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Chicago Confidential

Ah, the old “Sensational, Misleading Right-Wing News Headline That No Right-Winger Ever Actually Reads Beyond” trick. They always fall for it.

But hey, whatever. Fuckin’ Obama. That Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Kenyan, Indonesian, Hawaiian, completely inept, genius mastermind, Chicago thug, slick politician is coming for your guns by only signing laws that relax restrictions on them. And none of all those FOX “News” talking points contradict each other. Especially the ones that contradict each other.


Obama called Chicago the "blueprint for gun control in America." There have been 74 shootings there, 12 fatal, since Wednesday. Idiot.
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Bill Mancuso
Sorry, Obama never said that. That was the title of a Breitbart article which no one read beyond. That completely made up lie was repeated over and over and over in the right-wing media & blogosphere and now you believe it is a fact. Had anyone actually read the article, they would have noticed Obama never said that.

But hey, at least now you have another excuse to call Obama an idiot for something he never did.

Here is the interview that Breitbart article was referring to.

Pres. Obama on Meet the Press: Gun Control after Connecticut (Dec.30 2012)

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Bill, When President Obama appeared on the Meet the Press the end of last year, he made it clear that the same gun laws that have made Chicago a criminal's paradise are going to be pushed on the entire country during 2013.

This is his personal goal and it's the goal of the Democrat Party.

These laws include high capacity magazine bans, "assault weapons" bans, more intrusive background checks on gun purchases, and squeezing gun shows out of existence.

All of these are being pawned as ways "to make sure that something like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary does not happen again." However, the cold hard facts [interpretation of ‘cold hard facts’ subjective] are that none of these measures will prevent another Sandy Hook... none of them.

Look at the evidence... Is Chicago safer because of any of these measures? No, it's actually more dangerous. [Ignoring the objective fact that the bulk of the guns used in Chicago crimes are traced to out-of-city and out-of-state origins. Had similar laws been passed in the surrounding areas, it would be a much safer place.]

Or look at it another way -- Would a more intrusive background check have kept Adam Lanza from committing his crime in Connecticut? No, because he stole his guns [took the guns from his mother after he murdered her – not stole], thereby bypassing background checks altogether. [I wonder what would have happened if his mother was a responsible gun owner and locked her guns up to keep them away from her obviously mentally unstable child – instead of encouraging him to use them. I wonder if she would have passed a mental health test. I wonder if he would have passed a mental health test. I wonder if Republicans will ever cease blocking any attempts to address this issue.]

If any of these new gun laws are passed, the only thing they will do is make it harder for law abiding citizens to obtain the weapons they need to defend their lives, their families, and their property. And in the end, this will leave us with an America that resembles Chicago-level gun crime more and more.

Of course, these are facts, and facts don't matter to a leftist like Obama [or me?]: a man who still seems haunted by the fact that his one political defeat came in 2000 after a failed gun control push. It was then that Illinois state senator Obama pushed to raise the penalty for illegal transportation of a firearm from a misdemeanor to a felony. But after pushing he skipped town for vacation in Hawaii and the vote failed and Obama was ridiculed. [This right-wing obsession with Obama’s vacations is fascinating. Especially since their “facts” omit 90% of the whole story. But, hey, if you’re pushing a preconceived narrative, you must skip context so your version of the story sounds true.]

He entered the White House in 2009 looking to revenge that episode through Fast and Furious. But with Fast and Furious a bust, Obama appears now to be seeking to capitalize on the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.

It's not logic that drives this gun grab, it's leftist ideology and an enormous ego.
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[By the way – that post is an exquisite example of mindlessly cramming as many substance-free talking points and fear-mongering rhetoric into one diatribe as possible.]

Bill Mancuso
No, he didn't in any way, shape or form say he wanted to make a criminal's paradise like Chicago. No matter how many times that lie is repeated, it won't come true. Did you not notice I already posted a link to the very Meet The Press interview of which you speak? Click on it. Go ahead. Everybody's doing it. No? Ok. Here's exactly what he said,

"And I've been very clear that an assault rifle ban, banning these high capacity clips, background checks -- that there are a set of issues that I have historically supported and will continue to support."

Wait - that's what Ronald Reagan said, too! I just realized Reagan was a gun-grabbing Chicago-style leftist! And holy shit George W. Bush supported that, too! More enormous Chicago leftist ideology! And George H.W. Bush supported it, too! ACK! SURROUNDED!!

But, I digress.

Keep ignoring all the nationwide [and Earthwide] statistics that prove stricter gun regulation results in lower gun deaths and keep plucking out this one city's shitty stats as if that represents the whole country. High poverty rates have an adverse effect on crime, too, but let's not expand this conversation to include the ins and outs of corporate-controlled government, income inequality and wealth distribution in America by city.

Along with less gun restrictions, the average of states with the highest gun ownership rates have a 114% higher gun murder rate than states with the lowest gun ownership rates. But that's just a fact, too, so feel free to ignore it and repeat more gun profit rhetoric.

