Monday, September 2, 2013

Syria: Asking For Permission

Oh, Republican congressmen, be careful what you pretend to wish for.

140 House members demanded Obama to seek Congressional approval to wage war over Syria. Their political posturing backfired because no one thought he actually would. (To be fair, many on both the left and right wanted Obama to seek Congressional approval first. The difference is, Democrats meant it since it’s in the Constitution [Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution grants Congress the sole power to declare war.]; Republicans thought he would do what has been done by pretty much every President since Korea and attack without Congressional approval, thus providing political fodder for their outrage/fundraising machine.)

On Saturday, the President said, “I will seek authorization for the use of force from the American peoples’ representatives in congress. For the last several days we have heard from members of congress who want their voices to be heard. I absolutely agree.”

Caught completely off-guard, Republicans responded by saying, “Hamana-hamana-hamana, um, uh, well, th- uh, but, duh, uh… when we get back from our five-week summer vacation, we’ll discuss it and then vote. But we still can’t believe the President had the audacity to go on vacation for a whole entire week a couple of weeks ago. Benghazi.”

Here is the problem Republicans never expected, since they were all too consumed with their posturing for political points: If they vote for action to be taken against Syria and the American people are against it, they may pay for it at the polling booths. If they vote against action to be taken against Syria, then they can’t blame Democrat Obama for being soft on defense (A common Republican lie, by the way. Republicans have proven historically to be complete clusterfucks regarding starting wars for no reason and weakening our safety and economy.) and use that as a political tool to drum up their right-wing base.

Good day.

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