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Gun Regulations Kill

Alright. One last gun control battle. I’m going to dump this shit on a Friday because I want to end this fucking stupidity before the weekend before Christmas. Read it or don’t. I’m getting sick of these paranoid delusional assholes that need to carry their balls in a holster. But I have to say, this guy is the most paranoid delusional guntard of them all.

Oh, and just in time for this post, another mass murder JUST RIGHT THE FUCK NOW FUCKING HAPPENED. Four killed plus three Pa State Troopers injured. That’s like the fourth this month.

Oh, and fuck Wayne LaPierre. He’s personally responsible.


For all those who think we are safer with the current gun laws. I'm not sure what years this if from, but in 2012 the number for the US is already over 12K.

"West Germany" dates it, i'd say

Why did they leave out mexico? Over 86 thousand murders in Mexico over the last 6 years mostly from guns. Due to student uprisings in the 1960's mexico passed extremely strict gun laws. It is prohibited to purchase guns in mexico. You may own one but can not bear it or carry in public. Having any type of assault rifle in mexico carries lengthy prison sentences. The result, only cops, military, and drug cartel gangs carry guns and terrorize a citizen base that is unarmed.

BTW, all those countries are 3000 miles or more across the ocean expect Canada. Mexico is a couple hundred miles from LA. We are going to take away gun rights in America so the drug cartels can come across the border and do in the USA what they are doing in Mexico right now ? [We’re going to get to know Oscar well today. Far more than we would like to.]

I shall cherish my 2nd Amendment right handed down by the great forefathers of this country until the the day they pry the last gun that I own from my cold dead hands. I would suggest that all others with agendas to eliminate these rights feel free to relocate to any of the better places listed above and live happily ever after. [Klink won’t be participating any further today. We’ve had a previous run-in (that I haven’t posted yet) and I guess he just wasn’t in the mood this go ’round.]

Bill Mancuso
@Hal: Yes, that poster is from 1981. Here are the virtually identical statistics from this year – 


@Oscar: You skip the dozens and dozens of other country's statistics that don't support your argument, but pick the one single one that does. And it's the one with a caveat: a drug war. Even including Mexico, factual statistics showing that gun control laws reduce homicide, suicide & accidental death rates still trump your manipulated argument. And you believe arming their citizens will enable them to take on the cartels. Good one. Take away gun rights so the drug cartels can come here: fear-monger much? You must be a FOX "News" watcher. [Like I said, we’ll get to know Oscar well.]

@Klink: What other 18th century forefathers' beliefs do you maintain that have not been updated to reflect the 21st century? You're probably for slavery, too, right? Black people are only 3/5ths of a person? Anything else you want to misrepresent to support your own personal agenda? Oh, wait, we can't have slaves anymore and blacks are now considered 5/5ths of a person. Why is that? Probably because the Constitution is a living document and not a Bible. It can be changed to reflect modernity - as evidenced by the 27 times it was already changed. You may have heard of them, they're called Amendments - our right to bear arms being the second one. What about the part that says they need to be "well regulated?" Gun people seem to always ignore that part. And the argument that people want to eliminate the right to bear arms is ignorant. No one wants to take your guns. If you have to lie to make your point, then you have no point. I do give you credit, though: at least you told other people to leave America if they don't like your outdated beliefs. You didn't instead want to secede from the union like after Obama was re-elected and all those other people who hate America petitioned the White House to do so. Misguided or not, at least you love this country.

Gun 'control' does not mean gun 'confiscate.' Stop being paranoid.

Bill, Your way of thinking is very very disturbing. What should we do? Create a whole new prison system to destroy the life"s of those violating gun laws? We are finally moving forward with the ridiculous prosecution of marijuana offenses and now people like you want to pass new gun laws and lock up thousands of non violent offenders because they are carrying a handgun [Klink did “like” this reply. It’s the most amount of balls he could muster up this time. I guess he wasn’t wearing his gun.]

Bill Mancuso
My way of thinking is disturbing to people not in touch with reality.

Your way of thinking results in more unnecessary deaths. But that's only going by facts. Or, reality.