America has the loosest gun restrictions and the highest gun homicides of all developed nations. Ignore that fact, too.

It's the goal of the Democratic Party to lessen gun deaths. It's the goal of the Republican Party to fear-monger nationalistic rhetoric & Second Amendment rights to get people to bolster gun corporation profit margins.

If you are not a criminal, a terrorist or have been deemed mentally unbalanced, how would a background check be "more intrusive?" You have to pass the very same "intrusive" background check to rent an apartment or a U-Haul truck. Where are all the 'freedom liberty' people crying over that Constitutional infringement, huh? But for purchasing a machine designed to kill - that's crossing the line?

91% of all Americans who want background checks don't believe they are "more intrusive."

89% of Republicans who want background checks don't believe they are "more intrusive."

85% of NRA members who want background checks don't believe they are "more intrusive."

Baltimore Police Chief Jim Johnson says background checks have and do work .

According to Virginia State Police records, background checks have prevented 16,000 felons from purchasing guns since 1989. That seems to have worked. Oh, but Wayne LaPierre, the fear-mongering gun lobbyist says they don't work. Only a very loud minority of people who are protecting gun profits are saying background checks are intrusive. Keep repeating baseless rhetoric.

Not to mention part of Lil' Wayne's plan to arm teachers includes background checks. What the fuck? Why should teachers have background checks before they're armed? Wayne the Stain is both FOR and AGAINST background checks? Oh, just for those shifty teachers, not ordinary 'Mericans.

None of these laws will 'squeeze gun shows out of existence.' How would that happen? More baseless fear-mongering that doesn't even make any sense. "I must sell guns and 30-round magazines to convicted felons and mentally unbalanced people or I'll go out of business because law-abiding citizens don't buy guns."

Background checks may not have, but nothing will help prevent another Sandy Hook? Baseless rhetoric aside, Adam Lanza, with his 30-round magazines, shot 152 bullets in 5 minutes and killed 26 people. During one of his magazine switch-outs, 11 people escaped the room - for a documented fact. If he had 10-round magazines, he would have had to reload 15 times instead of only 5. [What’s a potential 11 lives multiplied by a potential 15 reloads?] But let's ignore that too, so we can push more gun profit rhetoric.

Also, gun profit-protecting Republicans keep saying it's not a gun issue (which is a lie) and that it's a mental health issue (yes, that is part of the issue). So, why do Republicans keep cutting funding for mental health care and keep trying to prevent affordable health care - which also covers mental health? [And have ceremoniously voted 40 times to repeal Obamacare, which is the definition of ‘insane.’ That might explain a lot, actually.] This absolutely would affect the Adam Lanza's of the world.

If any of these laws are passed, NO law-abiding citizens will be prevented from obtaining guns. How do you leap to that nonsensical - and completely wrong - conclusion, other than right-wing fear-mongering says so? If these laws are passed, it will be harder for criminals, terrorists and crazy people to obtain guns. NOT law-abiding citizens.

Obama is haunted by a political defeat in 2000? Wha-huh? Aside from the fact that he's THE PRESIDENT, he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except RELAX gun laws since he's been President. 91% of the country wants background checks since there's almost a bi-weekly mass murder plus the 5000+ gun-homicides since Sandy Hook, and you're blaming Obama for agreeing with what the majority of the country wants? But you claim he's crying over something from 13 years ago. Wow. Grasping.

The Fast & Furious (a Bush program) was a fake Obama scandal manufactured by the right. It's been debunked. Just like the manufactured Solyndra (1 out of 11 alt energy companies failed - a better rate than corporate investing) scandal. Just like the manufactured Benghazi (GOP cut $450 mil from embassy security, which Hillary said would lead to dire consequences a year and a half earlier) scandal. Just like manufactured IRS ("progressive" & "occupy" were also targeted) scandal [And how the fuck is it a scandal if every single Teabag group RECEIVED their tax-exempt status? Fucking fuck off already, you whiny butt-hurt racists]. Just like the $200 million India trip (completely fabricated) scandal. All debunked. Some shitty circumstances happened - none were Obama scandals. But that's ok. You haven't presented any real world facts yet.

There is no "gun grab." How is stopping gun purchases by criminals and crazies a "gun grab?" It is not. You can keep your guns and even buy more. None of the laws would stop you unless you fall into the 'criminal' or 'crazy' categories. Where do you get 'gun grab' from that? Just repeating the fear-mongering phrase "gun grab" like you were told to won't make it magically happen.

But yes, maybe it is enormous lefty ego and ideology that believes it can stop some criminals and crazies from getting their hands on guns. It's a difficult journey through all the righty corporate profit-protecting obstructionist ideology.

And still, Obama never said that Chicago is the blueprint for gun control in America. For a cold, hard fact.

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Bill Hicks, No Connection (gun control)
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