Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Gynotician

I fucking lost it on this guy.

If he was someone I knew, maybe I would have been more, shall we say, calm. But it was a friend of a friend, so fuck him.

I’ve fucking had it with this damn hypocritical, fact-denying, self-righteous, uneducated, misogynistic stupidity.


So, GOP'ers, you said there was no war on women…? PANTS ON FIRE
I don't mean to sound as dramatic as they do, but part of this makes sense. Young women should experience the reality of what they plan to kill. Making the process painless and easy is much worse, I think.

Bill Mancuso
Not one bit of this makes any sense. The process is in no way "easy and painless." Young women do "experience the reality" of the incredibly difficult decision they are about to make. You'd have to believe that this wasn't a difficult decision for a woman to make to make in the first place. You'd have to believe the pro-life bullshit that women are just popping down to the abort-o-rama to casually throw out some unwanted garbage that has no affect on their physical being and emotional psyche. You'd have to believe that the only reason to abort something that according to science, as opposed to the bible, is not alive, is a nonchalant, "Eh, I don't feel like having a baby. I'm gonna toss it in the trash," excuse that pro-life assholes keep repeating. In fact, those assholes make it out as if that's the ONLY reason for a woman to practice her Constitutionally protected right to an abortion. (The opposite of pro-life, to be clear, is pro-choice, not pro-abortion, as those pro-life assholes say. There is no such thing as pro-abortion.) Pro-lifers, by the way, whose policies cause more abortions and death, are really just ignorant backward anti-fact anti-science assholes. You'd have to believe that only men know what is best for women and their personal lives, since no women have ever had any say in any of these vicious, subjugating, anti-women legislative acts. You'd have to believe that some bullshit fiction novel written thousands of years ago has any relevance whatsoever in 2014 (let alone any other era). And as for "small government" Republicans - Bull. Fucking. Shit. Small government when it comes to regulating corporations, but insanely mind-bogglingly fucking huge intrusive oppressive deficit & debt-creating government when it comes to the personal lives of American citizens. This form of government is what Republicans like to call "freedom," but in reality, it's actually Fascism. [Slightly off-topic, but what the fuck. Fuck him.]

And I meant to sound dramatic, because right-wing pro-life douchebags are dramatic, which is why anyone listens to the complete and utter bullshit they purport. And left-wing cowards don't meet that drama with equal or better. I realize my li'l Facebook rant will accomplish exactly zero, but for fuck's fucking sake.

44 million abortions every year and you're saying every single one of them are seriously traumatic, emotionally scarring decisions? Controlling what a woman wants to do with her body is not right either, but vacuuming up a growing life at 3-4-5 months is wrong and it makes me sick. If you feel you're old enough -- responsible enough -- to engage in sexual activity, then practice safe sex. Because if you don't, guess what? Babies are made. The punishment should fit the crime.

You're so right, Foswell. Sticking an ultrasound wand into the vagina of a 15 year-old rape victim is a totally fitting punishment for her crime. Getting a good thorough description of what's going on up in there should really teach her a lesson, amiright?

And Bill, I don't know you, but I'd like to give you a big ol' internet hug.

Bill Mancuso
Few things.

"Young women should experience the reality of what they plan to kill," is pro-life code for, "Women are too stupid to know how to make personal choices about their own bodies, so I, as a man, decided they need to be punished like a child based on what I learned in the Bible. Because who could know better than a holier-than-thou man about a woman's body? Certainly not a lowly woman. Now, go cook me dinner, 1950's wife. And keep those kids quiet. And don't make me ask you for my scotch again, or I'll make your left eye match your right eye."

Abortion rates are DOWN - IN SPITE OF right-wing, religious, anti-choice legislation.

It doesn't matter how many or what the reasons are, it's no one's concern but the woman involved and her doctor.

Unless you're a politician. Then, you totally know the intimate details of every situation every woman is going through - much better than she does. That's why you become a gynotician in the first place: to write legislation contrary to medical knowledge in order to control scary vaginas.

Or maybe you know. Go ahead, tell me the circumstances regarding each and every one of the 40+ million world-wide abortion cases. No, wait. That may take too long. Just tell me about the 1.1 million in the US.

Responsible enough? Practice safe sex? Pro-choice people have that agenda. They teach sex education and the responsible use of birth control - which results in LESS unwanted pregnancies and LESS abortions and LESS transmission of STD's. Pro-life people refuse to teach children about sex and push "abstinence-only" education - which results in MORE unwanted pregnancies and MORE abortions and MORE transmission of STD's.

Did you mean, "Controlling what a woman wants to do with her body is not right either... but it's more important that male politicians do it than to let them have control of their own body. Like I said, the female species is too stupid to know what to do with their own bodies."

"The punishment should fit the crime." Holy Out-of-Touch 16th Century Goddamned Puritanical Bullshit, Batman. Women having sex is a crime? Getting pregnant is a punishment? What the fuckity-fuck? Spoken like a true misogynist of the most self-important highly exalted kind.

Aileen, an internet hug right back atcha.

*****     *****     *****

I am in no way surprised that he did not respond.

These right-wing bugfuckers really do have a problem with women. One fucking asshole just said that drunk women who are raped are half responsible. I cannot express the amount of murderous fucking fury I possess regarding these vaginaphobic stumps.

Godfuckingdammit I can’t even write anymore about this fuc

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