Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facebook Case Files II

Just some more of my adventures through the land of uninformed opinions. I have changed the names so as not to sully otherwise distinguished reputations. Well, except for my name. It can’t be sullied much further.

I did not edit out any comments. When the threads abruptly end after I post my comment, that’s because no one replied.

Go figure.


After President Obama was re-elected:

AMERICA you've gained some respect around the world.


[OK. That was an article on right-wing extremist psycho nut-job, Alex Jones's website. It's hilarious. The article paraphrases - completely changes, I should say - an article from Bloomberg News. There's a link to the Bloomberg article at the end that says 'Full article here.' Here is the original Bloomberg article. Check out the slight title alteration...

I wish I clicked on it when we originally had this dialogue. Oh, the fun I would have had with these nimrods.]

Don't bring facts into it Lew...they ignore them anyway.

Bill Mancuso
This was going to happen no matter who won. The dollar slightly went down as a result of the fear that Republicans would pull another dick move against the President regarding the upcoming fiscal cliff and bring on further needless economic harm like it did last time. Though investors said it's better that Obama won since he brings stability and the dollar will gain again. However, they also said it would have been worse in the long term under a Romney presidency since he brings uncertainty to the table because he's nothing but a wind sock in extremist winds.

...If anyone was not looking to ignore the context in which that fact was presented.

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As for this encounter, I had immediately launched into sarcastic wise-assery on this guy due to a previous discussion with him a few days prior…

For all those undecideds, here is another piece of information Romney has distorted.

Rick Ungar Contributor, writing from the left on politics and policy. LOL, I'm sure that's a credible unbiased source. National Debt at time Obama took office $10.626 Trillion -- Today $16.215 Trillion. Do the math undecideds! Doesn't seem like a miser to me!

Bill Mancuso
^ NANANANANANANA! I'm not listening! I'm not listening!

The fact is, Obama's policies only added $1.44T to the debt. The tax cuts, unpaid-for wars and other policies enacted by Bush account for over $5T of that increase. Were one to care of such facts and all.

If only I had some non-partisan evidence to show y- oh, wait. What's this...

Blind politics from the left. I guess the economy is just peachy after all according to the gospel. Better run to the polls.

Bill Mancuso
Nobody said the economy is peachy. But I guess you must invent things to misrepresent the facts of the other argument since you have no facts that back your version.

As for 'doing the math,' the non-partisan CBPP did do the math and they came up $1.5T Obama vs $5T Bush.

But if partisan politics holds up, you'll accuse the CBPP of being 'liberal controlled' since they don't agree with your fantasy.

Klink, I'm with Bill. You haven't supported one of your arguments with sourced factual information, yet, you always entertain when you chime in :)

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I just hate millionaires who create jobs in China, and none here.

Bill Mancuso
Millionaires don't create jobs. Jobs create millionaires.

But the GOP says that millionaires create jobs and 47% of us are all a bunch of lazy mooches.

What came first, the chicken or the egg!? We'll never know which one did, however, you can't argue that we can't have chicken eggs without the chicken or vice versa.

Bill Mancuso
You aren't magically a millionaire then start hiring people. You get loans from the government to start your small business (or simply borrow $100,000 from your parents like Romney suggested because he lives in the same reality as 98% of the rest of the country). You get customers. When you get enough customers (demand), you hire more employees (to make more supplies). You get even more customers (who demand your supplies). You hire even more employees. It's all based on the middle class being paid enough wages to have disposable income so they can patronize small businesses so they can become big businesses. Henry Ford knew this. Most CEO's today have forgotten Ford's proven example. Tax cuts for the wealthy do not now, nor have they ever created jobs. Two Bush tax cuts resulting in the loss of 800,000 jobs/month and the 2nd largest American recession by the time Bush left office proves that. However, it has proven to increase income inequality; America now falls toward the bottom of the list, near third-world conflict regions like Rwanda and Uganda.

Those facts aside, that “Amusing Irony” picture pretends the last version of millionaire on the list is separate from the first 5 versions. Industries are created around every one of those professions and none of them are hated (well, except the government ones). And they all exist because of patronage. They all should just not be taxed less than me. There is no irony in that.