Letting people smoke pot has nothing to do with anyone being able to get guns with absolutely no background checks or checking their mental stability or safety storage laws. Unless someone has gone on a murder spree with a righteous bud that I haven't heard about, then you are making a false argument.

The notion that I want to lock up people for carrying handguns is false. You are trying to obfuscate. If people are legally allowed to carry a handgun, so be it. People like you insist that the argument is to take away all guns. That is false. No one for gun control says that. Like I said, if you have to lie to make your point, then you have no point. Currently, there are no laws preventing anyone from obtaining a gun. There are over 5,000 gun shows a year in America and no background check is required to purchase a gun at approximately 90% of them.

Background checks do not take away your guns.
Trigger locks do not take away your guns.
Safe storage does not take away your guns.
Reduced magazine capacity does not take away your guns.
Mental health checks do not take away your guns. (unless they need to)
Full auto weapons bans do not take away your right to own 1,000's of other guns. Nor do they prevent you from hunting, which is another pro-gun argument.

Then there are the people who believe they need every gun available in order to stop a tyrannical government. That ludicrously stupid notion is enough to bar one from gun ownership on the grounds of mental instability.

75% of NRA members are for background checks. Why is the leadership against its members?

[Pay close attention to how he ignores everything I said and sticks to inaccurate right-wing talking points that nobody ever actually says but the right-wing claims people say…]

Bill, You want more regulations on guns, right? How will that be enforced? What are the consequences. How many children will have to grow up without families because people like you put their mothers and father behind bars. Drug Laws have done nothing in this country, just created more violence and more broken homes. Strictly enforced gun laws will only do the same. Will not stop the bad guys from getting them and using them. You want schools to start locking up social misfits or those without friends because they are labeled, at risk. Any person that doesn't fit America's ideal standard is sent to an institution. The easiest way to solve this issue is to learn how to defend yourself and stop begging the govt to do what you won't

[He posted this statement next, but deleted it. I got it from my email notification. "Anyone who uses a picture of santa claus and not of themselves is not in touch with reality !" Of course, like most everyone on Facebook, I have several avatars. I’m currently using this one for the holiday season:

I wonder why he deleted his proclamation? Did he realize people use many avatars? Did it seem like the statement made it seem like he was against Christmas? Did he realize a Facebook avatar is not that good of a barometer for judging reality? Did he realize it just sounded silly in general? The answer is unequivocally “No.” Later, we’ll find out why I am so sure.]

Bill Mancuso
How will new gun laws be enforced? The same way old gun laws are enforced. The same way all laws are enforced. Why is crazy-talk always a response to a logical suggestion?

Children without families and mothers & fathers behind bars? What extreme nonsense are you talking about? Remember when I mentioned being in touch with reality? Mandatory trigger locks does not equal the Liberal Gestapo kicking in your door and taking your parents away. Jesus fucking Christ.

Stop comparing things that are not comparable. Smoking weed is not the same as shooting guns. Imagine if all mass murderers smoked weed instead. What a wonderful world this would be.

What a wonderful world - LOUIS ARMSTRONG.

Locking up kids at schools? Institutionalizing those not fitting America's ideal standard? What the fuck are you talking about? Seriously, dude. What a crappy, paranoia-filled world you live in.

Nobody is saying you can't defend yourself. Who, when and where did ANYONE ever say that. Again, if you have to lie to make your point, then you have no point.

Why do right-wing extremists always go to "Stop begging the government to bla bla bla?" No one does that. Ever. Lying equals no point.

But keep on ignoring facts and making up your own. It's the only way you can be correct among those within your bubble.

I repeat this for you to ignore it again:
Background checks do not take away your guns.
Trigger locks do not take away your guns.
Safe storage does not take away your guns.
Reduced magazine capacity does not take away your guns.
Mental health checks do not take away your guns. (unless they need to)
Full auto weapons bans do not take away your right to own 1,000's of other guns. Nor do they prevent you from hunting, which is another pro-gun argument.

