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We've all (well, the thinkers, anyway) known from almost the beginning that the Benghazi tragedy was not some sort of conspiracy by the White House. I've even blogged about it A YEAR AND A HALF AGO. Obama won his re-election, so they dropped it. But now that Hillary is most likely going to run in 2016, the GOP is resurrecting their favorite previously debunked tin foil hat conspiracy. After all, they can't pin their Solyndra, IRS, Fast & Furious, birth certificate, Muslim, Kenya, gay alien or NSA pseudo-scandals on her. Or, can they? I wouldn't put it past their desperate idiocy.

Now, after 25,000 documents, 50 briefings and 13 hearings - which uncovered the truth behind what happened and proved it was not a White House cover up or conspiracy, I was going to write a blog about this resurrected GOP dumbfuckery, but seeing as how everyone on the internet has been doing such a great job reporting on it, I figured I'd just collect all the memes and articles in one spot for you to peruse at your leisure. A 'one-stop Benghazi conspiracy debunking shop,' if you will.

But before we get to it, I'd like to explain the difference between the Benghazi event and a real conspiracy:

Benghazi was an actual intelligence failure. It ended in tragedy, but it wasn't a crime or a conspiracy or a lie or a cover-up. However, the Bush administration had the "intelligence" to prevent 9/11/01 but willingly ignored it. Afterward, they intentionally lied and conspired to invade and occupy a sovereign nation for no reason connected to the event, resulting in the needless deaths of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Then again conspired to cover up those lies, which is a crime.

Okay. Enjoy...

I made this one before I decided to go the "collect everyone else's stuff" route.

AATTP: Chris Hayes Schools GOP on ‘Real Benghazi’ vs ‘Hashtag Benghazi'

Addicting Info: Boehner Refuses To Answer For GOP Exploitation Of Benghazi Deaths For Fundraising

HuffPo: Three Reasons Why Reviving 'Benghazi' Is Stupid -- For the GOP

News Corpse: FLASHBACK: Fox News Admits The Benghazi Myth Was ‘Pushed’ By CEO Roger Ailes

Liberaland: Secretary Of State During 13 Attacks On Embassies Says There Are Unanswered Benghazi Questions


The Everlasting Gopstoppers: GOP Monetizes Benghazi Tragedy; Speaker John Boehner Unrepentant

AATTP: Even GOP Lapdog Chuck Todd Says Benghazi Committee Is a ‘Partisan Stunt’

Addicting Info: Republican Colonel Attacks GOP For Investigating Benghazi Instead Of Cheney’s War Crimes

Liberal America: Some Relatives Of Benghazi Victims Oppose “What About Benghaaazi?” Committee

AATTP: John Boehner Appoints ‘Democrats Worst Nightmare’ to Run Bogus ‪#‎Benghazi‬ Investigation

MSNBC: With few other options, Republicans double down on Benghazi

Mother Jones: 12 Things Obama Used To Distract From Benghazi, According to Conservatives

AATTP: Must Watch: Democratic Rep. On Fox ‘News’ Obliterates Every Benghazi Lie

Addicting Info: Even Though Benghazi Families Don’t Want Committee, Republicans Don’t Listen

News Corpse: Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Painfully Desperate And Stupid Attack On Elizabeth Warren

TYT Network: Republicans Pass the Benghazi Collection Basket

AATTP: Republican Blasts GOP for Not Investigating Bush/Cheney War Crimes to Focus on Benghazi

MSNBC: Rep. Lewis calls on Republican to resign from Benghazi committee

AATTP: Republican Liar Ignores His Own Facts to Repeat Debunked Benghazi Claim

Raw Story: Stephen Colbert ridicules Fox News’s latest hilariously uninformed Benghazi conspiracy

Examiner: Hillary Clinton laughs off new Republican obsessed Benghazi panel

AATTP: SCANDAL! New Head Witch-Hunter Raised Money On Benghazi!

PolitiFact: Fact-checking Benghazi: The rhetoric hasn't matched up with reality

Addicting Info: Fox News Thinks #BringBackOurGirls Is Silly But Endleslly Tweeting #Benghazi Is A Good Idea

HuffPo: Nancy Pelosi: Families Of Benghazi Victims Have Asked Us Not To Launch New Committee

The Last Word: Richard Clarke: Benghazi committee a ‘stunt’

AATTP: ‘SHAMEFUL!’ Elizabeth Warren Smacks Down John Boehner for GOP’s ‪#‎Benghazi‬ ‘Investigation’

Addicting Info: Allen West Says US Helping 300+ Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Is A Distraction From Benghazi

Occupy Democrats: Watch: Cummings Rips GOP, ‘Using Deaths of 4 Americans’ for Fundraising & Politics

The Everlasting Gopstoppers: Give Up On The Benghazi Witch Hunt Already, Republicans!

AATTP: When Obamacare Triumphs, GOP Resurrects Benghazi Lies (Graphic)


Before the jump, I explained the difference between Benghazi and 9/11. I said the Bush administration invaded Iraq for no reason "connected to 9/11." This is the reason (Yes, I know we all knew already):

As for that fake IRS scandal:

ThinkProgress: All 39 People Interviewed By Issa Committee Report Zero White House Involvement In IRS Screening

And 9/11/01:

NYTimes: The Deafness Before the Storm

And for a little entertainment, I present to you... "Benghazi - The Musical!"

Good day.

From: I Fucking Love Science:

Who needs drugs when you have science?

If you follow the video’s instructions, when you look away you will continue to see wavy lines in your wall or on the floor. This happens due to an optical illusion that is the result of repeated psychological stimulation. When the video ends and you look away, your brain still expects to see the waves, and therefore it creates them for you. Saying the letters out loud doesn’t really play a role, it just ensures that you are focusing on the center of the screen, where you can best receive the stimulus.

For best results, view the video full screen on an HD display. The resultant hallucination is temporary and should wear off within a couple of minutes.

WARNING: Please use your discretion when viewing. If you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, please do not view this video.

Eye - Optical illusion

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