Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Explosive Hypocrisy

Due to small government (for corporations), a deregulated corporate sector and austerity measures, an uninspected fertilizer plant in West, Texas exploded in a blast that could be felt 50 miles away and registered as a 2.1-magnitude earthquake. Killing so far 14, injuring approximately 200, with 60 still unaccounted for, it is being called 'the worst American industrial accident in decades."

For this disaster due to a private corporation’s greed and neglect, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn and Representative Bill Flores, Republicans all, asked for federal aid.

Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn and Bill Flores all opposed “wasteful” federal spending on aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Apparently, talk of secession and anti-federal spending and general hatred of the federal government works only when you don’t personally need help from it. But then, I expect no less than this shining example of hypocrisy from entitled, “Fuck you, I got mine,” Republicans.  

Republicans: complaining that poor people feel entitled to handouts from a system they paid into when they need it just creates a lazy, moocher-class -- then feeling entitled to a handout from a system they didn’t pay into: Priceless.

I could give a multitude of examples of this right-wing, self-centered, double-standard mentality, but I’ll just stick to this one topic right now and save you all some reading.

Hey, Perry, you built this. Just like you built the 2011 wildfires after cutting the budget for the Texas Forest Service (cuz corporations need their tax breaks and the state needs money from somewhere), then asking President Obama for federal aid. Now, again, you want others to fix what you fucked up? I’m sure they will (like they did with the wildfires), since it’s the humane thing to do.

Nevertheless, eat shit, asshole. Talk about “entitlement mentality.” 

The factory had 1,350 times the amount of ammonium nitrate that would trigger inspection by the Department of Homeland Security. The factory did not inform DHS of this. Fourteen people are dead and millions of dollars in destruction occurred. Will anyone from this factory be held responsible? History of capitalism says, "no."

Ammonium nitrate is used in bomb-making, which is why factories and depots must report to the Department of Homeland Security when they have over 400 POUNDS of it in stock. This factory had 270 fucking TONS.

Yay, deregulation. Capitalism is more important than safety. Or laws.

Read this article:

Terrorism in Boston killed 3 people and Republicans are cumming in their thongs over suspending Constitutional rights and getting rid of all immigrants - you know, their usual style of manipulating every unrelated event to push their fascist agenda, all the while pretending to give a fuck about the Constitution. Corporate greed killed 14, most likely more (60 missing) and fuck it, that’s just capitalism? How many people have to be killed by greedy corporate deregulation before we do anything about it? Probably as many as are killed by guns. Oh, wait, that falls into the corporate greed category, too. Must be protected. Corporate profits are more important than life.

Here is some background on the ‘oft-violating regulations’ fertilizer plant:

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