None of these measures prevent you from protecting yourself. None of them take away your Constitutional right to own a gun. None of them equals begging the government to do something I won't. Your argument that families will go to prison and children will be locked up because of any of these practical suggestions is not only inaccurate, but certifiably insane.

And since you somehow have the notion in your paranoid, deluded mind that I won't defend myself and instead beg the government to do it - I fucking dare you to break into my house. See what goes down.

what is so wrong with having to register a gun. with having to have a license. we have a license for cars, which are intended to make our lives easier, more efficient, and useful. why can't we have licenses for a device that's sole purpose it so shoot a projectile at high velocity with the intention of doing damage? doesn't that make sense? there are so many law abiding citizens who already drive cars and register their cars and expect the rest of society to do so in order to have a safer roads. why shouldn't the same be considered for a device that is nothing but dangerous? it's sole purpose is dangerous. how does this not make sense? seriously. if you are lawful and respectful, you’re the kind of person I want having a gun, for exactly the reasons you suggest, because when shit goes down, people like you could do something about it. but to think that there are people who should NOT have access to a gun and do, and you are defending their right to have one is so, as Bill put it, insane! it is beyond my comprehension. how can you be so selfish? people like me on the other end of that barrel have rights too, and I demand that me and my family not be subject to irresponsible or unstable people having guns. period. i should not be expected to have to carry a gun in this country in order for my family to be safe. this isn't the "wild west". those days our forefathers intended to defend with the second amendment are over. hell, even during those days, there were laws that banned guns in city limits. gun control isn’t something new. it's time to modernize folks because I am not moving anywhere. this is my country too. [Right on, brother!]

Bill Mancuso
But if we have laws regulating cars, they'll throw our parents in jail and ruin families and chain kids up because they don't conform to American ideals!

We just had a horrendous school shooting. How should we prevent that from happening again? Neither one of you have offered a solution. Only liberal nonsense about how current gun laws are not strict enough. The shooter took the guns from his mother which were bought legally and registered. He tried to purchase guns himself and was denied. The only way to have prevented this was to have a gun as defense. One gun in that school would have saved life"s. These psychopaths don't walk into police stations shooting, they choose schools because no one has weapons to defend themselves

Each state has vastly different gun regulations. That applies to gun shows as well. States with the strictest gun laws do not have the least amount of shootings. Look at Chicago and the state of Illinois. There are already millions of semi automatic handguns and weapons owned by citizens in this country. You can either confiscate them all and have severe criminal penalties for not turning them in or you can learn to use one to defend yourself and your family. Make sure the school your children go to has armed officials on duty. We had a horrendous attack on 9/11 using an airplane. We didn't outlaw airplanes and traveling, we increased security and now have air marshals. It sucks to travel now but that is the price we pay to be safe. [True. It more difficult to go through airport security than buy a gun.]

@Bill, why do you have to start dropping f bombs and use a santa claus action figure [Hey, he finally made his wish come true – to critique my Facebook avatar. Not the first time one of my brainiac opponents chose this utterly genius route.] as your profile pic, pretty creepy. It looks like the Grinch disguised as Santa. Maybe what your trying to say is that you personally shouldn't be allowed to have a gun and should speak with someone about your anger.

Bill Mancuso
It's nice to see you're ignoring all the simple examples I've given (twice) that neither take away your guns nor prevent you from protecting your family just so you can keep proffering nonsense that isn't happening. But ignoring the suggested common sense prevention possibilities does not equate to not suggesting any at all.

The shooter took the guns from his mother, ay? Perhaps if she had to store them in a safe or had to have trigger locks on them, he could not have taken or used them. The suggested solution ideas you are ignoring just may have prevented this mass murder.

Ah, the old, "He didn't hold up a police station or gun store" defense. Those are extreme examples that don't prove anything. I suppose if every person and place had a sign informing the status of gun presence, that example would make sense. But they don't, so the example doesn't. You keep picking the small amount of extreme, abnormal situations to prove your point while ignoring the countless other situations that make up the entire statistic that proves your wishes wrong. But that's what they are - extreme and not normal. And the psychopath did not choose the school because there are no guns. He chose the school for specific targets.

