska, a Republican dominated state, awarded one vote to the Democratic candidate in 2008, Obama, for the first time since 1964. The Republican had previously won all districts since then. That one electoral vote was not enough to be a deciding vote since Obama won by a large margin. However, due to the current state of the economy and jobs, it is expected that the 2012 election will be close. And Republican Nebraska does not want even one of their electoral votes to go to the commie, Muslim, atheist, black guy. So, Republicans are now trying to change the structure in which they vote so it benefits the Republican candidate in a completely partisan way. They want to award the entire amount to the winner of the state so a Democratic candidate will never again even have the slightest chance of stealing a vote from Republicans by tricking stupid people in Omaha into voting.

Back in January, the Republican senator who sponsored this bill, Beau McCoy, told the Lincoln Journal-Star, "We would not want to see Obama re-elected by one electoral vote in Omaha." Yes, that was a direct quote. Republicans want to specifically prevent Democrats from even being able to get a vote. Um, Fascism much?

At the Nebraska Republican Party meeting on 9/17/11, the leadership adopted a resolution that required all elected GOP officials to overturn electoral law or lose party support, financial or otherwise. Yes, that's in an official resolution. Blackmailing party members into supporting vote-tampering. Yay.

Then there's Pennsylvania, a Democratic constituent-dominated state. It awards all the electoral votes to the winner of the state. For now. This does not sit well with the newly Republican-controlled state. A Republican candidate has not won Pennsylvania since 1988. They now want to change the structure in which they vote to award electoral votes by Congressional district, guaranteeing at least some votes to the Republican candidate and stripping some from the Democrat. Stripping Democratic votes being the goal. If this system had been in place for the 2010 election, Obama, who won 55% of the popular vote, would not have won all 20 electoral votes. He would have won only 8 votes. McCain, who lost, would have gotten 12 electoral votes. Well, fuck-a-doodle-doo.

Usually, a party has an ideal, and comes up with a policy to implement that ideal. Then, the whole party will generally toe the line. Nebraska and Pennsylvania Republicans are legislating the complete opposite policies. This only makes sense if the party ideal is accomplished by these two 180° opposite policies. The party ideal is to prevent - in a completely partisan, vote-rigging way - the re-election of Obama.

If the Republicans can't beat Obama on ideology, then they'll change the rules to beat him. This is a twisted perversion of the whole purpose of American Democracy.

And the unmitigated Republican voter-fraud continues.

None of this voter-fraud could be perpetrated by Republicans if the way-out-of-date-by-at-least-100-years Electoral College system of voting was ended. Then, the one man/one vote system of democracy would be real in America when voting for its President. I know there is practically no chance of this ever happening, but a man can dream, can't he?

Or have Republicans gerrymandered the outcome of dreams, too?


I was going blog about the fascism of hypocritical Republicans blatantly trying to block the Constitutionally protected right to vote only when Democrats vote and not when Republicans vote (yet again), but Rachel explains it quite succinctly. And with 73% less swearing than I would have fucking done.

Iowa GOP less devoted to vote restriction policies for their own voting

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Republicans are right. There is voter fraud occurring in America. A man was convicted on 3 counts of voter fraud, 2 counts of perjury, and 1 count of  theft. Due to these 6 felonies, he faces 3 - 18 years in prison. Just who is this dirtbag, you ask? Indiana Secretary of State, Charlie White. Republican.


Wisconsin State Assembly Rule 76 states, "Only the members present in the assembly chamber may vote." On Tuesday, when a vote was called in the assembly, State Representative Joel Kleefisch, Republican, cast his electronic vote.

Then he got up and cast an electronic vote at the empty seat next to him. 

Then he reached over and cast a third electronic vote at the next empty seat. 

Then he sat back down in his own seat. That's when he happened to look up at the camera pointing down at him from the public gallery. Later, when a reporter asked him if he was breaking Assembly Rule 76, Kleefisch said, "It depends on how you interpret the rule. The rule says you have to be present in the chamber. The bathroom counts as the chamber. And the parlor counts as a chamber if you are going to eat.” Oh, the kicker? He is a strong supporter of the Voter ID law and has voted for it three separate times. I guess he just really likes voting for things three times. Yet ANOTHER hypocritical Republican being the one actually committing the fraudulent voting.

Don't believe me? Think I'm lying? Check out his expression when he sees the camera. 


Proof Of Voter Fraud In The Wisconsin State Assembly
In the video you can also see other members walking around casting votes for absent representatives.



Republican Thomas Tolbert, of New Mexico, managed to get his dog, Buddy, registered to vote - in order to prove voter fraud is happening. Then he went on TV to talk about it. His wife is Heather Wade, a staff member on the New Mexico Senate Campaign of Republican Heather Wilson. Heather Wilson, as a NM Congresswoman six years ago pushed the Bush administration to fire local U.S. Attorney David Iglesias for not prosecuting voter fraud.

Republican Thomas Tolbert faces up to 5 years in jail and a $10,000 fine for committing voter fraud.


I was going to write yet another rant about Republican politicians being the only entities actually perpetrating voter fraud, but Rachel saves me the keystrokes. And possibly a stroke.

Florida governor pushes voter purge ahead of 2012 election 
- The Rachel Maddow Show (May 29th, 2012)

Plus this Miami Herald article:

NPA: National PACE* Association

*PACE: Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

Somehow, white Republicans aren't showing up in this voter purge. I wonder if that's a coincidence.

Good day.

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