Thursday, January 1, 2015

Proof in the Pudding

After the rape allegations against Bill Cosby by a couple dozen women became a news item (thanks to Hannibal Buress), Sean Hannity immediately ran to Cosby’s defense.

Here are my brief thoughts on the matter.


My first reaction to Hannity was in wondering how he chose to support the black guy instead of the women. Because let’s face it, Sean Hannity, just like the bulk of the ass hats at FOX “News,” is both a colossal racist and an unapologetic misogynist. So, knowing he likes neither black people nor women, I just wondered on which criteria he based his opinion of who to defend.

Then it occurred to me. It’s FOX “News.” Their business plan is simple. The only criteria on which they base their propagandistic “reporting” is being wrong.

Sean Hannity simply picked the wrong side to defend.

Good Day.

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