Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Armchair Judgment

Everybody loves judging what other people say about George Zimmerman. And they love to complain that other people are judging.

I was judged as judging when I wasn’t judging, I was just facting.

Nobody cared. They judged themselves to be correct.


Seems everybody's an armchair judge, jury, and/or executioner these days.

Only when it suits their 'cause'

I can't take it. Also annoying that they refer to GZ as white.

Bill Mancuso
George Zimmerman always considered himself white. His MySpace (haha) page is filled with anti-Mexican hate-speech. Only after he stalked and murdered an unarmed black kid did he suddenly become "Hispanic." FYI.

Thanks for helping me prove my point.
Like · 2 [Two ‘likes.’ For what? Do English-speaking people not understand English?]

Bill Mancuso
I neither judged, juried nor executed. I simply stated undisputed facts. I can't help that they upset people who are judging me.

Well really one doesn't become White, Hispanic or anything else. You are what you are at the time of your birth. Now that's a fact.

Bill Mancuso
Yes, but George Zimmerman himself has always considered himself to be a white person. He has scrawled anti-Hispanic hate-speech all over his MySpace page. No one is suddenly referring to him as white just to create racial tension. The fact of the matter is that they are suddenly referring to him as Hispanic in order to alleviate his racist actions - like calling 911 on black people for no reason (according to police) over 40 times. [46, to be exact.] These are undisputed facts, not judgments. What about this is difficult to understand? [Notice that I clearly explained that “they” are suddenly referring to Zimmerman as Hispanic, not me.]

Since I didn't follow the trial close enough, I have no opinion on it. [Credible Hulk confused.] In the case of this thread, it seems that Barb was just pointing out that your statement of "fact" was actually not a fact.

Bill Mancuso
Which statement? The fact that Zimmerman considers himself white and for a fact hates Hispanics? I didn't judge what race he is. Zimmerman did. [Notice that I clearly explained for a second time that it wasn’t me who is judging what race Zimmerman is.] The fact that Zimmerman ignored the 911 dispatcher and did not stay in his vehicle and instead went after Martin? The fact that Martin was unarmed? The fact that Martin was murdered? Which of these facts is not a fact?

Correct me if I'm wrong, Angelina. It was, "he suddenly become 'Hispanic.'" [He must have missed both of my clear explanations.]
Like · 1 [Angelina ‘liked’ this even after I explained this was not the reason – four frigging times (two more on the way). No matter how many times people claim to care about facts, they don’t. They just have to be right. And will never admit to being wrong.]

[You may be thinking, “But Bill, that’s what you’re doing right now. You just have to be right.” No. I don’t have to. I'm just stating facts. I can’t help that facts are facts. I’m not the one ignoring them just to make it seem like I’m correct.]

Bill Mancuso
That's not what I was referring to him as. [Third clear explanation.] Zimmerman defenders are deeming him Hispanic, saying they're both minorities so it's not a hate crime. Zimmerman persecutors are deeming him White to say it is a hate crime. Both sides are using one aspect of his heritage to bolster their case. I personally never called him either. [And there’s number four.] Zimmerman, deeming himself White, apparently hates both black people and Hispanics, according to his own writings and multiple needless 911 calls. I do not care what race you decide you want to call him. [Is “Murderer” a race? Cuz, he’s that. That’s what he is. A murderer.]

Thanks for clarifying.

Bill Mancuso
You're welcome. [I guess sometimes I’m just not very clear in my explanations. I gotta work on that.]

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Took a while, but we got there. Rare.

The truth is, the murderer’s mother is Afro-Peruvian and his father is German, hence the surname ‘Zimmerman.’ So, at the time of his birth, the murderer was black, brown and white. Now that's a fact.

My "he suddenly become 'Hispanic.'" comment was in direct response to Angelina’s declared annoyance that people refer to GZ as white. He, himself considers himself to be white, so why would it be annoying that people refer to him the way he wants? But “suddenly” his defenders began referring to him as ‘Hispanic’ to try and ease that racial tension. Why don’t they call him German? Or African? Oh, he looks Hispanic, so that’s what he must consider himself. Even though he doesn’t.

And I almost slammed my head on the desk when I read this: “Since I didn't follow the trial close enough, I have no opinion on it.” Then WTF are you arguing with me about?

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John Fugelsang: 
George Zimmerman - How to Kill Teens and Influence People

(Transcript at end of post in case the site gets taken down.)

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Oh, hey, remember right after Zimmerman murdered unarmed Trayvon Martin while he was walking home from 7-11 and racists were clamoring for stories that justified murdering black people for no reason? Remember they found the one that happened right after Zimmerman murdered Martin where that white woman in Georgia was walking her baby in the stroller and two black teens popped up out of nowhere and shot and killed the baby and ran away? Remember how the racists were screaming, ‘See? This is why we have to murder all black people for no reason!’ Yeah. That story. Well, it turns out the mentally unstable woman probably shot her own child and just blamed it on two black kids. Seems if you want to get people to believe your murder story more easily, just blame it on black kids. Good thing the Supreme Cunt – I mean, Court – decided racism is dead. There’s just that pesky ‘forensic evidence’ thing. It doesn’t seem to fall for a good story – it just cares about factual evidence.