"The only way to have prevented this was to have a gun as defense." False. Having a gun as defense does not prevent shootings. That method actually requires the killer to start his massacre first, then cowboy Bob can join in the shooting.

"Yeeehhaaa! Look at me acting out my Bruce Willis action fantasy! And no stray bullets are killing any kids because even though highly trained police officers have an average 15% accuracy rate in a live firefight, I ALWAYS hit my target! BANG-BANG-BANG! Three in the center mass! YEEEEEHHHAAAAAA!!!!"

What actually could have potentially prevented this massacre are some of the solutions you're ignoring. Trigger locks, safe storage. If either of those had occurred, maybe no mass murders this time.

5,000 gun shows per year in America. Most have absolutely NO background checks. You may ignore that fact if you wish, but it doesn't make it not true.

Statistically, states (and countries) with stricter gun control laws do indeed have less gun violence and deaths. You picking the one out of dozens that supports your fantasy is not accurate. I've already pointed this out with your cherry-picked Mexican cartel statistic.

No one wants to confiscate your guns. No one wants to prevent you from protecting your family. How many times do I have to repeat this fact? Please, for the love of Nutella, stop repeating what is not true.

Armed officials at schools? Yes, Americans would totally go for a kind of militarized fascist state. It is our goal, especially the right-wingers.

Most of the airport security is pointless and does nothing but make it seem like there is a system in place to protect us. If a terrorist was caught with a bomb in the security public strip search line, it would already be too late. But I see you fell for the facade of security.

Me dropping fuck bombs - sorry, f bombs, does not make what I say any less accurate. You not dropping any f bombs does not make what you say any less delusional or paranoid or inaccurate.

Really. A LEGO Santa is creepy to you. That's on you, mister, not me. You are the first person to be creeped by a LEGO toy. Or do you just have something against Christmas? And are you really picking on a Facebook avatar as some sort of critique? File under 'desperate.'

I don't recall saying I don't have a gun.

And please don't mistake my frustration with your anti-factual extreme paranoid delusional fantasies as anger.

Out of curiosity, if you don't wish to ignore them for a third time, could you please explain just how any of these suggestions take away your guns or ruin families or throw parents in jail or prevent you from protecting your family? It's all I ask. Thank you in advance.

Background checks
Trigger locks
Guns stored in safes
10-round magazines
Mental health care
Full-auto weapons bans

Maybe you can start the trigger lock and safe gun storage patrol squad. That is a realistic approach. Maybe make a law too where if your guns are not stored with trigger locks and in safe's than it is a mandatory year in prison. Do you really think that background checks prevents people with criminals backgrounds from obtaining guns? The reason the school shootings continue is because liberal ideology has proven to be 100% ineffective. [These whackos don’t seem to realize THEIR stance is the liberal one concerning guns. Gun control is conservative. It is a conservative value. But hey, who ever accused the right-wing of being logical? Or rational? Certainly ’twasn’t I.] The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with one. Current gun laws are more than adequate [Cuz they prevent all the mass murders that aren’t stopped by the 100% ineffective liberal laws? Jumpin' jehoshaphats!] and the liberals need to stop bitching about further gun control and start living with the realization that our children need protection not more laws, taxes, and sustainable algae farms. [Ooh, algae farms. Clever. No, seriously. I'm surprised he spelled it correctly.]

Bill Mancuso
I see you're only interested in jumping directly to nonsensical extreme delusions. You do it every time. Good luck in that extremist paranoid world devoid of facts that you live in, sir.

[I just couldn’t continue a discussion with this farce of a person, so I tried to get out. Mental health laws would definitely exclude this whack-job from legally owning a gun.]

Proof that Concealed Carry Permit holders live in a dream world - Part One

Proof that Concealed Carry Permit holders live in a dream world - Part Two

If one person in that school was carrying a concealed weapon life"s would have been saved. I don't know why you see that as nonsensical extreme delusions. Simple reality. An armed adult would have stopped the shooter if not prevented it all together

I assume you also think we didn't need more guns and security at our embassy in Benghazi [Remember when I said he must be a FOX “News” watcher? Only one of them would bring up the Benghazi non-conspiracy.]

