Thursday, February 6, 2014

Agreeing to Disagree

The Sochi Winter Olympics starts today.

Here’s a post from the London 2012 Summer Olympics. (Yes, I have a lot of conversations on backlog.) It's relatively short. I thought this would be an appropriate time to post it.

A friend makes a point. A friend of his says it’s not valid just because he doesn’t want it to be. I state facts to support my friend’s point. His friend says the facts shouldn’t matter because, well, they just shouldn’t.



With all this talk about Olympic medals and what they get paid for winning one and what taxes they should or should not pay - I have a proposal, let’s pay the troops tax free for every medal they earn, after all its not like they are being mollycoddled in four star hotels while they are representing us!!!!!

Well David, The Olympics has always been a peaceful sporting organisation all about bringing nations together in the name of sport. I fail to see why you feel the need to connect sport and war ,athletes and soldiers , olympic medals and war medals?? I cant see your point [It's annoying enough, the amount of smugness oozing here, but to be so fucking wrong on top of it. Sport & war - yeah, totally different. Athletes & soldiers - yeah nothing similar there. Medals & medals - sure, I guess nothing is similar about receiving a medal and receiving a medal.]

Bill Mancuso
Well, Carlingford - Are you suggesting we should not tax people for running and jumping and swimming, but we should tax people who signed up to risk their lives to protect a nation? And the running, jumping, swimming people - who only risked their sponsor's money and losing and going back to work - often go on to a life of fame and multi-million dollar contracts afterward, whereas people who risk their lives - if they survive - often go on to a life of lost limbs, post traumatic stress, suicide, poverty and being completely ignored by the country they actually risked their lives to defend. Since sports and war are directly related, I can't see your point. [I wasn't being smug. I was being a sarcastic dick.]

Hi Bill, History tells us that goverments never treat their service men well after a conflict situation . On that point i agree that these guys should be given all the money and support they deserve. But why link it to the olympics or sport? Why not rock stars or movie stars? The list goes on . These guys are only doing their jobs and yea they should pay tax like everybody else.

Having grown up in a conflict situation in northern ireland for thirty years ive seen what war can do to people first hand and its not pretty . But ive learned that their are victims on both sides . So my friend ill leave this with one word - Peace [Aside from making no sense, this paragraph serves no purpose to the topic. It was introduced in order to portray some sort of self-importance to this smug fuck. Victims on both sides of what? The Olympics vs. war? Oh, you grew up in Northern Ireland? And you were caught right in the middle of the IRA and British soldiers, uh, conflicting? Well, color me impressed, big guy!]

Bill Mancuso
‘Governments never treating their service men well’ is not the point. Your conflicted Northern Ireland life is not the point. Seeing what war can do to people is not the point.

Your argument is that nothing can be linked to anything ever because nothing is exactly the same. Rock stars and movie stars? Why don't you ask about other random professions like, 'Why not wedding planners or botanists?' Because those subjects are not connected like war and sports are.

David simply asked the completely relevant question as to why argue over whether Olympians (who battle each other for fun and self gain while being sponsored by others at no risk to themselves) should or shouldn't have to pay taxes while soldiers (who battle each other at the ultimate risk to themselves for the benefit of others) should be taxed.

Sports and war are a direct comparison. Especially since it is a fact that the Olympics were started because of war.

It is only your own fault that you do not see this completely relevant and obvious point.

Peace to you as well.

You brush peoples experiences and views off with an arrogance that amazes me. [Aww. He's upset that I wasn't impressed about his conflicted upbringing. Now, I'm sad that he's sad.] Why do you assume that sportsmen dont pay taxs? Sport and conflict and religon [Wha?] should never be linked thats what has this crazy world the way it is.

Bill Mancuso
I am not brushing off anyone's experiences or views. They are simply not the point of this topic. What amazes me is that you think simple facts are 'arrogant.' I am not, nor have I ever assumed that athletes pay no taxes. You are inventing things I have not said and adding unrelated matters into this discussion of taxes upon athletes and soldiers. Please re-read David’s original post if you are confused about the topic. And not to sound like I'm brushing off your experience or view, but religion has nothing to do with this, either, so why did you just inject that into this discussion? However, sports and conflict are directly related - so once again, David’s original post is a completely logical proposal - no matter what your views and wishes about whether or not they SHOULD be linked.

They are.

Is that crazy? Yes. But that's also not the point.

When you are finished sifting through my posts looking for words to emphasise that are 'not the point' i do understand the point david was making . [I’m just making the conscious choice to ignore it.] Yes as i said earlier i do agree these guys deserve to be rewarded as much as possible for their service to their country. But an olympic medal and a war medal should not be compared in my opinion . [Your opinion is irrelevant.] Leave sport alone they should not be mixed. [Not mixed - compared. Pay the fuck attention to something other than yourself.] Michael phelps has won 18 golds for the usa. Should he not be aplauded for this ? Now you will probably tell me he has nothing to do with this and is ' NOT THE POINT'

Bill Mancuso
I totally agree with you. That's not the point. And again, regardless of your opinion, it is a fact war and sports are intertwined.

Sadly it may be fact bill but it doesnt make it right. You and me are never going to agree on this so as the old saying goes "we'll agree to disagree" [In regard to that first sentence, you apparently don't even agree with yourself.]


“Agreeing to disagree” is the most annoying retreat by people who have no argument against facts. You cannot disagree about a fact. The term when dealing with facts as opposed to opinions should be “Let’s agree that I don’t care about facts.”


Oh, and fuck Vladimir Putin in the ass with a rainbow-colored pineapple and fuck the incredibly corrupt International Olympic Committee, too.


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