Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We Dont Nede Know Ejukayshun

 Pink Floyd: The Wall

Sorry, this pseudo-outrage distraction bullshit is pissing me off. My last post wasn't enough to get it out of my system.

Wake the fuck up.



Stanford rapist getting out after three months/exercising first amendment rights by sitting during a song.

Which one should I get all outrage-nuts over? I can't tell which one is more unAmerican.

I know, I'll say Anthony Weiner's wife is a national security threat because he texts dick pics, but ignore Trump's daughter vacationing with Putin's daughter.

That should distract me from Ryan Lochte committing crimes because he's "just a kid who deserves a break" while Gabby Douglas was being "disrespectful and unpatriotic" for not wearing her hair and makeup the way she should have and not putting her hand on her chest. (It has nothing to do with white male privilege. You're a racist for thinking it does. Stop suppressing white males.)

Which distracts me from Republicans voting to raise the retirement age so I must work until I die. And cutting my benefits.

Tax cuts for corporations gotta be paid for somehow.

Hey! What's that over there?! Did I just see a corporation illegally hiring an undocumented Mexican so they could pay him under the table and not pay taxes on their [nearly] slave labor? It's the Mexican's fault! Oh, sorry, that Mexican actually has a TIN and does pay taxes but can't collect on them, effectually adding $30 billion into the economy. Never mind all the undocumented Greek, Irish, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Russian, Australian, etc, workers. They're white. And you're a racist for pointing out my racism, with your 'race card.'

Build a wall! Never mind that several Southern states did a round-up of farm workers a couple years ago and tens of millions of dollars in fruit and vegetables rotted on the vine, cratering the state economies, plunging them into localized recessions.

We must drug test welfare recipients! Never mind that in every single case where Republican-controlled states did that, it cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars more to stop that +/-2% of users, which is below the 9% national average. Poor people must be shamed to make me feel good! I don't care if it costs more money than it saves, I'm a fiscally responsible Republican - not a poor-shaming bigoted bully! It's not my fault poor people suck.
And besides, shaming and blaming poor people for being poor distracts me from Republicans blocking my access to health care, housing, jobs; cutting wages, sending jobs overseas, disenfranchising voters and defunding infrastructure spending, science, schools, the post office and the IRS. Which they then blame all those defunded things for not working, just like they intentionally designed - so they can privatize them for profit.

When does Duck Dynasty start? You know, that show about multi-millionaire yuppies pretending to be inbred swamp dwellers who seduce ducks? They're just like me! Like Trump is, too! I always vote against my best interests! 

Cuz I is ejukaytid.

Good day. 

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