Monday, April 22, 2013

Government Tyranny

Just a few words for you mentally unstable gundamentalist twatwaffles who believe the Second Amendment is about protecting your addle-brained asses from a tyrannical government:

Two completely unknown people with ties to nothing bombed the Boston Marathon.

The government instituted Martial Law and shut down a large portion of Boston.

A no-fly zone was instituted.

People were told to remain in their houses – and did.

The area was inundated with government troops of all branches of law enforcement.

Massive amounts of tracking technology was brought in.

The bombers were identified.

One bomber was killed. One fled and was captured alive.

In five days.

How many guns would you need to protect yourself from the government if it did become “tyrannical?”

By the way:

Bubba hoarding a collection of guns in his basement is not a “well regulated militia.” You know, the very first part of the Second Amendment that you ignore.

What did you say? That’s not the only part you ignore? Oh, you also ignore the very next part where it says, “being necessary to the security of a free state.” The part that clearly explains how you have to PROTECT the state, not overthrow it.

While we’re on the subject, let’s look at the next part, the only part you pretend exists: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Yeah. You can have guns. That’s undeniable. It also isn’t contested. By anyone. But where does it say anything about 100-round magazines and 21st Century military weaponry? "I wants a nukuler bomb! The seckint amenmint says I kin haz wun! Freedumb!" And where's the part that says there can be no limits on what you want? There are limits on all your other rights. Why do you think there can’t be any on this one?

Try this: Go scream “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. See if there are any limits to the First Amendment.

The Second Amendment was in no way about protecting Americans from the American government. (I’m sure a newly forming government would certainly want to put in a law that says you should be able to overthrow it if you don’t like some random thing about it. Who exactly is it that decides what is deserving of a governmental overthrow? Gun-hoarding Bubba? “I wanna fuck muh unner-age sistuh an’ thuh gummint wonna le’ muh. Ty-rants! Time fo a ovahthrowin’!”) It was about protecting Americans and the American government from foreign invaders with a well-fucking-regulated civilian militia. (The founders were wary of a standing government militia being able to be used tyrannically. But we have a standing government militia now, don't we? We also spend more than the next 20 countries on it. And you dumb fuckers keep saying we need to spend more on the military - and protect ourselves from that very military you want to be unstoppable. Fuck, you're dumb.) Remember that whole British thing going on 200+ years ago – oh, sorry, you’d need an education to know of such things. We now also protect Americans and the American government from domestic invaders.

If you actually knew anything about the Constitution like you pretend to (as that tyrannical Constitutional scholar, editor and president of the Libtard Harvard Law Review, indoctrination teacher of Constitutional Law and white-hating civil rights lawyer, Barack Hussein Maobama does), you might understand that the way the three-branch system of governing in the United States is set up makes it utterly fucking impossible for one man, the President, to become a tyrant. But hey, then you couldn’t fear-monger bullshit every time someone you don’t like becomes the President. And the NRA couldn’t whip up hysteria to trick you into creating larger profits for corporations that sell a product. A product that couldn’t help you from a tyrannical government that can’t happen anyway. The NRA doesn’t really give a fuckshit about your gun rights. Self-gratifying pseudo-patriotic cum-blasting just so happens to be a very effective motivational tool to get you gullible, egocentric fuckers to feed the corporate machine. Fuck yeah!

How many guns has Obama taken from you again? Fucking none.

How many of you contributed to the gun manufacturers coffers? A fucking whole lotta lot.

What does that get us? The highest fucking gun crime & death rates in the industrialized world. Fucking freedom. Fucking liberty.

Fear-mongering ignorant bullshit works. It even makes you believe that background checks are somehow against the Constitution. They are not. Because you’ve been convinced that somehow stopping felons and terrorists and mentally disturbed people from getting their hands on guns is magically preventing law-abiding citizens from obtaining guns. A “gun-grab.” It does not. At least 91% of Americans realize this, even if NRA-owned Congress and you loud-mouthed, brain-washed minority fuckwits do not.

You’re only protecting the felons, terrorists and crazies, guntards. Not law-abiding citizens; no one is taking their guns away. No one. You can’t name one instance. I want you to think about that the next time a crazy shoots up a school with the gun he legally bought without a simple background check that could have stopped him. “He would have gotten one anyway! Criminals don’t follow the law!” Right, so let’s make it as motherfucking easy as possible for them. Fuck you. And while we’re at it, let’s get rid of rape laws, traffic lights and no-parking signs – criminals will still do that stuff anyway.

‘Don’t punish all gun owners because of a few bad apples. We need to shut the borders and get rid of all immigrants because of a few bad apples.’ Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Good day.

Oh, and anyone inventing their own conclusions as to the cause of this Boston bombing without any information – such as, it was Muslim terrorists, an al Qaeda terrorist cell, Liberal extremists, false flag Obama Benghazi Solyndra Fast & Furious connection conspiracy to take your guns, gay marriage, turning away from some god, no prayer in school, lack of spanking children, extramarital or premarital sex – do the fucking educated world a favor: Take off your aluminum foil hat, shut your one-toothed chewin’ tabaccy hole the fuck up, pull your dick out of your sister & your lubed up nickel-plated 1911 out of your ass, turn FOX “News” off and stop eating the roadkill squirrel nut-juice & gun powder paste you love so much. You are the reason why universal background checks are necessary.

AND, if any of you douchelizards believe the surviving pud-fucking bomber, a U.S. citizen (domestic terrorist, à la Timothy McVeigh), should be treated as an enemy combatant and put in Guantanamo and tried in a military court (which has rarely ever fucking convicted any terrorists – SEVEN since 9/11 - some of which have been freed) instead of having his Miranda rights read and represented by a lawyer in a US federal court of justice (which has fucking convicted over FIVE-FUCKING-HUNDRED fucking terrorists since 9-fucking-11), then you don’t believe in the Constitution or the country it guides. So, fuck you: see conclusion of previous paragraph.

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