Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Have Gun Will Travel

This gun theme was supposed to end two posts ago (excluding the Happy Whateverthefuck interlude), but mass murderers don’t always abide my wishes. Neither do anti-gun-control advocates.

Here are a few short blabberings that were originally going into a post of other short blabberings. I have teased out the ones concerning guns and stuck them in here.


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Hey Bob Costas, you can have my Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms the day after you give up your right to free speech under the First Amendment. Douchefuck.

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Bill Mancuso 
Bob Costas never said he wanted to take away the Second Amendment. Quite the contrary, in fact. Bob Costas actually said, "I do not think the Second Amendment should be repealed and I do not think, under reasonable circumstances, that people should be prohibited from having guns. I think most reasonable people think we do not have sufficient controls on the availability of guns and ammunition."

It was FOX Sports columnist, Jason Whitlock who said, "We’ve come to accept our insanity. We’d prefer to avoid seriously reflecting upon the absurdity of the prevailing notion that the Second Amendment somehow enhances our liberty rather than threatens it. How many young people have to die senselessly? How many lives have to be ruined before we realize the right to bear arms doesn’t protect us from a government equipped with stealth bombers, predator drones, tanks and nuclear weapons?" 

I guess you get your misinformation from FOX "News." When will you realize they are lying to you? About everything. 

[Bob Costas never mentioned the words “Second Amendment” or “Gun Control” in his entire speech.]

[Several more people “Liked” this post even after I explained that it was completely wrong. I guess nobody cares about reality after the dog-whistle words “Second Amendment” are mentioned.]

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I’m getting fucking tired of pointing out that nobody wants to make guns illegal. Gun enthusiasts keep saying this because they have no real argument. You have to lie when you have no argument.

As to the attempted ironic humor about making drugs illegal:

Guns and drugs are not the same. No one ever went on a drug-addicting spree. 
Guns and cars are not the same. 
Guns and cancer are not the same. 
Guns and chainsaws are not the same. 
Guns and matches are not the same. 
Guns and airplanes are not the same. 
Guns and swimming pools are not the same. 

Comparing the ways people accidentally or naturally die (or ways they harm only themselves) to preventable intentional gun murders by other people will never be an equivalent argument. 

And it’s fucking spelled ‘heroin.'

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Person A
We need to ban cars. They kill thousands of people a year. Drunk drivers kill way more than 20 innocent kids a year. All cars that can go faster then 10 miles an hour should be banned. And dealerships should stop selling them. My name is Person A, and I approve this message.

Person B

Person A
Me too!!!

Person C

Bill Mancuso
Cars are vehicles made for transporting - guns are weapons made for killing. Cars are way the fuck more regulated than guns. People kill with cars accidentally - people kill with guns intentionally. This is a completely false equivalency.

Person D
Well, if EVERYONE had cars, then people would drive more safely because they'd never know when someone else with a car might ram them back. We should give all kids their own cars to protect them from all the other cars out there. [That was good. I wish I thought of it. I'll steal it for the next time someone makes the gun/car bullshit comparison.]

Person E
Maybe cars should be made out of rubber instead of steel? Or better yet maybe EVERY car needs to be started with a breathalyzer? [Breathalyzer idea isn't bad.]

Person F
Well if they made heroine [!] illegal then no one could have gotten my nephews hooked. [I didn't reply because of how much of a dick I would seem like even though it's true, but I would have said, "I'm sorry about your nephews, but drugs and guns are a false equivalency. Your nephews chose the drugs themselves. It's not someone else's fault for personal decisions. People can't choose not to have someone else's bullets go through their heads."]

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Bill Mancuso
Gun lovers: You're ignoring the fact that the killer's mother was armed & not only did her guns not protect her, they were used against her.

You're also forgetting the fact that most gun lovers that own guns would not EVER expect their own family member that lives with them to kill you. What mother would EVER be prepared for that???? Srsly. That's all ya got?

Bill Mancuso
Gun people argue that they need to be armed to protect themselves. I'm not saying that is never a possibility, because it certainly is. According to statistics, however, for every personal gun used in home defense, 11 are used in suicides, 7 in criminal assaults or homicides, 4 in accidental shootings or deaths. That ratio alone is 22:1 against gun ownership. There are more statistics and averages, but I'm good for now. This is just one of the many instances where the owner had their own gun used against them. And an additional 26 people were murdered. You say this instance doesn't count because of the circumstances. Well, then nothing ever counts ever for measuring anything if there is always an exclusionary situational circumstance as to why it doesn't count.

I'm not saying don't own a gun. I'm pretty much just saying lock the fuckers up and don't let anyone else have the key. Whether it's in a safe or just a trigger lock.

That's what I got. Twitter limited me to 140 characters. 

Suicide=mental health issue (and who gives a fuck....the act was against themselves. Guns are the easiest, quickest way to kill yourself. If in 5, 10, 30 years I ever decide to off myself, I sure as shit wouldn't slit my wrists or hang myself if I'm a gun owner. Criminals=use guns not legally obtained or owned. Accidental shootings or death=stupidity of a gun owner. I never said it doesn't count, but us "gun lovers" aren't ignoring the fact you stated either. As a victim of gun violence, and having a loaded gun held to my head, a gun btw, that was in my own home, still does not deter me from being a gun owner now. I actually feel more of a need for it.

