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Semi-Automatic Abortion Control

Wow! Is it time for the next installment in this series on guns already? 


I get a bit dickish in this discussion, but I’m getting fucking sick of these numb-nuts just parroting the same bullshit over and over for their own self-serving, uninformed bias. 

And that whole, “And Obama is the dummiest poopy-head dummy ever in the world ever, too!” was really goddamned childish. But again, when you know fuck-all about the real world, you just parrot bullshit.


If you support gun control because it might "save one childs life" but support abortions which kill 3,700 kids a day, you just pulled an Obama.

I love you... Lol


The Brain Frees
If trying to prevent nuts, convicted felons and terrorists from purchasing guns (of which, 247 actually on the terrorist watch list purchased guns in 2010 - thanks, NRA!) and still allow law-abiding citizens to buy all the guns they want as protected by the Constitution, and supporting a woman's choice to exercise her Constitutionally protected right to receive an abortion (of which, science says a cluster of cells that cannot support themselves prior to 24 weeks are not a "child" - no matter how much religious fear-mongering goes into that suggestion, this was settled in 1973), then yeah, I'll "pull an Obama" all day long.

You know what? Never mind. Fuck it. Let's let crazy people, terrorists and felons get all the guns they want. What could be the problem? And screw the Constitution. Let's just pick the parts of it we agree with. Women should have no right to their own bodies. A bunch of 70-year-old male politicians who aren't doctors know much better than you and your doctor about your own bodies. So, just submit.

Gun control will make absolutely no difference. [Ignoring all the cases where it does.] You could outlaw all guns and people would still kill with guns. Nobody uses cocaine because its illegal, right? Same thing.... if somebody wants a gun they'll get one, legal or not. Maybe those morons in Washington should start worrying about things like out of control spending and unemployment instead of printing money and sticking their noses where they don't belong.
PS. Obama is a moron and the weakest leader we have ever had. [There it is. This is how you know you’re dealing with an intellectual.]

The Brain Frees
Right. So, by your "logic," we should have NO laws because they don't stop 100% of ALL crimes. No laws against murdering, raping, speeding, stealing or arson. No laws against driving the wrong way down a road. No laws against breaking and entering, incest, against molesting children, against animal abuse or driving through a red light.

[I forgot to mention we shouldn’t have police or locks on our doors because criminals don’t care about those, either.]

But we SHOULD have laws against abortion, because that will stop 100% of abortion? Or, will it (as it for a fucking fact did and does) just drive women seeking their Constitutionally protected right to their health care into the back-alley offices of butchers like that Kermit Gosnell fucker? Yeah, that's logical.

And we SHOULD have laws against illegal immigrants, too, right? Because that stops 100% of them from getting here, right? Right?

And we SHOULD definitely have laws forcing welfare recipients to take drug tests because that will stop 100% of them from taking drugs, yeah? Yeah, fuck the Fourth Amendment - that doesn't have anything to do with your guns. (In Florida, the taxpayers paid $118,140 in drug testing costs - but hey, they prevented $72,360 from going to welfare recipients at a net loss of $45,780! There's Republican math in action.)

Is there any other factless, self-serving hypocrisy you'd like me to point out?

It is a statistically proven fact that gun control laws absolutely have and do prevent deaths from guns (no, not ALL), no matter how much you claim they do not. The funny thing about facts is, they are still true whether you believe them or not.

And again, since I know you weren't listening because your tin-foil hat was blocking out all real information and just repeating the corporate profit-protecting NRA mantra that "liberal gun-grabbers are coming to grab your guns" - no one is fucking coming to take your guns. Unless you are a fucking felon, a fucking terrorist or fucking insane - YOU CAN KEEP YOUR FUCKING GUNS. Is there a reason you believe you would fail a simple background check? What are you guilty of? Because only people guilty of something should be afraid of a background check. Or are you just FOR terrorists getting guns?

In 2010, 247 terrorists actually on the terrorist watch list bought guns because of weak & unenforced laws due directly to NRA lobbying. Why would you be against controlling a terrorist's ability to purchase guns? Oh, because a background check wouldn't stop 100% of terrorists from buying guns, so we should let be as easy as fucking possible. That's so logical, why didn't I think of it?

As for the reason the NRA wants terrorists, felons & nuts to get guns - profits go way up for gun manufacturers and then their funding to the NRA goes up as well. Why would they give a flying shit if 74% of their own membership (and 90% of America) is for background checks? Dues are only about 20% of their funding. 80% comes from gun manufacturers.

PS - Aside from that being a kindergarten-level outburst, you are correct. The version of Obama that the right-wingers living on Bullshit Mountain created is indeed a moron and the weakest leader we've ever had. [Except for when he's an unstoppable calculating genius tyrannical dictator.] Not the Obama that exists in the real world, though.

And if "guns don't kill people, people kill people" - then what do soldiers need guns for? Yeah, deconstructing the pea-brained logic of bumper-sticker slogans is fun for the whole family.