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Oh, and hey, remember right after that jury judged Zimmerman ‘not guilty’ after stalking and murdering an unarmed kid minding his own business walking home from 7-11 and talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone, and he went into hiding? Then remember his first appearance was to swoop down out of the sky like an angel and save a family from a turned-over vehicle on the side of the road? Yeah. That story. Well, it turns out there’s absolutely no record of Zimmerman being involved in that life-saving superhero deed. There’s no account of him in the police record or in any of the family members’ stories. I guess Zimmerman is still only a murdering racist.

And more evidence of this fabricated story:

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And the reason why Zimmerman was actually guilty of murder, but the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law says murderers aren’t murderers:

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Oh, and fuck George Zimmerman and his little fucking cunt of a brother.

Addicting Info: Robert Zimmerman, Family Spokesthug, Threatens Slain Teen’s Family

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The Scientific Secret of Strength and Muscle Growth

What if Superman Punched You?

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Viewpoint with John Fugelsang
July 15, 2013

John Fugelsang: 
George Zimmerman - How to Kill Teens and Influence People

John Fugelsang: Are you an aggressive sociopath?

Frank Conniff: A lonely, gun-toting busybody?

JF: Do you call yourself an official Neighborhood Watch leader even though you’re not?

FC: Do you flagrantly disregard Neighborhood Watch rules against approaching non-violent people you’ve decided are suspects?

JF: Are you the kind of guy who calls 911 forty-six times for non-emergency situations?

FC: Do you fancy yourself a law and order vigilante who protects neighborhoods he doesn’t live in from teenagers who aren’t bothering anyone?

JF: Do you wish you were more popular despite your own criminal past and record? Well, if you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, have we got a statement for you!

BOTH: It’s the George Zimmerman Neighborhood Watch!

FC: The only watch that can actually make you tougher. And more popular as you defend communities that don’t actually need it!

JF: This neighborhood watch is designed to keep the ‘hood away from your neighbors. Here’s how it works… The minute an unknown black teen goes into a local store to legally buy snacks with his own money, an alert goes off.

FC: Now, you’re like Tom Cruise in ‘Minority Report.’

JF: Because it’s pre-crime?

FC: No, because you’re reporting minorities! Now, you’re on the case. Call 911 for instructions and be sure to tell them the kid’s up to no good.

JF: What if the kid’s not up to no good?
(Both laugh.)

JF: He’s black! Ok. Next, you’ll receive instructions from the 911 dispatcher.

FC: Ignore them and stalk the kid.

JF: Hey, wait! Don’t most neighborhood watch groups forbid that?

FC: No, all neighborhood watch groups forbid that… except for…

BOTH: The George Zimmerman Neighborhood Watch!

JF: Now, if you do your job correctly and follow that teen around in the dark, chances are you will provoke the fight you’re looking for. Don’t worry, you can always tell the police he snuck up on you while you were following him from behind!

FC: Ok. You’ve started the fight and now you’re getting pummeled by the kid you profiled and stalked. So, as soon as you realize you’re getting your ass kicked, shoot the kid with your gun.

JF: Gun sold separately.

FC: This allows you to win any fight you’re losing by killing the guy you started the fight with.

JF: And now, my friend, you’re on your way to having millions of brand-new right-wing friends who can’t wait to have your back, G. And that’s the best feature! If you’re part of George Zimmerman’s Neighborhood Watch, then FOX “News,” A.M Radio, and TEA Party Trolls will love you soooo much, they’ll suspend their own values and beliefs.

FC: Wait, you mean the fact that I’m creepy won’t hurt my popularity?

JF: As long as you kill an unarmed black kid they can call a thug once he’s too dead to defend himself, you’re all good.

FC: But, wait. What if I’m the opposite of all the right-wing stands for? What if I assaulted my ex-fiancé?

JF: Zimmerman did that.

FC: What if I once assaulted a lady cop?

JF: George Zimmerman did that, too.

FC: What if I’ve been accused of sexual abuse?

JF: Zimmerman’s been accused of that by his own cousin and Sean Hannity practically gave him a pedicure on the air anyway!

FC: Well, what about one time when I lied under oath?

JF: George Zimmerman lied under oath and got his bail revoked, bro! He’s gold!

FC: What if I’m an irresponsible gun owner, disobeyed law enforcement dispatch and my own Neighborhood Watch rules?

JF: Dude, the kid had gold teeth. He had to be guilty of something.

FC: Wow! I can break all the right-wing moral rules and still be their hero!

JF: It helps to have a dad for a judge.

BOTH: It’s the George Zimmerman Neighborhood Watch!

FC: The price is so low, you’ll feel like you’re getting away with murder!

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