Bill Mancuso
Right, like I said, statistics that prove you wrong don't count because of situational circumstances. And apparently because you don't care.

Like the fact that criminals absolutely do use legally obtained and owned guns - as in 44 of the 56 mass murders in the past 30 years. Not to mention the legally obtained but unregistered guns from the 5,000 no-background-check gun shows per year in the US. But, I'm sure no criminals get any guns from that massive loophole. That would be dishonest. Criminals have to get their guns illicitly.

According to the FBI, 23% of guns possessed by federal inmates were were legally purchased at gun stores, pawnshops, flea markets or gun shows. 35% were from a family member or friend. But 23% of guns personally owned legally by criminals doesn't count. Because... I don't know.

And the assaults and homicides used by intruders on the gun-owners with their own guns don't count I guess because you skipped that one.

And sure, don't try to prevent accidental deaths. Like that guy the other day who carefully strapped his child in the car seat then accidentally shot him in the chest and killed him while putting his gun in the center console. That doesn't count. He was stupid.

And it's not always the gun owner committing suicide. Mostly, it's their children getting their parents' gun. But so what? That doesn't count, either. Children don't always have to be our future. Most of them are stupid anyway.

And mentally unhealthy people shouldn't be prevented from owning guns. It's their Constitutional right. So it doesn't count if they commit suicide.

The killer's mother felt a strong need for her guns, too.

I'm not trying to deter you from owning a gun. See my most previous post above. [What? Ignoring what I said just to make a point - which isn't a point at all because it's the opposite of what I said? That never happens.]

Wait. What point of mine are you proving wrong? FBI among other agencies also report that gun ownership is rising and crime rates are declining steadily over the past few years. And the other 79% of inmates aquired their guns illegally or from a friend/family member. And stop putting words in my mouth. I never said any of this doesn't count. You can make you points without twisting my words. ya, Mancuso!

Bill Mancuso
So, when you say: gun lovers don't expect their family members to kill them, you don't give a fuck about suicide, criminals just use illegal guns, accidental deaths are because of stupid owners - that means you're agreeing with me? You're saying that what I'm saying does count? Okay. I seem to misunderstand people an awful lot. [It's true. I often misunderstand that when people are denying facts, they are really accepting the facts. That they deny.]

I'm just saying 23% of firearms were obtained legally, which means we should probably have stricter laws that don't simply allow anyone, including previously convicted criminals to buy them. The gun show loophole would probably be a good place to start.

So, there's an increase in gun ownership and a decrease in crime. That is interesting. Is there some correlation between the two? I mean, can you show me any statistics that indicate an armed person thwarted a crime, which directly resulted in dropping the crime rate? Not to put words in your mouth, but are you suggesting criminals can smell when someone has a gun and decide not to rob them? Because that's pretty much the only way more guns can equal less crime without aggravated assault rates or attempted robbery rates or breaking and entering rates or attempted rape rates also increasing. No actual crimes, but 'attempted' rates would still be there.

Unless one thing is not the result of the other, yet exist simultaneously.

For example, state level analysis found gun deaths to be significantly lower in states with stricter gun control laws like banning assault weapons, requiring trigger locks, and mandating safe storage requirements for guns. This trend also happens to hold for countries that have stricter gun laws.

Look how little gun deaths there are in America now that gun ownership is up. Something to be proud of, America. Yay for us.
I could be wrong, though. And I'm not saying you're wrong. I'd just like to see the correlative statistics showing guns are directly responsible for dropping the crime rates so I can come to an informed opinion. I don't want to jump to a conclusion before knowing all the facts just because it seems to back my position.

But if it's true that more guns directly results in less crime, then everyone in America would need to own about 27 guns and carry them on their person all the time and wear a hat advertising the presence of their guns before we see crime rates drop significantly enough to equal the low gun crime rates of other developed nations with their stricter gun control laws.

But that doesn't make any sense.

Or does it?

Love ya, too, Mary! Some people cry, de-friend and block me on Facebook for disagreeing with them. I call them pussies. You got balls!

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I have stopped bothering to comment on all the stupid “everybody needs all guns all the time” posts. This is what I was going to say here…

I had no idea you were so integral to the function of our society and its role on the world stage. What makes you as high profile a target as the President of the United States of America that you need to be protected by a secret police force?

Are there well-known hate groups with hundreds of thousands of members that want you and your family dead, too?

He's also in control of aircraft carriers and nukes. Do you deserve those, too because you're so special. Are you tasked with protecting a nation as well?

Are you also as highly qualified as the constantly training members of the Secret Service to use that weapon? Are you also a member of a well regulated militia, or are you just a selfish guy who wants a gun? What are you doing for the security of our free state? Which enemies are you protecting America from?

Or are you just saying you want a Secret Service detail guarding you and your family 24/7 as well?

Any other completely unrealistic comparisons you want to make?

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 Trying not to end on an angry note,
I leave you with some happy thoughts.

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