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Twitter Fight! 2: Firearms Boogaloo

Yep. Here’s the next post about guns in this series.

Previous to this, I did one other Twitter fight, and I said then as I’m saying now – I don’t like ‘em.

If you’ve read this blog before, you know I can be a bit… wordy. It comes with trying to be thorough. People I argue against seem to love Twitter. “You liar,” “Fail,” “Idiot,” and, “Try again,” is their general level of expression. The denial of facts is still a norm, though.

Anyway, this one is about Georgia’s new “Guns Everywhere” law.

Election years. Gotta love ‘em.


Oh, there are a few other related battles here, too. They go quickly. Like I said, it’s Twitter. I don’t have the freedom to detail my arguments, so it ends up mostly being sarcastic quips instead.



Thanks for that informative input, JRGlocknStuff.



If you thought linking to the actual bill and pointing out the specific lines of legislation in the bill would convince this guy of the facts, then you would be in denial.

'I disagree with the facts, so I will continue to call them lies. I win.'

This is why one cannot have a rational argument with a gun-fucker. Observe how many times I presented the facts (and the fucking bill itself) he asked for and he denied what those facts (and the fucking bill itself) clearly said.

He disagrees with what the bill says, so it’s the media’s fault. Classic.

He excludes any third-party reporting of the bill. Classic again.

He (may have) read THIS article, which clearly explains what the removal of ‘Part 3’ means, but he denies it says what it says. Also classic.

And the ever classic, “You’re lying.”

HB60 does say what it says; reporting of what HB60 says is correct; reporting of what ‘Part 3’ means is correct; and it doesn’t matter if he thinks I’m lying – I didn’t say anything – HB60 did.

Oh, my favorite comment? “More like ‘brain freeze.’” Both classic and clever.

And to be clear, he is right, the laws banning felons from possessing firearms have not been repealed. I never said they were. Felons will go to jail for having a gun. Unless the felon shoots you with it and claims he was “Standing His Ground.” Then, it’s justified. And unprosecutable. Where did he get the gun? Mysteriously, it no longer matters. Because HB60.

*****     *****     *****


A day or two later, I Tweeted again with #gunsense. This guy must have an alert or something. Mere moments after the Tweet went out, this happened. And no, my heart wasn’t in it. I really don’t care for Twitter-fighting.

Yes, you fucking genius, because sailors don’t have weapons. They just float around yelling, “Hey! Stop that, right now, you!” at their opponents.

Here’s another part of why I don’t like fighting on Twitter: the simultaneous, yet tangential arguments that occur. I’m never sure who’s in on what or who’s responding to whom. And, as you can see, no one else is sure, either…

This is the other same argument with the same and another guy. I think.

If I was on my game here, I would have added: “And it’s a good thing no one was ever killed outside of a #gunfreezone. Otherwise that would be an awfully stupid question.”


Yeah, libtards like me just have no competent argument against his sinu stating.
See how he did that thing where he claimed his opponent is doing the thing that he is actually doing? I see that all the time, with these people (right-wingers in general, not specifically gun-fuckers). These gun-fuckers don’t want any gun regulations (let alone background checks) because their #1 argument is that criminals don’t obey the law so laws won’t stop them. Which literally means if laws don’t stop people from disobeying them, we shouldn’t have any laws because only good people will follow them, right? No laws against murdering, kidnapping, raping, speeding, stealing, smoking in bars, j-walking, bank robbing, child abuse, child porn, dog fighting, hate crimes, etc, ad infinitum, because bad guys will still do these things and only good people will obey. Or, does this logic only apply to guns?

And after all this was said and done, some other guy who was not involved in the conversation put The Brain Freeze on some lists that he made up. Apparently, I’m a mainstream media shill that needs to be stopped. Or something.

Then, a few days later, the lists disappeared.

I really don’t know how the Twitterverse operates.

But go ahead and follow @The_Brain_Frees anyway. All the cool kids are doing it.

*****     *****     *****


A month later, there were two murder sprees in one day. I Tweeted several things. Only this one got a butt-hurt reply from a gun-fucker.

As serious as the issue is, I must admit I thought my reply with “#dictionary” was funny.

Unless Moore and Watts have guns and murder people, I’m pretty sure “hypocrites” they are not.

Shannon R. Watts is the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

*****     *****     *****


Two weeks later, there were four (4) mass shootings over a 6-day period. ‘Murica!

I now realize gun-masturbators do troll the gunsense hashtag.

It’s difficult to follow these gun-masturbators’ logic, since they have none.