[I knew he wouldn’t watch the videos. They never do. They only read the title and decide it’s against their opinion, so they refuse to view it.]

[And it’s ‘LIVES,’ not ‘life”s’, goddammit. Aside from incorrect spelling, where would anybody even learn to use quotation marks for an apostrophe? It’s not a mistake, he’s done it several times throughout – I’m sure you’ve noticed. I don’t usually point out spelling mistakes, I even sometimes correct them, but this one was irritating me.]

Bill Mancuso
Yes. You're right. That's exactly what I'm saying. They shouldn't be armed at embassies. [You get that that was sarcasm, right?] Nice to see you either didn't watch the videos or don't care about facts that prove you wrong.

Again: your extreme, deluded, baseless and nonsensically uninformed opinions prevent any possibility of a rational, adult conversation.

Good day, sir.

No guns or weapons to protect US diplomats in war stricken countries. Ok, that makes sense.

The reason for having weapons is so you never have to use them. We don't eliminate all of our nuclear weapons because their sole purpose are to kill. The fact that we have them protects us from nations that want to do us harm. There is no sense in arguing with someone who thinks they are santa claus

Bill Mancuso
You apparently have no sarcasm detector, either.

And yes, guns and nukes are exactly the same. How many citizens per week are going on mass nuking sprees, again?

And you've returned to the LEGO Santa picture criticizing. [Is this guy a fucking six-year-old? ‘You’re a poopy-headed Santa man!’] Because that picture is the measure which determines my mental acuity. As opposed to what I'm saying.

And I don't THINK I'm Santa Claus. I AM Santa Clause. [I almost added, “I see you when you're sleeping. And I know where you keep your guns. Your guns couldn't stop me anyway – because I'm MAGIC!” But I decided this nut was already paranoid enough. I don’t want to be the one who tips him over the edge.]

I said good day, sir!

[A few days later, someone else joined in and added this, which restarted the previously concluded conversation.]

Today's Washington Post, US ranked #1

Washington Post: Gun homicides and gun ownership by country

Did you miss this article ? We have the lowest homicide rate in the past 100 years. Washington Post: Homicide rates have dropped steadily in U.S.

[Washington Post originally titled the article, "Mass Killings Up, Homicide Rates Down"]

America has had a very violent history and thousands sacrificed their life's fighting for our freedom we enjoy today. If your not proud of that than maybe you should move to Europe or Mexico where they have very strict gun laws

Bill Mancuso
We have the lowest homicide rate in 100 years, which is still twice that of the next industrialized country's gun death rate. Congratulations, us. And did you miss the part about our mass murders skyrocketing?

America has always been violent, so we should try and keep that tradition going? What the fuck are you talking about? Oh, sorry about saying 'fuck.' I know you're sensitive.

What biased misinformation are you going to unleash upon us next?

Why don't you move out of the US bill. You obviously don't respect our history. Liberals like you are destroying this country. Your the guy that hides under a rock while others defend our country and rights

[That’s it.]

Bill Mancuso
What the fuck are you talking about, you deluded psychopath?

[Wanting some gun control measures means I don’t respect America and that I contribute to destroying it. And hide while others fight for me. This paste-eater is THE reason we need mental health checks for gun ownership.]

[It took him 10 minutes to come up with this priceless gem:]

When you stop thinking your Santa Claus and actually show a photo of yourself let me know

Bill Mancuso
Are you off your meds?

[15 minutes:]

Ha, I'm sure you are on a lot of them. Won't even show a picture of yourself. Just get angry and start dropping f bombs. Typical mentally unstable response

Bill Mancuso
ZING! Ya got me there, dincha? [I should have said, “I know you are, but what am I?”]

*****    *****    **    **    *****    *****

Hopefully, this is the LAST last post on gun control.