Which came first? The patrons came first. They made the millionaires. In return, the government raised the patrons' taxes and lowered the millionaires' taxes. Then the millionaires sent the jobs overseas.

[Yes, the order is actually closer to: parents paid a living wage and able to afford food, clothing & housing, a well-maintained national infrastructure, a good primary education, affordable health care, an after school job that pays a living wage, affordable college loans, business loans, small business, patrons then millionaires. But this example was between millionaires and patrons.]

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As with other postings, sometimes I do not wish to confront certain people. That’s why I did not post this response on Facebook.

I saved it just for you.

Two things about this dumb fucking Teabagger post:
1. I’m pretty sure it was the natives who provided the food.
2. No matter who handed out the free food, that’s socialism. Just like food stamps.

Not counting the racist, homophobic overtones.

Oh, and I’m also pretty sure Budweiser and Miller Genuine Draft weren’t served at the first Thanksgiving to wash down their slices of pizza.

Then, there’s the happy-fun-times of centuries-long systematic slaughtering of the Natives. But never mind.

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Like I’ve said before, sometimes I don’t post my comments.

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I didn’t comment on this one because it was posted by one of those Facebook acquaintances you meet along the way and don’t really have any contact with. I don’t unfriend him because he posts fodder like this for my amusement. And blog material…

It should actually say…

"Filmmaker makes a crappy, obscure internet movie and was jailed in connection with four probation violations arising from a 2010 fraud conviction. The charges have nothing to do with the film.

South Korean K-Pop star, Psy, sings a song by the South Korean metal band N.E.X.T. at a 2004 South Korean protest concert as anti-American sentiment grew in the country after the brutal killing of a South Korean hostage by Iraqi insurgents in June that year and also because in 2002, two South Korean schoolgirls were struck and killed by a U.S. military vehicle and because of the American military’s newfound love for the use of torture on captives, which is against so many international laws, including American laws that one can’t count them, apologized and would still like to perform at the National Building Museum, one mile away from the White House, for a charitable event benefiting the Children’s National Medical Center that he was previously invited to before the 2004 song was resurfaced by the right-wing media in their usual effort to be hateful dicks.

South Korea’s (as well as much of the world’s) 2004 anti-American sentiments are understandable. Far more than America’s 2001 sentiments against the “Axis of Evil:” Iran, Iraq & North Korea, for what 19 religious fundamentalist terrorists unaffiliated with any particular country did. Let’s break it down: 19 terrorists originating in Saudi Arabia attack America. America invades Afghanistan. Then lies its way into another war with completely uninvolved Iraq (I say ‘lies’ because Bush & Co. knew for a fact Iraq had no WMD and no involvement). Then threatens Cuba, Libya, Syria, Belarus, Burma, Myanmar and Zimbabwe – all under the new titles “Beyond the Axis of Evil” by John Bolton and “Outposts of Tyranny” by Condoleezza Rice. And people try to tell me the Republican Party isn’t a war mongering/profiteering organization. Resulting in over 100,000 innocent civilians and 4,000 American soldiers dead.

But Psy is the dick for singing a song.”

Republicans have a knack for boiling situations down to the point of being nothing more than useless misinformation.

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It’s true. Lately, I try to be a little brief in my fact-giving until I’m engaged in conversation. This is what I had in store…

“Or what the problem is by intentionally not including ALL of the gun deaths? Or the fact that hammers are manufactured for hammering and fall into a category that every other non-weapon in the world falls into: not created for the specific purpose of killing? Or that if people could only get their hands on knives, there would be an insane amount of less-murdered people in the country? Or by ignoring the fact that drunk driving and malpractice is accidental and gun murders are on purpose? Or the fact that that drinking, driving and medicine are a fuck-ton more regulated than guns?

Jesus fucking Christ.”

A few days later, I came across this…

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And I just thought this was cool. My tweets are linked to Facebook. After I twoted my twit, I went over to Facebook and saw this post under my twat

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