The Brain Frees, Although I don't like the idea of abortion, I do support the right to chose what you want to do with your body without government intervention. I also know that the government isn't coming to get my guns but they want to limit what type of guns I can and can't purchase in the future...hell I couldn't even buy a semi auto shotgun for skeet shooting in NY state after the politicians stuck their noses too deep where they don't belong. I think they actually had to change that part of the law because of public uproar. I don't want my liberties, rights and freedom taken away or limited by the government. I even think they should make some drugs legal and tax them....that should make you happy since you're obviously on something. [Ha! So clever, it hurts.] BTW....I'm not a Republican or Democrat [Nobody blindly repeating right-wing anti-government bullshit ever is. Funny how that works.] ...just an American who doesn't want his rights messed with!!! You're obviously so far on the left and so "one way" that there's absolutely no sense even trying to have a discussion with you. Intelligent people can have a discussion and disagree without such anger and without having to use the F word to get their point across. I won't be coming back to this tread to read your garbage so don't bother with a rebuttal. Personally, if it was my post I'd ban you.....

The Brain Frees
And there's a true Constitution-lover: 'If this was my post, I'd ban you from your First Amendment right.' Why are you so afraid of what I say that you need to prevent me from saying it? Historically, who does that? [I know comments on Facebook have nothing to do with free speech, but these fucktards don’t understand the difference. When the Duck Blowjob Dynasty bigot is kicked off his show for being hateful to gay people, they start screaming about First Amendment rights, of which it has nothing to do. When butter-chomping racist Paula Dean says she wants little nigger servants at an old-fashioned country wedding and her show gets cancelled, they start screaming about First Amendment rights, of which it has nothing to do. I was wondering if he would notice.]

And also someone who is confident in their convictions: 'I'm going to have the last word, so don't bother saying anything after me.' It must be scary to encounter someone who doesn't blindly confirm your biased, ill-informed opinions.

And nice job, Ponce, on ignoring all the facts I presented and just accusing me of being on drugs. Because that's an intelligent argument: 'I'm right and you're on drugs.' When I accused you of wearing a tin-foil hat, I wasn't just randomly making shit up in an attempt to discredit you. It was based on the fact that you seem impervious to real information from the real world and instead only blindly parroted debunked right-wing talking points that only exist on Bullshit Mountain within the impenetrable Republican bubble. [Not that he’s a Republican or anything.]

And nothing I said was "so far on the left." What I said was all supported by easily researchable facts, not partisan hackery. If you think facts are only for those on the left, well... But the fact that you just parroted debunked right-wing talking points makes you... ?


You apparently don't mind the limitations on all the rest of the Amendments. Just your guns need to be left alone.

Fear sells.

That's why the shill for the gun lobby, Wayne LaPierre has been saying for years that liberals are coming to take your guns. Every time a Democrat becomes President, the rhetoric gets ratcheted up and guns sales increase. Do you know that the NRA and gun manufacturers aren't happy when there's a Republican in the White House? Why? Gun sales plummet because they've convinced you so well that liberals are dictatorial gun-grabbers. And Republicans are freedom-loving, liberty-upholding, patriotic, 'Mericans, so you have nothing to fear. (The next time a woman is forced by a Republican state legislation to be raped by an ultrasound wand against her doctor's expert medical advice, ask her about freedom-loving Republicans.)

'Oh, shit! The Brady Bill that that socialist Reagan heavily supported, limited my magazine capacity! Now, I have to reload more often and I'm lazy. How will I protect myself from the tyrannical government [or skeets] that the NRA has convinced me will inevitably attack? I want my FREEDOM back!'

'Oh, fuckaduck! In 10 years, the background checks in the Brady Bill prevented 1.8 million convicted felons, fugitives from the law, convicted drug abusers, mental incompetents, illegal aliens, the dishonorably discharged, people who renounced US citizenship, violent spouse-abusers, and those under indictment - out of the 107 million checked. That's under a 2% loss of freedom – for criminals. I'm not on any of those lists because I'm a law-abiding citizen, so I would easily pass, but I want my LIBERTY back!'

The only thing about the semi-auto shotgun law that was changed due to "public uproar" was that since they don't make 7-round magazines, you can have a 10-round magazine but are only allowed to load 7 rounds. They should have just upped it to 10 rounds - how are you going to enforce 7 in a 10-round mag? And as far as I know, the only semi-auto shotguns or rifles that are banned are ones with one of these features: a pistol grip, a bayonet lug, a telescoping or folding stock, a flash suppressor, a threaded barrel, a grenade launcher, a muzzle brake, a muzzle compensator, a thumbhole stock and a foregrip. Some of those are kind of arbitrary, but which of those purchase-preventing features takes away your freedom? The bayonet lug? Does the Constitution protect bayonet lugs? Do you need a bayonet for skeet-stabbing? And if you purchased a shotgun with any of those features before 1/15/13, it's grandfathered in, you just have to register it. 'Oh, no! Registration! The first step to all-out government tyranny!' *

*Government Tyranny™ does not count for anything else you must register, such as your birth, car, boat, motorcycle, business, marriage, dog, charity organization, non-profit, vote.

Sorry if my naughty words upset you. I'm just tired of debunked right-wing rhetoric. (I was going to say 'right-wing bullshit' but I'm trying to keep my scary garbage to a minimum.)

*****     *****     *****

Hey, remember Gomer? He was around for a while. Then he unfriended me on Facebook. My scary fact-talk was just too scary for him. Not satisfied with still being able to encounter me on a mutual friend’s post, he then blocked me. You know what happens if you hold your mouse over someone’s “Like” counter and someone that blocked you is the one who “liked” that post? This:

(Actually, this “discussion” happened a while ago. Facebook has updated their system since then. Now, if it shows a ‘Like’ from someone who blocked you and you hold your mouse over it, the ‘Like’ just disappears. But that “No one currently likes this” sure was funny.) 

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