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If your racist uncle or friend or whomever starts in with the completely-oblivious-to-their-white-privilege #WhiteLivesMatterToo argument, don't fight with them. Just send them over to this post.

Here is a collection of articles I put together after I was smacked with the "The grand jury knows all the information and you don't!" defense to the outcome of the Ferguson grand jury regarding the summary execution of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson. Apparently, as he was running away from officer Wilson, unarmed Michael Brown fell on six bullets all by himself when he reached a distance of 150 feet in the opposite direction of the patrol car. It seems officer Wilson's gun felt threatened by Michael Brown and needed to defend itself from a fleeing man.

Really, don't enjoy...

Addicting Info: Ferguson Prosecutor Admits He Knowingly Put Lying Witness Before Grand Jury

AATTP: ‘Witness #40′ and Bob McCulloch Collaborated to Sabotage Ferguson Grand Jury

Reverb Press: Report Alleges Key Ferguson Witness Was Nowhere Near Shooting

Gawker: Report: Darren Wilson's Key Witness Lied About Everything

Liberaland: St. Louis Prosecutor Says He Knew Ferguson ‘Witness 40′ Lied Under Oath And He Will Not Prosecute Her

AATTP: Ethics Committee May File Bar Complaint Against Bob McCulloch for Perjury

AATTP: In America, If A Black Person Smokes Pot, They’re A ‘Vicious Street Thug’ Who Deserves to Die

AATTP: Twitter Slams St. Louis Prosecutor Bob McCulloch For Indicting Everyone But Darren Wilson

Addicting Info: CNN Legal Analyst Slams ‘Not Credible’ Darren Wilson Testimony: Prosecutor Treated Him With ‘Kid Gloves’

Addicting Info: Ferguson Grand Jury Documents Released – Reveal DA Did Not Even Charge Wilson

Addicting Info: Incorrect Instructions, Witness Intimidation, And More Found In Ferguson Grand Jury Documentation

Addicting Info: Conservatives Calling For Arrest of Grand Jury Witnesses Who Didn’t Support Darren Wilson’s Narrative

Addicting Info: When Is 2 Greater Than 12? When Robert McCulloch Tells The Ferguson Grand Jury It Is

Addicting Info: Darren Wilson’s Grand Jurors Were Told To Base Their Decision On A Law Ruled Unconstitutional In 1985

Addicting Info: Ferguson Prosecutor Busted Presenting Fake Witness Before Grand Jury

Alternet: Police Lied: Michael Brown Was Killed 148 Feet Away From Darren Wilson's SUV

Alternet: Most White People In America Are Completely Oblivious

Crooks and Liars: 'GOP Black Chick' Compares Police Murder To Black On Black Crime

Daily KOS: Missouri AG confirms Michael Brown grand jury misled by St. Louis DA

FiveThirtyEight: It’s Incredibly Rare For A Grand Jury To Do What Ferguson’s Just Did

IfYouOnlyNews: Eric Holder Still Seeking Justice In Ferguson For Civil Rights Violations

IfYouOnlyNews: Officer Darren Wilson’s Testimony Totally Makes Sense…If You Don’t Actually Read It

IfYouOnlyNews: Ferguson Asst. Prosecutor’s SHOCKING Error That May Have Affected Decision

IfYouOnlyNews: Darren Wilson: Brown Said I Was ‘Too Much Of A Pussy’ To Shoot

Liberal America: Former Federal Prosecutor Calls Bullshit On Bob McCulloch’s Handling Of Darren Wilson

Salon: Everything the Darren Wilson grand jury got wrong: The lies, errors and mistruths that let Michael Brown’s killer off the hook

ThinkProgress: Legal Experts Explain Why The Ferguson Grand Jury Was Set Up For Failure

ThinkProgress: Justice Scalia Explains What Was Wrong With The Ferguson Grand Jury

Upworthy: She Says It Was Rigged And How. After This, You'll Have A Clearer Picture Of Ferguson's Failings.

Upworthy: The Truth About The Ferguson Case That Some People Really Can't Accept

Vox: Officer Darren Wilson's story is unbelievable. Literally.

Vox: The terrifying racial stereotypes laced through Darren Wilson's testimony

Vox: A prominent legal expert eviscerates the Darren Wilson prosecution, in 8 tweets 


Addicting Info: State Bar Complaint Filed Against McCulloch Over Ferguson Grand Jury. He’s Having A Really Bad Day.

St Louis Public Radio: Grand Juror Sues McCulloch, Says He Mischaracterized The Wilson Case

TYT: Bad News For Ferguson Prosecutor Bob McCulloch

Full copy of Grand Juror's lawsuit:
Daily KOS: 58-point lawsuit filed by juror in Darren Wilson case against St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch


And this article sums up the farcical grand jury:
ifyouonlynews: Here's the letter that might spell the end for Darren Wilson's freedom

The Daily Show: Instigate

The Daily Show: American Hands Stand - Race-a-holics

And let's not forget the exact same Eric Garner grand jury decision a few days later... 

Condolences? Where Was the Compassion for Eric Garner As He Laid Dying?

Conservatives Make Insane Excuses for the Killing of Eric Garner

The Daily Show: The Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision

Remember officer Frank Serpico? He has a few words...

NY Daily News: Serpico: Incidents like Eric Garner's death drive wedge between police and society

Politico: Frank Serpico: Police Are Still Out Of Control: I Should Know

Racism Is Dead - Just Like All The Black People Cops Kill ~ Jimmy Dore

On Saturday, Dec 20, a nut with a gun murdered two NYPD officers sitting in their patrol car in response the Brown & Garner grand jury decisions. The racist right-wing contingent immediately blamed the Ferguson protesters, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and President Obama - a bunch of black people they know of (just as Jon Stewart pointed out earlier). You know what they didn't blame? The rising anger over police never being prosecuted for the daily murdering of unarmed black people. Neither to blame was the unfettered access to guns by obviously insane people in the United States of America thanks to the Republican politicians owned by the NRA. The racist right-wing contingent who cheered at the grand jury decisions and blamed the dead victims then began lying that the black community was cheering at the deaths of the two officers. This did not happen. Perhaps the racist right-wing contingent knows what scumbags they are and are trying to play the "both sides are equal" card. Meanwhile, the left-wing contingent immediately condemned the killer for his actions and expressed sincere condolences to the officers and their families.

Here is the response by the black community to the killing of the officers:
ABC7: Bedford-Stuyvesant resident on double police shooting

Slate: Battered and Blue: Police departments shouldn’t feel under siege. The public just wants better policing.

America: Hate & fear vs. compassion & empathy. Both sides are not equal.


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