I’m sure there will be more in the future.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that the National Rifle Association has become a radical fringe group that is responsible for enabling the murders of thousands of innocent people in America per year. In the past, they were a sporting group that supported gun control measures in 1934 and in 1968. In the 1970’s, the leadership was taken over by a radical group that engaged in severe paranoia and fear-mongering tactics. They are now the second most powerful lobby after Oil, Gas & Coal. The NRA outspends gun control groups 25-1 on campaigns.

When its CEO and chief lobbyist – murderer, Wayne LaPierre says things like, “With four more years of Obama, your firearms freedoms are gone. And we’ll spend the rest of our lives mourning the freedoms we’ve lost… Every freedom we cherish as Americans is endangered by Obama. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” then it is obvious he is a paranoid, delusional, extremist living in a fear-mongered world that does not exist, but which is a danger to the real world. And as you can tell by this discussion I’ve just presented, by repeating over and over the dog-whistle words such as freedom and America, LaPierre has created a small group of paranoid, delusional extremists. I say small because even almost 75% of the membership of the NRA believes in rational gun control measures such as requiring background checks, closing the gun show loophole and an assault weapons ban (When the assault weapons ban was enacted in 1994, deaths caused by those guns dropped by almost 7%. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that policy was a failure. They are repeating the lie the NRA keeps spouting). But the leadership does not represent its constituents. It represents the gun manufacturing industry.

And that leadership is the true threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So go ahead, Wayne LaPierre and merry your band of paranoid delusionals, mourn your loss of firearms freedoms. I will mourn the loss of the innocent lives you are responsible for.

Wayne LaPierre is a murderer.

My right to live outweighs anyone’s right to kill me as easily as possible.

-- Wayne LaPierre held a press conference today (where no questions were allowed to be asked). He fear-mongered, proclaiming that there are an untold amount of monsters out there and we are all at risk. Then he blamed everything from movies to sports to hurricanes for being responsible for murder and insisted we need armed guards at schools. Fuck him.

*****    *****    **    **    *****    *****

Checking out the other side as I often do, I saw this comment about the Newtown school shooting:

Many comments were along this line, but this was the most coherently executed. I don’t know what to say to this lunacy other than he’s obviously a FOX “News” watcher. Most likely a follower of Breitbart and Drudge Report and Glenn Beck and World Nut Daily as well.

Notice the 9 people who agree with him.

Misinformation is poison.

Addicting Info: Fox News = Terrorists

*****    *****    **    **    *****    *****

*****    *****    **    **    *****    *****

*****    *****    **    **    *****    *****

In my post, “Have Gun Will Travel,” I was informed that “gun ownership is rising and crime rates are declining steadily…” (Just like I was in this post. It seems to be a guntard talking point.) I responded by saying I’d “like to see the correlative statistics showing guns are directly responsible for dropping the crime rates so I can come to an informed opinion.” Because even though those facts are true, one thing does not necessarily facilitate the other, yet they can exist simultaneously.

A few days later, I ran into this article titled “Gun Rhetoric vs. Gun Facts.” It’s a long, thorough article, covering many statistics. Here is a quote: “In fact, crime is down in states that have not passed concealed-carry laws. The impact of such legislation is debatable.”

So, more guns do not equal less crime. Crime is decreasing on its own without the help of gun ownership. However, that article also says that statistically speaking, “…areas with a higher prevalence of guns had higher prevalence of gun homicides.” And even though gun murders as a whole are going down, “the number of gun injuries, however, is on the rise.”

A major factor in gun homicide rates dropping over the past twenty years is because of “a trend criminologists chalked up to changes in the crack cocaine market.” So, gun ownership is not really a factor at all, but the violent cocaine business dropping off after the early 1990’s is.

Like I said, I like to have all the facts before I forming an opinion.

Plus, mass murders and school shootings are steadily on the rise.

The article ends with this quote, “The difference is that in this country violence involves firearms and firearms change the outcome.”

*****    *****    **    **    *****    *****

Within the American border lies 5% of the world’s population and 50% of the world’s guns.

*****    *****    **    **    *****    *****

To leave you on a happy note, watch this:

Saving Valentina

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