Monday, December 3, 2012

Leonard Zelig

Shit. Here’s another one about Mitt Romney I was working on that became irrelevant after the election. It’s still accurate, just irrelevant since Romney himself has become irrelevant to American politics, other than as a comically pathetic footnote.

This one’s a rant, though, not a collection of articles. And fairly short. I’m sure it would have been longer had he been able to buy the election as Karl Rove and Sheldon Adelson hoped.

I’m pretty sure this is the last of the pre-election related material.


Mitt Romney was born into money. He is a wealthy, privileged individual. His Ivy League school was paid for. His business connections were made for him. His future was set even before he was born.

He wants to deport Mexicans. Does he hate Mexicans? No. He tells black people they need to get off welfare. Does he hate black people? No. He calls poor people ‘lazy moochers.’ Does he hate poor people? No. He wants women to have no decision in their own health care. Does he hate women? No. He wants to end Medicare. Does he hate the elderly? No.

If he doesn’t hate any of these people, then why does he only want to take things from them and never help them?

It’s not that easy. You can’t judge Mitt Romney the way you would judge yourself in a similar situation. The reason?


Mitt Romney is devoid of empathy. Among other things, empathy is what is needed in order to make a call regarding someone else’s life. You need to be able to put yourself in their shoes. And Mitt Romney has never wanted for anything in his bought-and-paid-for life. Everything has just been handed to him on a golden platter, just for the asking of it. It is the same with most people born into wealth the way Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan were.

Lacking empathy and the understanding of real everyday struggles of the common man, Romney and his kind only see social programs as something lazy people use to get out of working. They were never a single mom working two jobs, so they don’t understand the WIC program. They don’t know any elderly people whose pensions may not cover the current inflated cost of living, so they don’t understand Social Security. They don’t understand elderly people whose pensions may not cover the massively inflated cost of medicine, so they don’t understand Medicare. Or the need to supplement heating costs in the winter. Or reducing the price of college, thinking that you can just borrow upward of $50,000 from your parents. Or just borrow a measly $50,000 from your parents to start a business.

They only understand that funding these programs means funneling less money to the wealthy. Making money is all they understand.

Supply Side Economics.
Trickle-Down Economics.
Voo-Doo Economics.

Whatever you call it, these people born into wealth will do anything to keep their unearned money. Somehow, we’re to believe giving more money to the wealthy is supposed to help the poor – like George H.W. Bush said – as if by some sort of Voo-Doo. Magic.

Well, we’ve had over 30 years of being trickled upon by the wealthy, and where has it gotten us as a nation?

Here. It’s gotten us here:

Fuck Mitt Romney and fuck his whole family. They are the most worthless multi-millionaires I’ve ever seen.

Good day.

1983. Written & directed by Woody Allen.
Fictional documentary about the life of  "human chameleon" Leonard Zelig (Woody Allen) as he soars to celebrity in the 1920s with his unexplained ability to transform himself into anyone he meets. Zelig finds himself in the unlikeliest of places -- from the intensity of the Yankees dugout to the frenzy of a Nazi rally.

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