Thursday, May 1, 2014

Facebook Case Files VIII

The fun never ends.


I don't understand why people feel the need to defend racists. I also don't understand how they compare unrelated things in their defense. True or not.

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That last person who commented: I wonder what she would say if I said to her, "Shut up you stupid fucking cunt."

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“I may not be correct, but I feel it in my gut.” This literally means: “I do not care about facts, I’m still going with superstition.”

This “microwaved water” story has been popping up on the internet for about six or seven years. Microwave ovens have been around for over 40 years and no one has ever been hurt from them. But that’s only because they’re not harmful. For a fact. Scientifically.

People have a tendency to latch onto “feelings” and never let go, ignoring all facts to the contrary. No one says you have to cook in a microwave. You don’t have to spread lies to back up your desire to cook in a regular oven.

In reality, there is virtually no difference between heating in a conventional oven vs heating in a microwave oven. The only real difference is that conventional ovens speed up molecules at a slower pace.

This is the point at which I say, “Science,” and drop the mic.

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I didn’t bother commenting on this one. In a rare moment, I wasn’t interested in an argument a conversation. A few points of note: 1.) The woman would have passed a background check 2.) She didn’t need a 30-round magazine for her .38 revolver 3.) She didn’t need an AR-15 to protect her family 4.) Gun control reform would not have affected this situation at all

And I’m not saying she wouldn’t have needed to, but she just started firing bullets into the man. I guess for some people, killing is the first only option. Me, a warning first. Point the gun at the intruder and maybe say, “Get out.” or even, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE OR I’LL KILL YOU!” or if I’m particularly scared, “GEBLAFUCKAH!!!” If the intruder still proceeds, then feel free to fill him the fuck full of the necessary amount of lead.

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Ok, there was nothing particularly wrong with this next one. I was just clarifying a statement. But before I posted it, I realized my explanation would probably go over the heads of the two previous commentors based on their statements. The original poster would most likely have gotten it, though. 

I think I just invented the word “commentors.”

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Hanoi Jane
I get email notifications from Facebook. Whenever someone replies to a post I’m involved in, their entire reply shows up in my inbox.

After I wrote my response, someone else responded by writing virtually the same thing I wrote. It’s like he didn’t read my response. I’m not going to include it because it’s lengthy, just like mine. He also included a link to Snopes debunking this widely disseminated Hanoi Jane myth. 

Then, someone wrote this barely legible response:

[Self-righteous HALO players apparently have some extra time on their hands, too.]

Then, "virtually same statement guy" responded with:

Whose statement was again promptly ignored by Mr. HALO, who responded with more barely legible typings:

Translation: "I didn't read the facts you posted because I don't care. I just want to spout off about celebrities because I think they are assholes. I am a moron."

So, after everyone repeatedly not listening to each other’s responses, the person who started this thread decided to delete it – apparently being the only one who was listening.

I have no idea what the random photos assigned to the email comments mean.

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And let's close today's TBF with another 'nonsensically-going-out-of-your-way-to-defend-racism' post.

Chico & Harpo playing the piano - The Big Store

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