Did he think I was going to cry if he used naughty words? He didn't try that tactic again.

And here, Mr. Gunfucker creates his own narrative about imaginary "anti-gun" people creating their own narratives.  I just explained this roll-reversal tactic, didn't I?

‘You should go up to Chicago gang members and say that because no one goes after criminals, just law-abiding citizens.’

#Gunsense trolls are just too clever for a feeble-minded twat like me. I can’t engage in a rational discussion if you are inventing things just to make a point that doesn’t otherwise exist in order to support your fabricated viewpoint, which inevitably ends with your ad hominem name-calling.

(Regardless of the topic, I’ve just described almost every conversation I’ve had and subsequently posted on this blog.)

*****     *****     *****

And, finally, BONUS #4

Then, there was this. The ‘I don’t have a tiny weener! You a idiot!’ argument. Coupled with the usual denial of facts and invented scenarios. And the attempted shifting of focus onto me. See? That tactic never gets old with them.

I tried to arrange the Tweets as coherently as I could. When the guy kept Tweeting before I could respond (I don’t stare at my Twitter feed all day just waiting like these trolls do.), it created tangent streams that don’t track linearly. I can’t stand that shit.

I wanted to add, "See: Original post." But I ran out of characters. Twitter.

OMG, they are not mandatory. Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true. If he only read the article I attached to my Tweet immediately before his. (Yes, I used ‘OMG’ in a mocking tone. I would never use it otherwise.)

Fucking tiny-dicked idiots. The Land of Facts. That’s where I’ve been.

No, again, it’s not that no one is complying with laws, it’s that there aren’t any actual laws preventing felons from buying guns to be broken. That’s a regular justification lie of gun-fuckers, that there ARE laws, just no one is ENFORCING them. 

And I shouldn't have said 'Virtually unenforced' because that's not what I meant. They are enforced, but only at gun shops, where they are mandatory, not at gun shows, where that are not mandatory. What I meant was what I previously said - that there is nothing to enforce. Please, if you haven't, click that last link to for the handy State-by-State guide to where background checks are mandatory.

And the gun show loophole helps not only felons and terrorists purchase guns, but completely sane individuals like this guy:

And here, he circles back to the first comment he made about me having a small brain for posting a graph about tiny-dicked open-carry supporters.

I did. You ignored it.

Then, there are the gnats. Buzzing around the main argument, adding their worthless repetition of already debunked nonsense.

There’s that contrived NRA argument again: Criminals don’t follow laws, so we shouldn’t have laws regulating guns because only law-abiding citizens will lose their freedom, then only criminals will have guns! I’m tired of calling out that bullshit. I’ve done it so many times already, just see the above explanation. No laws = Freedom?

Then, we have the repeated “more laws don’t work” bullshit that was already espoused earlier in the Tweetversation.

And then that old NRA talking point chestnut: “bad actors” are flowing like the Rio Grande into America. A chestnut, by the way, that is refuted by all statistics ever. But hey, fear-mongering the idiots always works for boosting gun profits, so why change the tactic?

The next morning, another gnat showed up with the “deflecting away from the fact I have a tiny penis” argument. Instead of responding with words, since I was done and didn’t care about continuing this nonsense, I decided to just fuck with them.

I knew @MSMAGC would make the very comment he posted, so I was ready. They’re so defensive about their small penises, aren’t they?

Did I mention I had a bunch of the pictures ready? Yeah, they’re not that difficult to anticipate.

From a negative gay epithet...

...directly to pedophilia.

Yep. It's cleverness like that that I just can't seem to overcome.

I’m glad they got bored, though. I only had one more picture…

A day later, two more gnats with tiny penises, who are also quite defensive of their tiny penises, contributed some deep thoughts on the subject of their tiny penises.

I didn’t respond. How could a fuckin childish idiot such as I possibly compete against that manner of profound insight?


*****     *****     *****

Two days later and these guys kept going back and ‘favoring’ & ‘retweeting’ their responses. Either they’re even more insecure about their tiny penises than I thought, or I didn’t realize just how clever accusations of pedophilia were.

Hey, how do you think they would have reacted if I posted this picture?

Take your time. Soak that image in. That's right. Guitar Hero guitar. Is that your tiny dick, or are you holding a .45 Browning to your crotch? Keep your finger off the trigger!
Just to be clear, I’m not making any of these ‘tiny penis’ pictures. Everyone knows these gun fetishists are just compensating for their lack of manly man-ness. And that they’re really fucking cowards.

The Shocking Child Gun Death Statistics Republicans Don't Want You to Hear

Aug(De)Mented Reality

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